22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

• 22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

Since I am a student, it will be about more than the features of the German universities

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

1. In Germany, considered rude to sniff, but loudly blow his nose - in the order of things. And the situation when, during the lecture, Professor deafening blows his nose into the microphone, it is quite normal.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

2. Then drink a lot of beer. Lots of beer. Drink beer everywhere and always. We at the University even has its own bar. After the lectures, there is usually a lot of people (atmosphere: homework + beer), while in between classes, no one forbids, most importantly do not make a row and be adequate.

3. Education, by the way, free in most universities: you only pay a small fee per semester about € 200, which is already included in the ticket, often acting on all federal lands.

4. And since travel in Germany is quite expensive, it is very convenient. The usual fare for an hour costs about € 2, tickets are only sold in vending machines at bus stops or in the tram. If necessary, you can buy a ticket in the transport office, but they are few and must be sought.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

5. Directions expensive, but much more fine - from € 40. Control is relatively infrequent, but is almost impossible to get out. Recently, the supervisors become encrypted in plain clothes, so they are very difficult to detect.

6. More about the fare: The ticket is valid on all modes of transport, that is, except for taxis, including ferries and cable cars, if any.

7. On the New Year is not to give gifts - this is December 5 Nikolaustag, or the day of St. Nicholas. For children it is like Santa Claus: comes in and gives gifts for the good deeds. 8. Also, the children decided to give 1 December Adventskalender. It can be paper or cloth, or even what you want, divided into 25 cells (exactly before Christmas). Every day you have to open the cell, and there will be a sweet or something (we, the students, too, are distributed to the university, pleased).

9. Prepare for Christmas begin almost from October. But at the end of November it is everywhere The spirit of Christmas.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

10. semesters at universities shifted by about a month (or even more), as compared with other countries. Education begins in October and April. Examination time long enough - and a half months. So for the exam a week - this is normal. Therefore the study winter comes to an end by March, and in the summer - in August.

11. In Germany, a modular training system. This means that not necessarily the end of the semester to take certain things - most importantly, that they should all be put in the preparation of the diploma. But when they take and in what order - a private matter, although there is a tentative plan to make it easier to plan.

12. For this reason the study is extended by 2-3 years. Although the average length of study (not including the magistracy) seven years instead of three (Bachelor) or five (diploma). That is the eternal students here -. It is the norm.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

13. The lectures can be eaten. In the dining room, even the soup takeaway is, so often in the middle of the day in lectures eat soup.

14. By the way, lectures - crowded event (200-300), as well as the subject may not even be in the same specialty. But the workshops already divided into groups of 20-30 people. So there is no permanent group in Russia. 15. And yet very few oral exams. In some professions they do not exist.

16. If you fill up one exam three times, you can say goodbye with a specialty in general. And not only in the university - in the whole of Germany.

17. In the pre-Christmas time in December, selling, and sometimes hand out in the University of mulled wine. And yes, it can be drunk on a couple.

18. ALWAYS dormitories each student is allocated their own room. Lodge (camping) on ​​the two just can not.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians

19. The cheapest place to eat - a student cafeteria (we have, for example, about ten). But only if you - the student. If not, it's Asian cuisine. Many of them in every city, and there's always huge portions.

20. Children are not brought up in Germany, so that young people can be very unfriendly, get nasty and generally behave very indecently. But by adulthood, they magically turn into a respectable Germans.

21. In Germany, closed on Sundays nothing but cafes and other entertainment venues.

22. Beautiful Germans there. Young for the most part very well maintained, even if the full and older - sports. This generation is very fashionable to engage in some athletic activities such as bicycle or walking and running, go to Biomagazin and travel a lot.

22 facts about Germany through the eyes of Russians