The best quotes of Omar Khayyam

• The best quotes Omar Khayyam

The best quotes of Omar Khayyam

December 4, 1131, died the great Persian poet, philosopher and mathematician Omar Khayyam.

Omar Khayyam - one of the most famous Eastern philosophers. He remained for centuries because of its Ruban - wise, full of humor, cunning and audacity quatrains. These poems originally were twofold. It is specially clothed their thoughts in verbal symbols, using the everyday vocabulary of the plan for the expression of what he has achieved in the spiritual. This gave the opportunity to freely express what can not be said aloud in clear text.

We have collected the best quotes and sayings of the great poet's life, man, and love.

The best quotes of Omar Khayyam

On the life and person of

The lower man soul, the higher nose up. He stretches his nose to where the soul is not mature enough.

One does not follow it than smell roses. Another of the bitter herbs will produce honey. Someone give me a trifle, forever remember. Someone you give life, and he did not understand.

In one window looked two. One saw the rain and mud. Other - green foliage ligature, spring and blue sky. We are the source of joy and sorrow mine. We have a repository of filth and pure spring. Man, as if in a mirror world of many faces. He is void and he is infinitely great!

Who bit of life, the more will do. Pud salts ate above values ​​honey. Who shed tears, he laughs heartily. Who dies, he knows that he lives!

How often in life you make mistakes, we lose those whom cherish. Trying to please someone else, sometimes from the near run. We lift up those who have no standing and most loyal devotees. Who loves us, we hurt, and do expect an apology.

We are no longer in this world will not fall forever, forever will not meet with friends at the table. Catch the flying every moment - it does not really lie in wait for ever afterwards.

Do not envy the one who is strong and rich, with the dawn always comes the sunset.

With this life is short, which is equal to inhalation. Treated like this you hire.

The best quotes of Omar Khayyam

About Love

To live life wisely ought to know quite a few. Two important rules to remember the beginning: You better starve than horrible there, and whether one is better than with just anyone.

You can seduce a man, who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress, but you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman. Spikes charming roses - the price of fragrance. Price drunken feasts - hangover pain. During a fiery passion for his only you have to pay a standby for years.

On the mountain, the heart of the mountain, where there is a burning passion. Where there is love, torment, where the dreams of happiness there. A day without love - lost: dimmer and Serey than this day barren and inclement weather days there.

In the loved one likes, even flaws, and unloved irritate even dignity.

I came to the sage and asked him:

"What is love?" He said: "Nothing"

But, I know, it is written a lot of books:

Eternity alone write, and others - that moment

That darkened by fire, it will melt like snow, What is love? "It's a man!"

And then I looked him straight in the face as you understand me? "Nothing or everything?"

He said with a smile: "You have given the answer yourself !:

Nothing or everything! - the middle is not here! "