"Academic Shokalsky" and rescue operation in Antarctica

• "Academic Shokalsky" and rescue operation in the Antarctic

December 24, 2013 research vessel "Akademik Shokalsky" was locked in Antarctic iceberg fragments. He moved to the aid of several powerful warships. First 3-meter ice is not mastered Chinese, French and icebreakers, and then could not get "Aurora Australis", which is associated with the main hopes of rescuing from ice captivity.

Reporting on the international rescue operations in Antarctica.

On board the research vessel "Akademik Shokalsky" were 74 people, including the crew, scientists and tourists. It came out on a cruise from New Zealand to visit several places in the Antarctic coast.

Expedition Leader Greg Montimer.

"Academic Shokalsky" was blocked by ice in 2.7 km from the coast of Australia a day after the start of the journey. The distress signal went with him on December 25 in the morning.

icebound "Academician Shokalsky".

An international rescue mission in Antarctica. Towards the "Academician Shokalski" moved Chinese and French ice-breakers, but they could not break through the 3-meter ice.

Chinese icebreaker "Snow Dragon" is saving "Academician Shokalski".

View from the Chinese icebreaker "Snow Dragon", hastening to the aid. Left on the ice visible silhouettes penguins.

The scientists, waiting for rescue, engaged in scientific matters.

Passengers also do not become discouraged. When will celebrate New Year in Antarctica?

The passenger vessel "Akademik Shokalsky" and a local resident.

Then the main hopes pinned on a strong Australian ship "Aurora Australis", but it failed. After that, it was decided to evacuate the helicopter passengers.

Curious penguins watch.

The passengers and crew of "Academician Shokalski" together preparing ground for planting Chinese helicopter, tamping snow. The rescue operation was planned just for New Year's, but due to the heavy snow it had to be postponed for 2 days.

January 2, 2014, on Thursday successfully passed the long-awaited rescue mission in Antarctica. On board the Russian ice-locked ship "Akademik Shokalsky" Chinese helicopter evacuated in small groups of researchers and tourists - only 52 people.

By the way, the Chinese helicopter - this is our Ka-32A11BC.

Passengers waiting for their turn on the "Akademik Shokalski" until evacuated by helicopter first group, 2 December 2014.

On the "Academic Shokalski" were 22 crew members, who did not abandon ship. Their assistance is the American icebreaker Polar Star, which is not a hindrance multimeter ice. However, he will arrive in Antarctica is not until next week. Food and water to members of the crew of the Russian ship will be enough for a month.

View from the "Academician Shokalski".

52 passengers rescued were finally aboard an Australian icebreaker "Aurora Australis", but the unexpected happened and the Australian ship had to make an unscheduled stop: move on it prevents the same Chinese icebreaker "Snow Dragon", who also participated in the rescue operation, but eventually he got stuck in the ice of Antarctica multimeter. Icebreaker "Aurora Australis" still managed to find a workaround, and it is now moving to Tasmania.

Chinese icebreaker "Snow Dragon".

View from the "Academician Shokalski".

International rescue operation continues in the Antarctic.