Rules of life Naomi Watts

• Rules of Life Naomi Watts

Rules of life Naomi Watts

have anything in the world for a reason. If you want, you can find her at all times.

In a sense, I was lucky. I was thirty when success fell on me, and at that age you already know who you really are.

SAMPLE - is insulting and humiliating event. In a room where people are sitting, which practically do not look in your direction, you are given five minutes to a demonstration of what you're prepared, perhaps six months. Time after time, all it leaves in your mind fresh wounds, and at some point you have simply not find the strength to show their best side. That's why I'll never forget what he did for me, David Lynch. When I was called to audition for the role in "Mulholland Drive," I looked far better, but he was able to see something of my fatigue, frustration and anger.


I still do not understand why Lynch chose me, and he would never say. He's a very private man - secret and superstitious. I can imagine anything you want: for example, that a child of his nanny's name was Naomi, and in my name, he saw something like a sign.

SIGNS, SIGNS AND SYMBOLS exist in your life always. But do not wait rumbling voice of heaven or flaming letters in the sky. Listen to the whispering and rustling, pay attention to trifles.

In life, you make choices and decisions, but also in life, there is such a thing as fate.

I grew HEREBY boys. As a child I was always hanging around with his brother now, so I'm cool to climb trees and play with toy soldiers. But still I'm a woman and I never understood those women who are all friends - men.

As a child I did not have boxes of nail lacquers chudnenko pink dress. The way my body is arranged, and the way I look, did not bother me twenty years before. I remember in the early days one of the agents said to me: "Are you worried about how time flies? Do not you think that you are getting old too fast? "And when I was thirty. You know, thirty!

In America there is a popular belief, almost right: actress under forty will never get the lead role. But in Europe the situation is somewhat different - look at least for Catherine Deneuve. Therefore, instead of thinking about how to slow the aging process, I think about how to get rid of these stupid rules.

It is very difficult to strip in front of camera, but do it with a woman, of course, is easier than with a man. Woman you can easily whisper: "Be careful, then I have cellulite."

IF YOU DO NOT afraid that you have to, perhaps, should not be initiated.

The easiest sex scene in my life - to a stage of "Mulholland Drive", because there I was with a woman. I just do not feel no shame, no discomfort.

More than anything, I'm afraid to say things are righteous.

PAIN - the most important thing on earth. After going through the pain, you can say that something is seen in this life.

DO NOT knock on the door, which is about to open.

I grew up on baked beans. There were times when nothing else we imagine simply could not afford. Now I can afford caviar, but you will never find me for eating caviar. Beans - that's my food.

For Australians, I will always be English. For the English, I would always be Australian. My maternal grandmother was from Australia, so when my mother decided it was time to move somewhere in England, we went there. However, Americans prefer not to think about it. For them, I'm an American.

In Australia, I like everything - where the sun is brighter and clearer stars. I started smoking when I moved to Los Angeles. This is such a lonely town, a light that someone - this is sometimes the only way of communicating.

There is a popular misconception that I would have a very dark and disturbed man. Is it because I'm too often women on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Our culture teaches us to be afraid of death, but it seems to me that, if we knew more about death, we learn to appreciate life more.

I'm not trying to cast out his demons, I prefer to negotiate with them.

Sometimes I feel that happiness - this is another Hollywood fiction.

LATELY I increasingly gravitate to the drama. You are unlikely to see me in a romantic comedy.

Every year a remake of getting bigger. We end with the idea that, in essence, is sinful, and that all of us will burn in hell.

After the "King Kong" I swore that I would never again do films where you have to run, jump and fall. But it is the same thing as with the birth of children. You die in pain, and say to myself that never make up your mind to take this step. But you quickly forget about it.

Being a mother - that's exactly what everyone says, and something else.

I want in my life was my kids as much travel as possible. Already, they have visited the whole heap of countries, and I am sure that the heads of them are full of wonderful memories. Even if they missed six weeks of elementary school - so what? Is it better that they move the cubes with letters somewhere far away from me, or would be close - on an elephant in Thailand?

ONCE I was going to fly off somewhere in Los Angeles, someone will appear on the horizon and offers me a job.

Now I would like to shoot in SUCH a movie that my kids will like. Once upon a time I played not in the fourth, not the fifth part in the "Children of the corn" and received a $ 5,000. But so what?

THAT being a celebrity, there are still some advantages. Now I know exactly what I want to wear, what kind of house you want to live and what roles I want to take. Becoming famous, you're a lot more about you begin to understand yourself.

I was lucky: I never know on the streets. On the red carpet, I seem all rasprekrasnoy star of the screen, but in real life things are very different. I easily merge with the crowd, but Leo (Liev Schreiber - American actor, Watts father children) far more noticeable, and very often people just push me to get to him. Usually they tell me, "Girl, and you could not take a picture of us?"

I can pretty quickly make for the exit, if we're going for some big event, but I do not paint on ordinary days, and did not even have enough time to dry the hair dryer. To be honest, I have it no time or desire. If you look in my purse, it is unlikely that there will find something other than sunglasses. I have been there even no mascara.

An honest man always looks sexier.

I think it's normal depicts the front of the camera of another person, but I feel quite unnatural to nurse on the red carpet, to distribute the comments and talk about their personal lives.

ACTOR TASK - dissolve completely in the role.

After I played the role of Princess Diana, everything once again talked about the fact that I do not look like a Briton.

More than anything, I'm afraid of justice.