Rules of Life Cyuzan Carandon

• Rules of Life Cyuzan Carandon

Rules of Life Cyuzan Carandon

"Thelma and Louise" - it's just a beautiful hot summer, in which I was allowed to be wild.

So boring BE SUSAN. Now you would not find Susan, which would be less than 35. Now around Jessica. And those who once called Susan, slowly changing their names to something like Sigourney. But once at the Toronto Film Festival a woman approached me with the girl and said she called the daughter in my honor. He pushes the girl to me, and I'm still waiting for her to say: "Hi, I'm Susan." But then my mother said: "Look, it's Sarandon."

I went to a very strict Catholic school, but has never been a rebel - just asked a lot of questions. In third grade, we were told that true marriage can only be in the Catholic rite. I asked: "And what about Joseph and Mary were married, if Jesus was not born yet, and no Catholic Church was not?" But they said, that original sin is raging in me, and put into the corridor. With a sense of humor make it a very bad way.

In marriage, I do not believe. I believe in love and trust - but I do not believe in marriage. Marriage - a lot of lawyers, but not lovers. I do not like the feeling of the marriage - if they enter into some position, and now subordinate to one another. I just like to wake up with the man whom I have chosen.

We have lived 23 years with Tim (played by Tim Robbins), in Hollywood terms, probably all 50. But there is no secret here - just do not need to look for someone who is better. Because the one who is better, is always there. HEART - it's just another muscle in your body.

Make love - it's like to fight off a baseball. You should at the same time to relax and concentrate.

REALLY choice is: either you are well read impatiens, or passionate slut? I think there is always a way to combine.

It disgusts me with the thought that in a relationship between two people one must completely fill the other. You should be able to bring a smile when she's sad; read the newspaper to her when she does not understand what is happening in the world; put her music that she did not hear; tell her that she is full of shit, if it's full of shit; be fair in the dispute; be cool in bed; say "fuck it all to hell, let's go somewhere." But no one has to fill in an another person.

I was lucky: when powerful hallucinogens became available, I was already out of the age to be interested in them.

I've always been very honest in the interview. Now, maybe it'd be lying, but it seems too late.

The older I get, the less I think about how I look, and more about what I'm doing.

I still remain actress just because I do not know how to quit.

PRODUCERS are invited to the role of those men, who want to be like, and those women who want to fuck.

PROBLEM BIG BREAST IS that of its owner, as a rule, have to choose - a large chest or brain. But my chest, for example, greatly overstated. Feminism FINALLY came down to the next separation by gender. It's disgusting. I do not want to treat someone better just because a woman in front of me. I did not vote for Condoleezza Rice, and I hate Margaret Thatcher.

The most powerful political party in the United States - those 50 percent who do not go to the polls.

I betrayed LUDDITKA. Mechanisms break down as soon as I approached them. I barely learned how to write SMS. I do not google his name. You google? Perfectly. But not me. I prefer to stay in a small comfortable dark.

I am proud that my sons EXCELLENT cook. Jr., for example, bakes the bread.

HARDLY there is something that interests me more than the family. Children are able to re-perepridumat whole world for you.

I'm not interested unusual people. I am interested in the common man, who turned out in an unusual situation.

SOUL can not be cured without a body.

YES, HEART - JUST MUSCLE. But it is arranged like any other muscle: the more often are using, the more it becomes.