Rules of life of Michael Schumacher

• The rules of life of Michael Schumacher

Rules of life of Michael Schumacher

RUN gives me a lot more fun than people can imagine.

GASOLINE in my blood. His father worked on kartodrome near Cologne, and I was four, when he arranged for me to race karts on the sidewalk near our house. Someone then said, "Is not it better to engage the boy on the track?"

When I turned 21, I earned the first big money. I got them in cash in a suitcase - a suitcase full of money. My family is drowning in debt, and I just gave the suitcase to his father. But he did not believe me - thought I was kidding him.

One is born to win, but it's boring. I was born to compete.

MY TASK has always been to win, not to make the race more spectacular.

AFTER THE CRASHED Ayrton Senna, I realized that the best thing I can do now - it's a will (the state of the Brazilian racer under the will of the whole passed to the charity). And I wrote a will. And then I realized that in order to write a will, it is not necessary to be a racer "Formula 1".

I did not go to the funeral of Senna, because there are things that I was not ready to demonstrate publicly. I have a rule: if the injury has healed, never thought of her.

I gave up on reporters in the day when my mother died, and they guarded me at the house in the hope to take the comment.

Life has, in fact, there are no rules.

No matter what sport you chose, you should be able to follow everything that is happening around. In fact, the same thing can be said about life, but most people manage to do without this skill.

I do not know a single person who would not have the speed associated with freedom.

There is nothing special to drive a car at 300 miles per hour. The main thing is that at this moment in my head is not climbed foolish thoughts.

GO In a normal car on the suburban highway hundreds of times more dangerous than what I do.

Beautiful cars almost always go fast.

Adrenalin is incompatible with the race. If adrenaline kick will happen at you in that moment when you come to the next round, it is almost certainly going to end badly. Chances are only those who are cold and calm.

Living Legend - is the worst title of those who are trying to stick to me.

JOURNALISTS always try to find in me a greater variety of feelings and emotions, than there is in me. I am only afraid of the crowd.

MY DREAM HOME - not remain alone.

The most important thing you can give to children - it's your time, because more than anything else children need is you.

No one thing with age does not become easier.

Having something that you always feel the devastation, but that's what makes you win again.

GREAT winner is only the great losers.

YOU set records just to have someone beat him, and if not - you're just a narcissistic moron.

IF you get angry when your friend wins, it most likely means that you have no friends.

A CHILD I hated school, and probably the worst torture for me to go back and sit down at the desk again.

RUMORS ABOUT my income is so exaggerated that sometimes I begin to envy myself.

The worst thing that you can do - to start yourself with someone to compare.

All you can find a replacement, even to me.

Two wheels - it's not so little.