The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Here is the list of the strangest of spa treatments, which you have ever heard. And he sovsm not for the squeamish. But that just will not go to look for a couple of years younger:

1. Massage cactus

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

You probably think that this does not happen? However, in Mexico believe that the cactus massage moisturizes the skin and helps to rid the body of toxins. Mexican Resort Punta Mita offers a wonderful massage with warm meringue and cactus or tuna cactus with flowers and tequila.

Cactus needles, of course, is removed so that the massage can be much more enjoyable than I thought. There are many varieties of such massage from the massage Hakan using warm mixture to a cactus standard procedures tequila and sage oil.

Also, this resort offers treatments based on local materials: volcanic ash, chocolate, vanilla and honey.

2. Beer massage

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Czech beer bath - a kind of interpretation of the milk bath, which have become so popular because of Cleopatra. If milk seems too banal and boring, maybe beer bath - just what you need.

Czech family brewery "Chodovar" offers therapeutic beer spa. Amazing opportunity to plunge into the beer! Since 2006, the brewery offers a 20-minute bath in a specially brewed beer, which stimulates the skin and internal organs.

During such a bath, you can also enjoy a cup of this drink. Say, water minerals that interact with beer, are very useful for hair, skin, nails and blood circulation. This strange procedure is conducted nurses specializing in beer therapy, which is still pretty darn good!

3. Moisturizing snail slime

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Sometimes the nastiest things are most useful as, for example, in the case of a moisturizing cream snail mucus.

You probably have seen the trace left by a snail. So, believe it or not, but it's unpleasant substance can be used to moisturize the body.

Chilean farmers engaged in cultivation of snails, noticed that the cuts heal faster and the skin on the hands become softer after tinker with snails for several days.

But you do not have to immerse your hands in a bowl with snails, because the cream based on snail secretion is sold for only $ 28, 99 for a small jar. Moreover, snail slime is a renewable natural resource, and yet none of the snail was not damaged during cultivation. It sounds perfect.

4. The leech therapy

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

The blood-sucking parasites, leeches, have long been known. There are more than six hundred species of leeches, but only fifteen of them are used for medicinal purposes.

And thanks to actress Demi Moore, leeches began to use a completely new way. Demi swears that use them as an alternative cosmetic procedure.

Leech therapy helps rid the body of toxins. Once the ancient Egyptians believed the treatment of leeches panacea.

Today, more and leeches used in reconstructive surgery for more rapid healing of tissues. First leeches crawling on you, and then attach themselves and begin to swell and filled with your blood. This therapy is not cheap, the New York Health Center holds a session for $ 600.

5. Thai facial massage strokes

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

This procedure offers in its showroom in San Francisco masseuse from Bangkok. Massage consists of pinching, rubbing and light slap, it is believed that it restores the skin. This type of massage reduces wrinkles and pores on the face. The price for it is $ 350 for 15 minutes. If you find a masochistic tendencies, this procedure is definitely for you!

6. Pedicure fish

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Turkish salons were the first to use the tiny fish to remove dead skin. The practice, also known as "fish doctor" has become quite common in recent years.

Many believe this procedure soothing, although it may at first be a bit ticklish. The tiny fish have no teeth, they just pinch off the dead skin, they can not bite you, so do not worry, that will hurt. Spa "Yvonne" (Alexandria, VA, USA) offers such a procedure at a price of $ 65 per 25 minutes.

7. Placenta Face

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

It seems that this practice came to us from Singapore. There she was involved in the company carrying out the treatment of the person using the human placenta. It's hard to tell how they managed to get it, maybe we better not to know.

There are lots of platsentosoderzhaschih products: soap, tonics, and even face masks. They argue that these foods stimulate the brain activity and purify the skin. To try this procedure, you can visit, such as skin in the center of Beverly Hills, which offers treatments based on the placenta, resulting in their assurances of Russian maternity wards.

8. Hair Treatment Bovine semen

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Yes, that's right, you understand: hair treatment of bovine semen. It sounds a little strange, but people really this hair cuticles to make them soft and bright.

California salon "Santa Monica" specializes in all-natural hair mask, and offers its customers a procedure using bovine semen. Do not worry, do take sperm from bulls, not men, thank God. It is believed that such a mask strengthens hair roots and promote their growth. This bold procedure for those who are ready to deal. Maybe it's better to believe their word?

9. Facial Treatments using bird droppings

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

Litter birds indeed sometimes used in a very unusual order. Japanese geisha once applied to your face white toxic cosmetics. Then they began to use a mask with nightingale droppings to protect the skin from damage.

Bird droppings contain enzymes that help cleanse the skin of dead cells. It also contains guanine, giving the face a natural freshness and color. I must say that before applying for cosmetic purposes litter necessarily treated with ultraviolet light. However, even then, not every dare try such a procedure.

10. Urine

The most exotic spa treatments around the world

The proponents of this strange therapy argue that the urine, when correctly applied, can cure skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and even acne. If you want to try this so-called "cure" for yourself, try to collect your urine. It is better to do it in the morning, because at this time it has the most powerful properties.