Russian trace

August 27, 1919 of the RSFSR Council of People's Commissars adopted a decree on the nationalization of kinodela, and after more than half a century, in 1980, it was decided that it was in the last month of summer should celebrate the Day of Russian Cinema (then the holiday was called the Day of Soviet Cinema). Although, as we know, the first Russian film "Ponizova wrestler" was shown more October 15 (old style) in 1908.

We decided to recall the local actors who have made a career, not only in their homeland, but also abroad.

Russian trace

Yul Brynner

The first cause of our artists emigration was in foreign films. It began before the October Revolution, but a special peaked, of course, in the years after the revolution. New Russia left many prominent theater actors. Some of them settled in France, but there were also those who went around Hollywood heart. Among the emigrants were those who had not yet appeared on the scene onstage or in the frame.

Famous Yul Brynner began his artistic career in the Parisian cabaret.

Son of the great Russian singer Feodor Chaliapin Jr. began to appear as early as the 20s, but really became famous only after having played the blind monk Jorge in the screen adaptation of Umberto Eco's "Name of the Rose."

Former White Guard officer Alexander Voloshin was one of the most popular episodes of the actors in the film studio "Paramount", shortened his name to simply "Alex". Mischa Auer, grandson of St. Petersburg violinist Leonid Auer, began his career in the United States from the stage, but later played more than 150 roles in movies, and in 1936 even received a nomination for "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor in the film "My Man Godfrey ". So the Russian track was initially very visible not only in Europe but also in Hollywood.

Russian trace

Natalia Andreichenko

The second wave of emigration came in the post-war period, when popular artists, tired of the regime, remained at the end of a foreign tour in the West. So did the Soviet ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alexander Godunov. All three are to some extent conquered the cinema. Nureyev played Rudolph Valentino in Ken Russell's film, remembered Baryshnikov dance to a song by Vladimir Vysotsky in the film "White Nights", and everyone knows Godunov as a villain from the first "Die Hard." But, basically, the actors asked for political asylum or remaining after the tour, did not achieve much success in a foreign film. Disappointed in the profession brilliant Elena Nightingale. Elena Korenev played small roles in American films Andrei Konchalovsky, and Boris Sichkin went and did some minor episodes (the most prominent role - Brezhnev).

As for Natalia Andreichenko, who settled in the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union, she appeared briefly in the film, her ex-husband Maximilian Schell's "Candle in the Dark" and in the iconic "Little Odessa" by James Gray, but in most cases, the game or in episodes of popular TV shows or starring in thrash horror movies and thrillers.

By the way, in the late '80s and early' 90s left the country, Oleg Taktarov, Igor Jijikine and Alexander Nevsky, who later became film actors. Especially lucky Taktarov and Jijikine who behind participation in the paintings of Michael Bay, Wolfgang Petersen, Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.

Russian trace

Oleg Taktarov

Another reason for the appearance of our artists in a foreign film - it is prestige and fee (if it comes to Hollywood). In the last 20 years in world cinema lit up a lot of our stars. In one of the pictures, "James Bond", you can see Michael Gorev. The first appearance of Gosha Kutsenko in American production was held back in 1994, but the band, created in conjunction with the Russian cinematographers, better not to remember.

Konstantin Habensky starred in Hollywood blockbuster Timur Bekmambetov's "Wanted" and the recent "Z World War."

Sergey Makovetskii became one of the favorite actors Jos Stelling and Nikita Mikhalkov has played in one of the paintings by Krzysztof Zanussi, a permanent guest at Russian festivals.

In foreign tapes can also watch Ekaterina Guseva (Polish "Billboard"), Julia Snigir ( "Die Hard 5"), Sergey Gubanov ( "Gift") and many others. Not to mention, and Vladimir Vysotsky, who played together with Marina Vlady in the drama "Two of them," Hungarian director Marta Meszaros.

Russian trace

Milla Jovovich

In addition to all the above, in Hollywood, there are many actors, Russian roots are present in one's genealogy. About Yul Brynner we have already said, so now remember the other names that at the hearing. Of course, in the first place Milla Jovovich, the daughter of actress Galina Loginova, also tried to star in American films, but eventually turned his attention to her daughter's career. Milla has not only become a highly paid star by participating in the "Joan of Arc" by Luc Besson and the franchise "Resident Evil", but also played in the homeland of his mother - in the comedy "Freaks".

Olga Kurylenko, Mila Kunis and Natasha Yarovenko hard to call "his" because they came from the Ukraine, but they formed a wonderful film career.

Model Gia Skov native of Saratov also tried his hand at acting career, and Natalia Alam, beginners Vyacheslav Zaitsev as a model, has called in the United States' second Milla Jovovich. "

Anton Yelchin, who was born in a family of professional skaters Viktor Yelchin and Irina Korina, and did prophesy the glory of Tom Hanks.

Russian trace

Anton Yelchin

Russian roots, is known to be Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Natalie Wood, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman, Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn, Rosanna and Patricia Arquette, David Duchovny, Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone, Helen Mirren, Leonardo DiCaprio and Natalie Portman. Although still it should be noted that the United States consists entirely of different generations of immigrants, so that Russian blood is the same as the Italian, French, English and many other ...

But back to our subject, because we finally came to the actors, which would like to tell apart. So, your attention - 30 local actors who have made (or make) a career in world cinema.

Ivan Mozzhukhin

Russian trace

The genius of pre-revolutionary cinema and theater emigrated in 1920. Despite the fact that he failed to conquer Hollywood (he starred in just one picture), Mozzhukhin successfully filmed in France, where many Russian filmmakers settled after they left their homeland. He has played in twenty French films, including "The Grim Adventures of" Yakov Protazanov, "Kin" and "Casanova" by Alexander Volkov, "The Lion of the Mughal" Jean Epstein, "Michel Strogoff" Victor Turzhansky and other tapes. He said to himself as a director, putting a "Bonfire blazing" in 1924. In 1939, he planned to put his first sound film, but fate decreed otherwise. 50-year life of Ivan Mosjoukine died of consumption ...

Michael Chekhov

Russian trace

The nephew of Anton Chekhov, who played on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater Studio One inspector in the famous play "The Government Inspector", carried out by the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, parted with Russia in 1928. At first he worked in Germany (here played in three films) and Paris, and in 1939 moved to the US, where he founded an acting school. He has taught many future Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Quinn, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck and Marilyn Monroe, but he did not achieve recognition in Hollywood. The most notable of his role - Dr. Alexander Briullov in "Spellbound" Alfred Hitchcock.

Gregory Ratov

Russian trace

The first appearance on the stage of this talented actor, director and producer was held in St. Petersburg, but his future career on the Russian stage prevented the First World War. In 1917 he emigrated to Berlin, where he participated in the creation of Russian mobile theater and then went with them on a tour of European capitals. In 1922, together with his wife, actress Eugenie Leontovich, he was invited to the US Broadway producer Lee Schubert. For the first time on the silver screen, he appeared in David O. Selznick "Symphony of six million", and in 1950 he played his most famous role - the impresario Max Fabian - the famous film "All About Eve", where his protégé is very Marilyn Monroe. In the US, most Ratov appreciate as a filmmaker. It was he who discovered America, Ingrid Bergman, removing it in the "Intermezzo" ...

Akim Tamirov

Russian trace

Another pupil of Stanislavsky, who went to the United States. I started with small roles in Hollywood films in the early 30s. But after the success of "Queen Christina" paid attention to it, and it gradually began to be invited to the role of the second plan. One of the favorite actors Orson Welles, with whom he starred in "Mr. Arkadin", "Touch of Evil" and "Process". We worked with him and European directors: Jean-Luc Godard, Vittorio De Sica, Jules Dassin and others. Winner of the "Golden Globe" for supporting actress in the film "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Savely Kramarov

Russian trace

Despite the popularity in the late 70's Savely Viktorovichu stopped giving the role of the next exacerbation of relations with Israel. Kramarov nationality was Jewish, but his situation worsened by the fact that he had relatives in Tel Aviv. Having spent three years out of work and desperate to get permission of the Soviet authorities to leave the country, the actor wrote his famous "Letter to US President Ronald Reagan," which was read several times in the air of foreign radio stations. And in November 1981, thanks to the pressure of Western diplomats in their Soviet colleagues, Kramarov came to America, where he settled. However, here he could not count on a big role, as well as at home, and mostly played all sorts of Soviet officials ( "Moscow on the Hudson," "Red Heat"). Although in 1984 he had to play an unexpected role for himself in the Soviet cosmonaut fiction film "2010".

Evgeny Lazarev

Russian trace

A former actor Mayakovsky Theater and the Mossovet Theater. With 90 lives and works in the United States. The most notable roles - in the films "Holy", "Duplex" and "Let's do it in a hurry." In addition, it can be seen in such cult series as "Carnival", "Alias" and "24 hours".

Oleg Vidov

Russian trace

The legendary "Headless Horseman" is not well known in the States as in their homeland. But, nevertheless, he had to play in films that have received a certain notoriety. This, of course, about "Red heat" and "Wild Orchid". In addition to acting career, Species paid special attention to the promotion in the United States and the Russian Soviet cartoons, which organized a studio for their rental.

Oleg Yankovsky

Russian trace

One of the best Russian artists, which, unfortunately, for several years now no longer with us, was in demand not only at home but also abroad. It was he who played Andrei Tarkovsky in "Nostalgia", whose shooting took place in Italy. He has participated in such international films, "Terra Incognita" (Greece), "Alice" (France), "The Man Who Cried" (France, UK), "Procrustean bed" (Moldova, Romania) and others, as well as work with actors Malcolm McDowell, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchett ...

Ilya Baskin

Russian trace

The actor filmed a brief period in the Soviet cinema and memorable domestic audiences as one of the students in the popular "Big change". In 1976, Baskin immigrated to the US, where just played a couple of years in a masterpiece of Hal Ashby's "Being There." His memorable face quite often seen in American films, starting with "Deep sea stars 6" and ending with the franchise "Spider-Man".

Alexander Baluev

Russian trace

In the late 90's a popular Russian actor has decided to experience for yourself all the charm of the Hollywood pipeline. Playing in such blockbusters as "The Peacemaker" and "Deep Impact," he was disappointed in the roles that he was offered, and sworn never to play in Hollywood.

Oleg Shtefanko

Russian trace

The actor, the audience memorable for his roles in the films "In search of Captain Grant" and "It", in 1992 he emigrated to the United States. There he was an actor of the New York City Theater and taught in American drama school. After bit parts in TV shows he had a chance - in 2006 by Robert De Niro called him to play in "The Good Shepherd." Currently, mainly shot in Russia.

Alexander Kuznetsov

Russian trace

Another actor who works in the US and in Russia. In the United States lives since the beginning of the 90s, but the roles he gets small. However, during that time he managed to play in Curtis Hanson and directed by Clint Eastwood, which is not bad. In addition, it can be seen in such cult series as "Beverly Hills 90210". At present, "Jack Vosmerkin -" American "" - a frequent visitor in the Russian projects.

Vladimir Mashkov

Russian trace

The first appearance Mashkov in the foreign film took place in 1993, when the screens came the drama "I - Ivan, you - Abram", created by Belarusian and French filmmakers. After 7 years, actor and all strengthened its position in the US, she appeared in such diverse films as "Dances in the" Blue Iguana "," "15 minutes of fame", "An American Rhapsody", "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Let's do it -Quick. " A thrilled audience with interest in 2011, watched him a hero in the fourth installment in the franchise "Mission Impossible." At the moment, the actor playing Rasputin in the Russian TV series.

Valery Nikolaev

Russian trace

In 1997, the actor famous villain role in the thriller by Phillip Noyce's "Holy," and also appeared in a small role in "turn" by Oliver Stone. Seven years later, he was invited to a "Terminal," Spielberg himself. The last years of work in their homeland.

Sergei Bodrov Jr.

Russian trace

The legendary actor stagnation has proved even in the films of his father. After glorify him "Brother" Sergey was invited to play in several films, the production of which is engaged in several countries. He played Paul Pawlikowski in "stringers" (Russia, the United Kingdom), from Regis Wargnier in the "East-West" (France, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Bulgaria) and Sergei Bodrov Sr. in "Let's do it in a hurry" (France, Germany, Great Britain). But the most alive, vulnerable and intriguing role he got in "Bear kiss", where he played together with the star LGBT drama "Show Me Love" Rebecca Liljeberg. So the audience will remember him forever ...

Mary Assumption

Russian trace

The actress Moscow Art Theater, who worked under the artistic direction of Stanislavsky. I started acting since 1912. After 10 years, during the American tour of the theater, he decided to settle in New York. Here it is in 1929 founded the School of Dramatic Art and was the first promoter of the Stanislavsky method. I played on Broadway. Her best roles in American cinema - gypsy Malva in the cult horror film "The Wolfman" and Olga Kirov legendary melodrama "Waterloo Bridge."

Alla Nazimova

Russian trace

The star of the American silent film - a pupil of Stanislavsky. Her career began in Odessa, after which she conquered Moscow and Europe. In 1905, the theater prima arrived along with the theater in the United States, where a year later signed a contract with Lee Schubert and stayed in America forever. After the success of her Broadway play "Bride Wars" in 1915, producer Lewis J. Selznick wanted to make a film based on the play and offered the actress a fee of 30 thousand dollars plus a thousand dollars for each day of shooting beyond the schedule. Thus, in 1916, at the age of thirty-seven years, Alla Nazimova debuted in cinema. Her cinematic glory lasted until 1923, but then failed miserably most famous painting with her participation - "Salome". The actress returned to the theater, where she also loved all, and decided to return to the movies only in the 40s, but that was a different time ...

Natalia Lysenko

Russian trace

Actress Korsch Theater. She made her debut in the role of the pre-revolutionary cinema Katyusha Maslova in the adaptation of "Resurrection." In 1920 he moved with his famous husband Ivan Mozzhukhin in Paris. Played mostly with Mozzhukhin have Protazanov, Volkov and other Russian émigrés.

Eugene Leontovich

Russian trace

After graduating from the Moscow School of Dramatic Arts performed in summer theater in Malakhovka near Moscow. Here the audience could appreciate the talent of the actress in her first performances of "Faust," "Tartuffe" and "The Taming of the Shrew." In 1922 leontovich went on tour in Europe and never returned home. She played on the stage, not only in Europe but also the United States. Together with Olga Baklanova they toured America with a performance of "Grand Hotel". Her Hollywood career began in the mid-30s, and early '40s, she played roles in two films of her husband Gregory Ratov. In addition, her acting talent useful to a director Raoul Walsh, and William Castle. In the 70s, she taught acting in New York and California, and in 1972 successfully staged the "Anna Karenina" for Broadway. She died in 1993 at the age of 99 years.

Olga Baklanov

Russian trace

The actress Moscow Art Theater began her film career with movies Victor Turzhansky with evocative names "skitalitsa Afterlife", "woman vampire" and "loop of death," but because its future was predetermined. In 1922, she left after a tour in the US, where successfully played in the theater and in the cinema. The most famous and scandalous role - tsirkachka Cleopatra in the cult film Tod Browning's "Freaks", banned at the time in several states because of the shocking scenes. It can also be seen in the film adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel "The Man Who Laughs," which starred Conrad Veidt.

Anna Sten

Russian trace

MGM Manual saw this actress who shot to fame has roles in Soviet films like "Girl with a box of" new Greta Garbo. But all three of Hollywood movie with Anna Sten starring failed at the box office, and producers abandoned their idea. After that it is mainly the role of the battered second and third plans, and in the early 60's she completed her film career.

Elena Safonova

Russian trace

A popular Russian actress, who became famous after "Winter cherry", was shot several times in the French tapes: "accompanist" Claude Miller's drama "The Wind from the East" by Robert Enrico and others.

Ingeborg Dapkunayte

Russian trace

Since 1993, she lives and works in London. She played in the movie "Mission Impossible" by Brian De Palma, "Seven Years in Tibet" by Jean-Jacques Annaud, "Hannibal Rising" by Peter Webber, "The Sting" Francis Farewell, "" Christian Karion and many others. In addition, the actress continues to act in Russian projects.

Irina Apeksimova

Russian trace

Since 1994, regularly participates in foreign films. He served as the beginning of shooting in "Anna Karenina" by Jean-Luc Godard, and "Terra Incognita" Yannis Tipaldosa. Together with Valery Nikolaev starred in the action movie "Holy." He currently plays mainly in the Russian films.

Dina Korzun

Russian trace

One of the most popular Russian actresses abroad. Prefers arthouse projects in which she often offered starring roles. Winner of several prestigious awards for the role played by it in foreign films. First signs for it was the main role in the film Paul Pawlikowski "Last Resort." It was followed by "40 shades of sadness," "The Mediator," "The Sting" Francis Farewell "" and "Cold Souls." Currently engaged in the filming of the series Michael Brashinskii "Tunguska meteorite".

Svetlana Metkina

Russian trace

A graduate of the Shchukin School working in Hollywood under the name Lana Litvak. The most famous roles in the drama played by Emilio Estevez, "Bobby" and the recent horror Olatunde Osunsanmi "Evidence". With varying degrees of success, and it is removed in Russia.

Kseniya Rappoport

Russian trace

Another Russian actress who is often invited to foreign projects. Basically, Xenia was withdrawn in Italy, where it gained popularity after the release of "The Stranger" by Giuseppe Tornatore and the drama "The man who loves", which together with her glittering par Monica Bellucci. But the first time she starred abroad in 1997 - in "Anna Karenina" by Bernard Rose. She is currently working in the Russian projects.

Chulpan Khamatova

Russian trace

In contrast, Dina Korzun, who starred in the US, its talented partner in the fund "Give Life" and the film "Country of the Deaf" prefers to work in Germany, where it is considered almost his after such successful films as "Good Bye, Lenin!" and "Victor Fogel - king of Advertising". In 2010, she played in the drama of the Portuguese Joao Nuno Pinto "America", and at the moment withdrawn from Krzysztof Zanussi in the film "foreign body."

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Russian trace

First signs international career Svetlana became a melodrama Waldemar Krzystek "Little Moscow", won the main prize of the 33rd Festival of Polish Feature Films in Gdynia and warmly received by the audience at the show in the 34th Moscow International Film Festival. Three years later came the spy film Tomas Alfredson, "The Spy, get out!", Where the actress has got quite a big role. But recently we have seen in the Viper Hodchenkova image in kinokomiks "Wolverine: The Immortal." So it is quite possible that Svetlana will also become a frequent guest in foreign projects as Dapkunayte, Hamatova and Korzun.

Oksana Akinshin

Russian trace

In 2001, the young actress has opened Russian viewers Sergei Bodrov Jr., inviting her in his directorial debut, "The Sisters." Just a year later, she appeared in the drama ostrosotsialnoy Lukas Moodysson's "Lilya Forever" and a couple of years, she got a small role in "The Bourne Supremacy." Currently filmed in Russian projects.