14 most surprising facts about love

St. Valentine's Day

14 most surprising facts about love

Yesterday was the feast of St. Valentine, and on this occasion we have decided to recall the most interesting facts about love and sex, which appeared online in recent years.

1. New Zealander looking for a girl for a year, of which only knew her name - and found

14 most surprising facts about love

of 25-year-old New Zealander Reese McKee started a social media campaign, captured the imagination of thousands of romantics in the Internet. His request for assistance in locating the whereabouts of his soul mate has become a virus for a few hours. As a result, he had to remove his conversion, as events began to go out of control.

In its initial campaign Reese said that New Year's Eve of 2012 met a girl in Hong Kong. He noticed her crying on the side of the road - it was lost and could not find his friends. Then Reese just greeted her, and eventually the two young men spent the New Year's Eve together, dancing and talking, and towards morning she found friends. When they said goodbye, the girl said Riza, that her name is Kathy, allowed to photograph her and left, saying goodbye: "Find me".

The next morning, when Rhys looked at Kathy pictures in your phone, it was a wave of pleasant memories, and he was determined to find her. Unfortunately, he could not remember the address of its e-mail, so I decided to ask for help on Facebook.

14 most surprising facts about love

His words were enough to thousands of Internet users began to look for Katie. They found it in the shortest possible time and threw tons of messages. Everything is so out of control that Katie had failed your account on Facebook. To make matters worse, the search for Riza received wide media attention from all over the world: although he refused to tell his story on television, it is, nevertheless, has been widely reported. He admits he did not understand what his quest to attract so much attention. The overall impression is that Katie not too happy when she was found. Now the 20-year-old student at Georgetown University, Katie is in the south of France. According to her, she has not yet decided what to do with Reese, but while on a date with him can not be considered, although it is still waiting, he will come into contact with it. As for Reese, he seems to have decided to wait until the media interest in their stories die down, and then contact Kathy, that in this situation is a reasonable step.

2. That's what determines what type of men (pretty or "macho") like a girl

14 most surprising facts about love

Public health as a whole of a country has an impact on whether women like masculine or "cute" male. Women living in high-health countries prefer a more "feminine", soft face in men, while women living in countries where life-threatening diseases are very often prefer a more masculine appearance.

Men with masculine looks most attractive to women living in areas of the world where genetically transmitted quality is crucial for survival. A study of women from 30 countries showed that they prefer to choose a partner with a masculine appearance, if their country does not have too high an index according to the mortality of the World Health Organization.

In those countries where people are living longer, women like men with a soft, even "feminine" appearance - even taking into account the fact that their genes may not be the most viable.

3. The Japanese have created a bra that can be undone only if there is true love

14 most surprising facts about love

If you want to make love with you doing just someone you really love, then we have good news: Japanese lingerie manufacturer "Ravijour" developed a bra that zip rasstegnotsya only if you feel the man of -This strong feelings. It works with the built-in heart rate monitor and a special application for mobile phones (also, perhaps, the "magic"). Upon excitation of the adrenal glands secrete catecholamines - physiologically active substances affecting nerve and reduction in regulating cardiac rhythm.

Built-in bra sensor reads the heart rate signal to women and sends it via bluetooth special application for analysis. The app calculates the "true love" based on changes in heart rate (HR) for a long time. When "Index true love" exceeds a certain value, the bra clasp automatically unzips.

However, there may be some inconvenience. Suppose that the bra sufficiently "intelligent" to distinguish between heart rate increase of romantic causes of physiological reasons (for example, during the run). But imagine that your bra rasstegnotsya unexpectedly during a romantic dinner, when there is no time for sex and may not place.

But the "magic" bra is guaranteed to protect you from uninteresting to you impudent. However, you can have sex and a bra.

4. Intuition is much better able to predict the fate of your relationship than the mind

14 most surprising facts about love

A recent study by American scientists showed that the prospects of marriage can be predicted by an instinctive and almost unconscious physiological sensations spouses they are experiencing when communicating.

14 most surprising facts about love

Jim McNulty

Psychology professor Jim McNulty and his colleagues at the University of Florida for four years watched 135 couples every six months and asked the partners to evaluate the satisfaction of relations and their prospects with the help of various adjectives corresponding to a scale of one to ten. After that experts have studied the reaction time of the spouses on the positive and negative comments about each other and found that in some cases, the partners will respond to the positive evaluation and slower on the negative, while in others the opposite. At the same time their own informed opinion on the marriage almost did not affect the results of the second phase of the study. Couples who have observed accelerated response to negative assessments, throughout the experiment displayed a decrease in satisfaction relationship, and those who unconsciously perceived their partners as a more positive marriages over time only strengthened regardless of epithets with which the spouses "rewarded" each other.

According to psychologists, the findings suggest that visceral reaction to the "soul mate" far more impact on the success of marriage than you realize. "The conscious assessment of the relationship, as a rule, is rational, but it can enter the spouses astray and make them take a wishful thinking", - explains Professor McNulty. The researchers believe that the experiment will help many couples to avoid some of the problems associated with their illusions about the attitude to each other and reveal the true state of affairs.

5. Mosquitoes have sex only with a partner that sounds harmoniously

14 most surprising facts about love

Mosquito squeak, perhaps one of the most annoying sounds to our ears, but the sound for some mosquitoes - a complex love song. When searching for a partner of his subspecies, male and female mosquitoes are guided by their ability to "sing" harmoniously.

Song signals are reproduced and vary depending on the impact frequency of the wings in flight. When the male and female mating, they regulate the strokes of their wings velocity until both of sound do not unite so that the sound in harmony with each other.

Buzz mosquito male, more precisely, its tone filter, usually of about 600 cycles per second, or 600 Hz. female tone - 400 Hz. If you pass them on the music, the male - about D, and the female - G. The So when the male and female humming in unison, they constitute a near perfect duo.

6. The first porn movie was released a few months after the invention of cinema

The film "Le Coucher de la Marie" (can be translated as "Lodging Mary") at the time of release in 1896 certainly made a splash: it is believed that it was the film's first-ever "for adults". His filmed the famous French photographer and filmmaker Eugène Piru and director Albert Kirchner, but the fruit of their joint labor remained only partially - of the seven-minute tape came to us two. The film was released just a few months after the Lumiere brothers staged their first public film show.

14 most surprising facts about love

It should be noted at the time of manufacturing techniques and the reproduction of more films left much to be desired. It was an extremely difficult and time-consuming process, so it is hardly the audience could truly enjoy the pleasures of obscene scenes and the first in the history of porn actresses. However, in 1903 "Overnight" was released in the United States hire, which, despite all its shortcomings, long enjoyed a certain success.

7. Falling in love makes food and drinks sweeter taste

14 most surprising facts about love

According to a recent series of experiments at the University of Singapore, falling in love will make your dessert more delicious. Not only that, we are used to relate the word "love" with sweetness, but even thinking about something romantic can make us perceive what we eat and drink more sweet.

The test correlated different emotions like love or jealousy with different tastes - sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, sour. Then, one group described a personal romantic experience, and the other - something more boring like Singapore attractions. Then they evaluated the taste of the food offered to them: those who wrote about happy love, the food seemed sweeter than those who wrote about jealousy or attractions. Not only that, they even thought that plain water "sweet tooth."

Researchers believe that such taste perception may be related to the overall functioning of the nervous system associated with the fact that love and are often perceived as sweet reward. Studies have shown that the anterior cingulate cortex (the brain area that plays an important role in predicting reward) is activated when you look at pictures of romantic partners and tasting sweets. Thus, it is possible that when a person experiences the love, anterior cingulate cortex activates representations associated with sweet, thereby causing a sensation of sweetness, even without direct consumption of sugar-containing products.

8. The Englishman Edward Smith had sex with 1,000 cars

14 most surprising facts about love

Edward Smith lives in Hjelm, Washington. He is known as a man who has had sex with thousands of cars, making it the most illegible mehafilom - man, too much loving machine or experiencing them sexual attraction.

Smith states that he was never attracted to others, and his love of cars began in childhood - he lost his virginity to a "Volkswagen" neighbor. He had only one woman 12 years ago, and the whole of his sexual experience was limited to one night in Seattle.

14 most surprising facts about love

"When I was 13, I saw a" Corvette Stingray "- incredible machine, with which I had a simply amazing sex. I wanted it. I did not fully understand what was happening to me, but I'm sure it does not harm anyone, and I do not intend to change. "

Now Edward "support relationship" with second-hand "Volkswagen Beetle" named Vanilla, "Opel GT" 1973 model year named Cinnamon and "1193 Ford Ranger" named Splash. With all of these machines it regularly happens sex, but his heart belongs to Vanilla, to which he feels real deep feelings. He regrets only that the car can not talk to him.

14 most surprising facts about love

On the question that so attracted him in the car, Smith replied:

"Some guys look at breasts and ass of beautiful women. I draw attention to the beautiful bonnets and trunks in cars. "

Before you start a long relationship with a vanilla, and Edward had sex with other cars on the streets. Some so attracted to him that he was waiting for the night to come to these cars, to hug and kiss them. Now, however, he prefers vanilla. Smith feels abnormal - he argues that just loves cars.

14 most surprising facts about love

9. Men care about penis size more than women

14 most surprising facts about love

According to recent research, many men with large penises are concerned about its size, while men with small quite confident in them. Leader David Veale research psychiatrist at King's College London, believes that this is not surprising - like anxiety is an emotion and does not differ from other manifestations of dissatisfaction with her body.

14 most surprising facts about love

David Veale

Recent research has shown that women prefer large penises only to a certain point, while its length neeregirovannom state does not exceed 7, 59 cm. Preferred also varies depending on the growth of man. In addition, the labia Ogg prefer women often experience vaginal orgasm, for those who did not experience or does not like, the size does not really matter.

However, men continue to worry about the size. Pitchfork notes that such anxiety - an important step on the way to being able to assess the psychological treatments designed to improve the self-esteem of men.

Wil and his colleagues conducted a survey among men: 30% of respondents were dissatisfied with the size, approximately 35% were fully satisfied, and the rest ranged between dissatisfaction and contentment. The highest percentage was dissatisfied among gay and bisexual men - those with a sexual orientation often concerned about their appearance and physiological qualities.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the concern about penis does not depend directly on the size - primarily psychological causes anxiety. Many men were concerned, suffered psychological injury - for example, during adolescence their peers teased.

10. A loving husband bought his wife of 55 thousand to pay for 56 years of their marriage

14 most surprising facts about love

If love could be measured in dresses, Paul Brockman, probably - the loving husband in the world. Over the last 56 years, German born, now living in Lumite, California, presented his wife Margot 55,000 dresses, with all the dresses he had chosen himself.

14 most surprising facts about love

The first ten dresses got him for free - Paul received them in the sea port of Bremen, Germany, where workers could choose what they wanted, when commodity bales were opened - all of the dresses he presented his then girlfriend Margot. After a while, Paul asked his parents for her hand, and they agreed on one condition - the couple would leave Germany and try to move to the US.

14 most surprising facts about love

They did so, and Paul started to work in the construction industry. Soon he was able to create a construction company, and his wife in no way needed. They both loved ballroom dancing, so every week go to dance, but Paul wanted his wife to appear each time at a dance in another dress, and weekly buy her a new one. By the time they moved to Los Angeles in 1988, the year in Margot Brockman was already between 25 and 26-Tew Tew thousands of dresses.

14 most surprising facts about love

Margot I never liked shopping, so Paul chose and bought the dress alone. Sometimes he came home with 30-Tew new dresses. He became a regular on all sales, and, in the end, no longer care about the size, buy a dress, "approximately", and not even wondering whether it is suitable Margot. Sometimes he spent all the money that had been with him. The most expensive dress, a gift from Margot them, worth $ 300, but she did not even put. Most of these 55,000 dresses never worn.

14 most surprising facts about love

His wife asked him to leave, saying that all of these dresses are not needed, but Paul did not pay attention to her words. Eventually, he began to hide from her dress, but she noticed that the garage was becoming less and less space. Followed scandal, and Paul in secret from his wife rented for storage of six containers.

14 most surprising facts about love

Paul and Margot did not tell anyone about the strange hobby - no close friends or even children: Paul did not want anyone to know about it. Once their daughter Louise had found a hiding place in the garage with dresses and asked my parents what it is. Upon learning she was very surprised and asked his father what he was going to do with so many dresses, to which he replied: "I'll leave it to you." However, Louise as the old board was also not necessary, and she offered to sell them, and Paul, oddly enough, agreed.

14 most surprising facts about love

Sales took Louise. They opened a small shop where dresses hang tight rows, they are able to sell a maximum of three per month. Brockman hopes to sell them in bulk, but the buyer has not yet been found.

11. Some men do not need time to recover after sex

14 most surprising facts about love

As a rule, men need some rest, to recuperate after sexual intercourse, and in this period of time, called the refractory period, he was physiologically unable to have an orgasm. Scientifically speaking, the refractory period - is the minimum time that must elapse between two ejaculations, with everyone it is different and varies throughout life, for example, in his youth, this gap may vary from two to five minutes, and in adulthood it becomes somewhat longer.

The first minutes of the refractory period characterized by a sharp decline in sexual excitability, and for some time after sex, no stimulation is not capable of causing re-erection. As scientists believe, it is time to relax after each ejaculation is designed by nature for male sexual activity limitations to its germ cells had time to mature, and increased sperm fertilizing ability.

It is interesting that, as shown by opinion polls, men often are opposed to such a feature of their physiology, considering that would be better than nature has given them the opportunity to have sex again without delay.

However, some members of the stronger sex still have this unique opportunity: doctors discovered that there are men who have refractory period is simply not available, making them excellent lovers and ensures success with women.

12. orgasms better for the brain than crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles

14 most surprising facts about love

According to Professor Barry Komisaruk, orgasm affects the brain better than crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles.

14 most surprising facts about love

Barry Komisaruk

Barry believes that humanity must use the mechanism of hormone happiness during orgasm for many purposes - relief agony in childbirth to treat depression, anxiety and addiction.

72-year-old American researcher from 1960 examines the culmination of the sexual act: first, he experimented on laboratory rats, and in 1982 took up the study of women.

Decades of hard work for the study of orgasm made him among colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey's reputation-obsessed, but Barry remains true to the concept.

In an interview with "The Times", he said: "When orgasm there is a significant increase in blood flow, so the brain is saturated with nutrients and oxygen. When you solve crossword puzzles or Sudoku, the activity is increased only in some areas, and orgasm activates the whole brain as a whole. "

Professor Komisaruk experimented, during which measures blood flow changes in the level and increase in the activity of the brain when the women volunteers orgasm.

Barry convinced that science can find many ways to use the phenomenon of orgasm: "The main thing - to understand how the brain produces such a strong pleasure, and in what parts of these processes occur, then we can think about using it."

13. conceited guys, daffodils get more attention from the girls, and quickly conquer them

14 most surprising facts about love

This is the conclusion the German psychologist Michael Dafner come on the results of the following experiment: more than 60 guys for a reasonable fee of € 35 got acquainted with the girls and tried to persuade them to give their phone numbers or email addresses. Before the start of the study, each of the "pick up artist volunteers" I passed the test on narcissism, which revealed that among the participants there is no one with a narcissistic personality disorder, but they are all in varying degrees of conviction in their own uniqueness and originality. At the end of the research survey conducted among already "seduced" the girls asked who of the men they liked more, he caused a strong sexual attraction and why.

14 most surprising facts about love

Michael Dafner

As a result, each of the participants met with about 23 women, while in men, daffodils effectiveness was higher, and they took not only the quantity, but also quality: they were able to get in touch with the most attractive girls. Thus, narcissism revealed a collateral positive effect: people prone to narcissism, self-confident, bolder and better care of themselves, and this made a strong impression on others. From the perspective of psychology, relationships, women perceive men like daffodils, more powerful and successful, and therefore suitable for a family. But the problem of daffodils is that it is only the outer shell - egocentric, as a rule, are not capable of long-lasting relationship, requiring great dedication.

14. sex addiction does not exist

14 most surprising facts about love

Research Californian scientists argue that what many consider "sex addiction", from the point of view of medicine can not be called addiction.

Michael Bader

Although there is a perception that "sexual addiction" is akin to mental illness, the American Psychiatric Association, for example, does not include such a "mania" in the official list of mental disorders. Several years ago, psychologist Michael Bader criticized the definition given to this phenomenon, calling such dependence "ambiguous, difficult to diagnose property that often serves as a pretext to justify their own weaknesses."

The term "sexual addiction" is far-fetched, and, according to Bader, tend to use amateurs to give what the scientific community is called hypersexuality, features of mania and rejection - the concept of this rather vague.

Tiger Woods

Some celebrities like professional golfer Tiger Woods, being implicated in high-profile scandals of sexual harassment, are justified by stating that "depend on sex," while others avoid the use of such stamps - who is right? Nicole Prause

Recent scientific research, conducted under the supervision of a psychologist Nicole Prause, confirm that the reaction hypersexuality volunteers on various images related to intimate life, have nothing to do with the reactions, for example, alcoholics on a binge.

During the experiments, the participants were shown photographs that can cause a variety of experiences, from positive to unpleasant, but always related to sex. Thus using electroencephalography (EEG) was recorded brain activity of volunteers in the first 300 ms after the presentation of each individual image. "Brain activity indicates only the strengthening of sexual desire, in other words, hypersexuality - is simply pronounced libido", - says Nicole.

Researchers will continue to improve the methodology of experiments to more fully explore the phenomenon of "sex addiction" and understand that sexual preferences can be called human disabilities, but which is dictated by a desire to diversify the intimate life.