12 nastiest animals in the world

Society for the Protection of ugly animals looking for a mascot

Everyone loves animals - cats, dogs, hamsters and other cute little animals, but it is unlikely you will want to have as a pet is one of nature's creatures represented in this collection. Not all creatures living on our planet look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but even the most bizarre and nasty of them have the right to life, as evolution continues, millions of years, and each of these animals takes its own place in the sun (or in the ocean depths) .

Society for the Protection of ugly animals recently announced a competition for the most absurd and strange animal, which will be its talisman. Here you will find 12 "candidates" for this honorary position.

1. Fish-drop

12 nastiest animals in the world

The Latin name of this sea creature - Psychrolutes marcidus (it is also called "bull-psihrolyut"). Fish-drop lives off the coast of Australia and Tasmania are usually at depths ranging from 600 tons to 1200 tons of meters - a jelly-like body enables it to withstand the enormous pressure of the water. Because of the frequent cases of illegal fishing is not very attractive marine creature is threatened with extinction.

2. Monkey Nosach

12 nastiest animals in the world

Nosach (lat. Nasalis larvatus) lives on the island of Borneo, and in addition to the huge ridiculous nose it is known for its extremely shrill and nasty voice. Big nose can boast of only males, for whom this physiological feature, as well as the loud cries - a way to attract females during mating.

3. The pig-nosed turtle (svinonosaya turtle armor. Carettochelys insculpta)

12 nastiest animals in the world

These inhabitants of freshwater lakes in Australia and New Guinea - the only one of its kind of the family of soft-bodied turtles belonging to a living fossil animals. A long nose like a pig nose, allowing turtles to breathe while underwater.

4. A single-jumping slug

12 nastiest animals in the world

At first glance, a slug, living on the American continent and reaching six centimeters long, unremarkable, but nature gave him a unique ability: when Slug senses danger, he can jump very high in order to avoid the threat.

5. telmatobius culeus

12 nastiest animals in the world

This spineless frog that lives in Lake Titicaca - the largest amphibian in the world that never goes ashore. These animals grow up to 15 cm in length and structure of the skin surface enables Whistler absorb oxygen directly from water so that the frog is displayed on the surface only occasionally.

6. Axolotl

12 nastiest animals in the world

Under the unusual name is hidden creature belonging to the class mean ambistom amphibians. In fact, the axolotl - neotenic larva, that is, these animals reach sexual maturity still in the larval stage of development, not turning into an adult. Furthermore, axolotl known for their ability to regenerate lost body parts.

By the way, translated from the Aztec language, axolotl means "water toys". These unique animals live in Mexico waters, and now their number is rapidly decreasing due to environmental degradation.

7. Bats

12 nastiest animals in the world

These winged mammals are among the most hideous-looking creatures of nature, which is why the title of the mascot for the Company ugliest animals immediately claim 18 species. The photo depicts one of the brightest representatives of the order bats - greater horseshoe.

8. horned lizard

12 nastiest animals in the world

Strange creatures more similar than the lizard, and the ugly toads are common in the area from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico to Guatemala and Central America.

Some of the species zhabovidnyh (or, as they are called, horned) lizards nature has given an interesting defense mechanism: the threat of a reptile can jetted from the eyes of a predator in a small portion of his own blood, which has a sharp odor.

9. The Kakapo (owl parrot)

12 nastiest animals in the world

As a rule, the word "parrot" many imagine cute colorful birds that can reproduce human speech. However, not all parrots can utter words, but, for example, kakapo or owl parrot (Lat. Strigops habroptilus), inhabiting the forests of New Zealand, not even fly, and do not differ particularly outstanding appearance.

10. Ordinary eel

12 nastiest animals in the world

unsightly appearance capita freshwater lakes of Europe can not enter poachers misleading - the meat of river eels excellent taste, so lately predator mercilessly exterminated - in 2008, the European eel has been included in the Red Book as a species on the verge of extinction .

11. The pubic louse

12 nastiest animals in the world

For more than three million years these insects live side by side with humans, or rather, human hair. Not only that in itself can be more disgusting than finding in his shock of hair such a "guest", so humanity is taking all measures to protect themselves from such "neighborhood." As a result, the number of lice around the world fell sharply, and scientists have sounded the alarm - one of the oldest species could disappear from the face (and hair of) earth.

12. African dung beetle

12 nastiest animals in the world

The sacred animal to the ancient Egyptians, known under the name of the scarab, spend their entire lives in the shit literally, or rather in - the elephant and bull litter. In recent years, the population of the African dung beetles greatly reduced as a result of improved sanitation of cities it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable pile of manure, to which the quality of the scarabs are very demanding.

Beetles rolled dung balls and able to overcome with the "baggage" is quite considerable distances, with the manure is used not only as food but also as a conditioner - evaporation of wet manure allow scarab efficiently cooled by hanging onto his ball.

By the way, before scientists discovered that their movements dung beetles can navigate through the Milky Way, the Sun and the Moon, in order not to stray from the road.