10 most bizarre places to live

Over the years, some people were interested in the other - in particular those who live in such a way that defy the norm. The reason for this may be questions of survival, sad circumstances, or something terrible, but the result of something that some do live is not like most. For example:

1. The stranger cabinet

10 most bizarre places to live

57-year-old man from the Japanese city of Fukuoka was very puzzled, since found that his kitchen food disappears. He put a surveillance camera, and as a result received on your mobile phone photos of the intruder, living in his apartment. When the police searched the apartment, she found 58-year-old Tatsuki Horikawa lurking in the upper compartment of the closet.

She brought back a futon and slept there, and during the absence of the owner, even taking a shower in his apartment. The woman said she had nowhere else to live, and it penetrated into the apartment about a year ago, when the owner had left the front door unlocked. She was charged with illegal entry.

2. With the dead body

10 most bizarre places to live

A woman from Michigan was living with the body of her dead roommate for 18 months because she was lonely. Charles Ziegler was 67 years old and had suffered from emphysema, from which he died. Rather than report his death, his 72-year-old girlfriend Linda Chase, with whom he shared a room for 10 years, his body sat in a chair watching television.

She washes and dresses up the body and spoke with the mummified remains while watching TV shows. About Chase inquired security service social fraud, as the woman continued to cash checks Ziegler after his death, but it seems that this was not a reason to keep the corpse of a dead friend. When asked why she did it, Chase said, "I do not want to be alone. He was the only guy who was kind to me. "

3. In the mall

10 most bizarre places to live

In 2003, Michael Townsend and several of his fellow artists have appropriated the unused space in the shopping center of Rhode Island. They managed to get through two tons of construction materials and create a one-room apartment, which was hidden from view by a wall of cinder blocks. The apartment had electricity, and the room was fully furnished, and they used the bathroom in the mall for showering. They managed to remain undetected for four years.

In Townsend had plans to improve the facilities, but one day they came upon a group of guards. Townsend said he was inspired by the advertisements, which said how great it would be to live in the mall. He claimed that the apartment was an art project, and its purpose was "to understand life in a shopping mall as a customer." He was sentenced to a suspended prison term of six months after pleading guilty to a criminal offense.

4. In the cave

10 most bizarre places to live

56-year-old man from New Mexico was found living in a cave - this territory belonged to the Ministry of Energy. Roy Moore's temporary home was equipped with bed, front doors, wood-burning stove, solar panels and satellite radio.

Roy lived in a cave for four years without being detected. Finally at the smoke from the oven drew attention of the authorities, and when they searched among his property was found marijuana. Moore and his belongings were thrown out of the cave, and he himself is charged with illegal possession of narcotics.

5. In the attic of his ex-girlfriend

10 most bizarre places to live

When the woman from South Carolina heard wafting from her attic sounds, and the ceiling started pouring nails, she had the feeling that something is wrong here. When her two adult sons examined the attic, they found the former boyfriend of her mother, sleeping in a "nest" of the old coat. Two weeks ago, he was released from prison and has since lived in the attic. The woman did not even know about his release - their relationship ended 12 years ago. Worst of all, that were found near the containers from a fast food restaurant, filled with waste of life this man. He also drilled a hole in the ceiling to look in the bedroom ex-girlfriend.

6. In the jungle,

10 most bizarre places to live

Eight-year-old girl from Cambodia and her sister disappeared after the attack buffalo. All they considered them dead, but 19 years later one of them was found living in the wild. A villager saw the naked Roshom P'ngeng emerged from the jungle and tried to steal his rice, he described it as "half-human and half-animal." According to police, she could not utter a single intelligible word. The farmer and his friends caught the woman and her father found her the scars on his hands.

Attempts to return the woman in human society have failed: it has not been able to learn the local language, preferred to crawl rather than walk, and refused to wear clothes - eventually she ran back into the woods. Some question whether it was really Roshom P'ngeng: they believe that the eight-year girl could not survive in the jungle without any help, and her father is from the DNA test refused.

7. The mini-apartment

10 most bizarre places to live

50-year-old man from Paris, he lived in a tiny room with a sloped ceiling area of ​​only 1 5 m², and the rent for this small area was € 340 per month (about $ 442). There was barely enough room to stand up, but the man had lived there for 15 years.

When asked how he's fit, he told French radio: "I come home and go to bed." As a result, he found a different apartment with a bathroom, because, under French law, apartments in Paris should be at least 9 m2 and include a shower.

8. The underground tunnel

10 most bizarre places to live

In the course of investigation of theft of copper from one mill police in Kansas City, Missouri, has found a series of good-quality underground tunnels, where some settled urban homeless. Tunnels were dug in the forest and were ventilated by PVC pipes, and inputs were masked using twigs and other debris.

One tunnel was located at a depth of 7, 5 meters and led into a room with a bed and candles. Found near a pile of diapers has raised fears that it and the children lived. The tunnels are cleaned and closed, so that the living conditions there were extremely dangerous, and the incident led to a discussion about the situation in which there are the urban homeless.

9. The school bus

10 most bizarre places to live

The Postman in Texas worried when she saw the two unkempt children in their area and are associated with children's aid service. Girl and boy at the age of 11 and 5 years living alone in an abandoned school bus in the local landfill. Their parents were in prison for conspiracy to steal money from the victims of hurricane "Ike". The bus had electricity, running water, air conditioning and a bathroom, but the children were left to themselves.

Behind them it was to look after my aunt, but she worked 12 hours a day and therefore often left children unattended. They did not go to school, undernourished and were dirty. Child Protection Service at the time of the care provided to them, and after his release from prison the parents regained custody of the children, and was reportedly working hard to improve their living conditions.

10. Without the contact

10 most bizarre places to live

In 1978, a group of Siberian geologists discovered a family of six people living on the mountainside in the hundreds of kilometers from the nearest civilization. Lykov family fled religious persecution in 1936 and over the next 40 years living in the wild. Two young children have never seen people who were not members of their own family, but knew of their existence. Their language was distorted because of the isolation, and they never saw bread. The whole family lived in a one-room cabin on a diet of potatoes, rye and hemp seeds. They did not eat meat until the end of the 1950s, while the younger boy has not learned self-set traps. Their shoes were made from bark, and the only books were prayer and the family Bible. In 1961, the year the cold crops destroyed families, forcing them to eat bark and shoe leather - their mother then died of hunger, preferring to leave food for children. After contact with geologists Lykovs chose to stay there, taking from them only a few useful things.

Three years later, three children died one after the other within a few days. Their father died in 1988, leaving Agafya, the only surviving child, one on the mountain, where she lived alone for the next 25 years.