7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

Our planet - the place is very mysterious. For example, according to research, people know only about 15% of the species of living organisms that live on our planet, and as much as 85%, we do not even suspect. This particularly applies to the amazing creatures that live in the deep ocean, where we, for obvious reasons, can not yet penetrate, despite all the technological advances.

The same is true with respect to fungus and bacteria. But sometimes there are strange and mysterious discovery - the creature's body, the description of the like of which can be found only in a fiction. However, sometimes they are just clever hoax, sometimes science can give logical explanations, and sometimes all versions seem untenable. We offer you a selection of seven such cases.

1. Trunk

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

on the 24th October 1924 in the town of Margate in South Africa, local residents witnessed the unusual spectacle. In the ocean, off the coast of two quite ordinary killer fought with a huge strange creature and milky-white, whose body was completely covered with thick hair. One eyewitness told afterwards that being vaguely reminiscent of "polar white bear", while at the same time there has been a whale fins and tail. This animal's tail used for attack - first beast bore down on killer whales jumping out of the water up to a height of about six meters, and then beat their tail.

White giant in the struggle was defeated. The same evening, his bloodless carcass washed ashore. He was even vaster than it seemed at the beginning: the body length was about 14 meters long, three meters wide and 1, 5 m in diameter. Tail length was three meters and is shaped like a lobster tail and body really turned thick fur covered a length of 20 cm. Instead nose being had trunk, like an elephant, a length 1, 5 m and 14 cm in diameter. The creature was named Trunk. But the thing - witnesses a body inspected, measured and reported about it to anyone who can. But scientists of the unknown monster did not see, despite the fact that the carcass lay on the bank for ten days, until the tide is not dragged him back into the ocean. Hoax? Speculation inhabitants? Far from it.

In 1924, the information about the country being published in several prestigious newspapers, but the public attention the case is not attracted. People talked about it and forgotten for many years. But in 2007, the year cryptozoologist Marcus Hemmler published in the newspaper he found archive photos Trunk, which confirmed that the event actually took place. Careful analysis of the photos showed that the Trunk was only globster - a massive, rigid "sack" of fat and skin containing collagen. Sometimes it happens with the dead whale: a whale dies, its skull and skeleton are separated from the body and down to the seabed, and the remains are "drift" in the ocean. As for the battle with the killer whales, they could just eat the corpse.

Unfortunately, often the solution is the secrecy down to earth - as, for example, was in this case.

2. Pedro

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

In October 1932, the two prospector Cecil Main and Frank Carr, looking for gold in the mountains of San Pedro. During blasting their eyes suddenly opened the cave is clearly man-made origin: the walls and ceiling were reinforced hardened by time, beamed. Cave was small: only 1, 2 m in height and width, and 4, 5 m in length. But it is strange: the fact that the cave was "habitable".

To tell the truth, the "boss" of the cave was dead. And if even more precise, it was a mummy. Against the far wall in the lotus position, with arms crossed, sitting on a small ledge of the tiny man, no doubt, who had once been alive. Height mummy does not exceed 17 cm in a sitting position, therefore, if the mummy was possible to rectify, the growth of man would have been no more than 35 cm mummy preserved so well that the miners were able to examine it in detail:. Flat skull, protruding eyes with heavy centuries, flat nose, thin lips and a wide mouth, brown wrinkled skin ... were visible even on flat nails thin elongated fingers.

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

The miners extracted the man from the cave and was taken to the nearest town, Casper, where the mummy then fell into the hands of researchers. In honor of the mountains, where she was found, she was given the name Pedro. Mummified remains carefully studied over the years, and in 1950 managed to make X-ray images, which became clearly visible well-preserved skeleton and internal organs are very similar to human. It is noteworthy that the tusks were being disproportionate in relation to all other parts of the body.

Anthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History, Henry Shapiro carefully studied and the mummy, and pictures, and concluded that the death of beings was hardly natural - some bones were broken, and on his head failed to detect dried blood. Consequently, there is someone killed, or it was in a terrible accident and received injuries incompatible with life. Apparently, at the time of the death of Pedro I was about 65 years old.

However, later there were other theories: for example, it could be the child's body from some unknown Indian tribe. In favor of this hypothesis is the second discovery, made in the same places - mummy of a woman ten cm in height. Researchers have again suggested that it was a baby. That's only in infants there is no such teeth - strong, healthy and with disproportionately long fangs.

Science does not give answers, since Pedro, and his "girlfriend" in 1960 bought an unknown businessman, and since then the mummies have never been seen. Now for them, it announced a reward of ten thousand. Dollars. But his version of those places are inhabiting the Indians, in whose folklore there are many legends about the tribes of little people who lived in America in ancient times. Legend has it that these men were creatures of harmful and evil, and when the old one, their own compatriots simply gave them a stone on the head, so as not to eat the food for nothing. And all these legends have arisen long before the prospectors found the mummy in the Pedro Mountains.

3. The Persian Princess of Baluchistan

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

October 19, 2000, a strange mummy was discovered in Balochistan. Oddly enough, it was sold to the local black market for the fabulous sum of $ 20 million and probably would have got into the hands of scientists, and some wealthy lovers of antiquity, if somebody Ali Akbar has not sent the Pakistani scientist videotape, where cryptic remains were shown in all the details.

Further more. Akbar found, he gave testimony, and the police arrived for the mummy to the city of Haran. The mummy was found in the house of Wali Muhammad Ricky, who explained that his mummy "gave" the Iranian Shah Sharif Baja, accidentally discovered the corpse near Queta after the earthquake.

By itself, the story would have been quite normal - a mummy mummy in Egypt, such as for example, a lot. However, a careful study allowed to identify a mummified woman - it turned out that her name was Rodugune, she was the daughter of the king of Persia, Xerxes I of the Achaemenid dynasty. Information could be obtained after deciphering the inscriptions on a gold crown, which was lying on the princess's head. Furthermore, initially mummy was gilded coffin, and the mixture was embalming was not cheap - wax and honey.

Rodugune died 2600 years ago, and that remains so well preserved, it seemed a great success. In addition, earlier it was believed that the Persians are not embalmed corpses. In this regard, the hype has risen in the scientific community. But the trouble - an ancient princess in the end turned out to be fake. Professon Ahmad Dani after a thorough examination of the remains found that "Rodugune" all died sometime in 1996 at the age of 20 years old - a young woman was killed first, and then made the subject of speculation. "Princess," This person has not yet been established, and since it is not a scientific interest, according to the laws of human morality it ought to be buried, but because of bureaucratic intrigue and body rests still in some Pakistani morgue.

4. Lyuba

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

Lyuba was found by a reindeer herder Yuri Hoodie in May of 2007 on the Yamal Peninsula. In the permafrost preserved mammoth carcass is excellent, and it succeeded without any damage to transfer scientists - remained intact even internal organs, fur and eyes, not to mention the skin and fur. Nakhodka allowed to learn a lot about mammoths, their lives and the peculiarities of the structure.

Little mamontiha killed 42 thousand. Years ago. Then she, according to the analysis of DNA, was just a month old. Any weighed 50 kg, height is 85 cm, and the length -. 1 m 3 in the stomach of the animal remains of mother's milk, and in the intestine - feces.

It is noteworthy that mamontonok died, apparently as a result of a fatal accident: stuck in the mud and could not get out, and then suffocated. Such a conclusion researchers made because of the animal's body was in perfect condition - no traces of disease or physical damage. In addition, DNA Luba also perfectly preserved, and thus there is a possibility ever to clone a mammoth.

5. The Montauk Monster

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

The corpse of a mysterious animal was discovered on one of the beaches in the US in the summer of 2008. Body was found four young men strolling along the beach Ditch near the town of East Hampton, New York. Identify the species of animal they failed, and then, of course, the case was transferred to scientists. Those it is true, too, just not able to identify. On the body absolutely no hair, skin was smooth and thick, and the muzzle of the form does not fit any living there animal.

But the story quickly picked up by local newspapers. Versions of the origin and type of creatures were many: They say that this is just the remains of a strange sea turtle, or even a raccoon. Or maybe a water rat, coyote, dogs, feral cats ... more fantastic version is in the spirit of Stephen King novels says it - escaped from the Center for Animal Disease Research mutant over that treacherous scientists experimented, not followed, and now trying to distance itself from its involvement history. For living such a monster even promised a reward of several thousand dollars. True, no one more than anything similar have not found - no live or dead. However, and this is the only monster disappeared fairly quickly - after the carcass have caught scientists, the public had to be content with a few journalists made photos. For similar images beast was finally officially announced as usual raccoon - body could decompose and swell in the water beyond recognition, and the lack of hair can also be explained by the influence of water.

6. Panama Monster

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

In September of 2009 in the neighborhood of Panama City Cerro Azul children playing on the lake, we found a strange hairless creature. Children in Panama, apparently, not timid - they beat the animal with stones, and later explained his action by the fact that the beast came out of the cave and crawled to him. After the killing of animals photographed his children, and the body thrown into the water.

In the photos it is clear that the muzzle of the beast was disgusting to look at, and of course - the disproportionately long. Moreover, the shape of these limbs looked like it was human hands, only extremely thin.

Anyway, a few days later the body was pulled out of the lake and gave scientists. As a result of the DNA analysis it was found that it was only a sloth. It is not clear, however, that the sloth was doing in the cave, why was not the fur on his body, and the shape of the body was so strange. This can be partly explained by the influence of the water body, but why then the corpse was moving as talked about children? However, children could exaggerate.

However, the official version is simple - it was a sloth.

7. Canadian Monster

7 the most mysterious bodies in the last 100 years

In May of 2010, two women were walking with a dog on the bank of one of the lakes in the Canadian province of Ontario. Suddenly, the dog slipped the leash and ran off somewhere. The women followed her and saw that the dog sniffs the body of a small country with a large animal the size of a water rat. Eyewitnesses feared photographed body and hurried to leave the scene. The picture, as usual, was published on the Internet and has attracted the attention of researchers. Image analysis showed that the muzzle of the dead animal was a somewhat unusual for a water rat and warthog: the tail, though was a "rat", but the fangs in the mouth of the animal were to rat longish and strongly stood out ahead, and the hair on the face was not at all. It is a pity that when a group of researchers was on the shore of the lake, the animal body is gone.

Where science gives in, it takes a legend. In the folklore of some American Indian tribes there are references to omajinaakoos (literally translated it means "ugly"). The habitat of the legendary "black sheep" - the marsh of Canada. On who found the body of this creature of legend will soon befall terrible misfortune. However, given the fact that both women and their dog is still okay, it remains to assume that it still had a dead rat or mink, which the body has been damaged by water.