"Bird," a cafe in Tokyo

• "Bird" cafe in Tokyo

"Animals cafes" are extremely popular in Japan, where many citizens are not able to afford a pet content due limited space housing. Know-how in the field of recreation have become "bird cafe". So, one of these institutions - Tori-no Iru - can be found in Tokyo. Here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or dessert in exotic birds.

Among the birds, "guests" are different kinds of owls, parrots, hornbills and peregrine falcon - the fastest bird in the world. It should be noted that the set of rules to be observed in the cafe. Firstly, not allowed to touch the birds without observing the caretaker, and secondly, you can only take pictures without a flash, and thirdly, you must be calm and not screaming, so as not to frighten the animal.

Visitors Café Tori-no Iru

Feathered guests café Tori-no Iru.

Hornbill watching visitors.

Visitors looking at the birds in the cage.

The coffee jelly.

blue-and-yellow macaw in a cafe Tori-no Iru.


Owl Cafe Tori-no Iru.

Visitors Café Tori-no Iru photographed birds.

The caretaker and the owner of the birds Ryusuke Akedo the cafe Tori-no Iru

Resident Birds.