Geography random insults

November 11, during his visit, timed to the APEC summit, Putin threw a shawl over her shoulders wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese residents perceived the gesture of President of the Russian Federation with bayonets and quickly removed from the social networks and local media video footage, in which the Russian president expressed concern to Peng Liyuan.

On this occasion, we offer to find out what other harmless in the Russian understanding of actions you can offend people from other countries.

Geography random insults

Middle East: use the left hand and show the soles

Geography random insults

In the Middle East, India and parts of Africa have historically been left hand is not the best reputation, linked to the lavatory. Therefore, with the help of it you should not have, give gifts, greeting and do many other ordinary things.

Moreover, in these countries it is offensive to throw his legs or just to show others their soles: they are considered a symbol of all dirty.

Thailand: eat up food

Geography random insults

In Thailand, the Philippines and China, the landlord or restaurant offended if a guest will eat every last crumb. In Russia, a clean plate is easy to take as a compliment to the cook, but in these countries, it is thick enough hint that the food was not enough. Therefore, the last piece is better to leave, whatever delicious dish.

Similarly Portugal guest requesting salt and pepper, may be roughly controlled insult ability cook spices.

Kazakhstan: ask pour tea to the brim with the

Geography random insults

In the long tradition of Kazakhstan, the guest does not pour tea to the brim, if you do not want it quickly went away. Cupful - a cautious sign that it is time to know and honor. However, the younger generation of this may no longer know.

Tanzania: arrive on time

Geography random insults

In Tanzania delay are the norm, and timely or early appearance, on the contrary, an insult. Especially if we are talking about the campaign visit. It is better to be late for 20-30 minutes.

Italy show "goat"

Geography random insults

In Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and some of the Baltic countries "goat" (gesture of sticking with the little finger and index finger) is best left to themselves. Raspaltsovka here is shown a man means that his wife is cheating on him.

Africa: pictures of people without the permission of

Geography random insults

People around the world do not like to be photographed without permission, but for all of Africa is more serious: the locals are confident that each picture is taken from them on the soul.

In addition, in these places should not do compliments: the owner may think that the guest is asking for a gift.

Vietnam cross fingers

Geography random insults

Residents Vietnam crossed fingers of one hand resemble a female body part. The reaction can be expected appropriate.

Australia and New Zealand sit behind a taxi driver

Geography random insults

In Australia and New Zealand taxi driver can be very offended if a lone traveler would prefer to sit in the back seat. However, he is unlikely to be such a claim to a pair or a single girl, the last best spit on decency and not to tempt the driver his knees.

Turkey standing with hands in pockets

Geography random insults

Not that it was decent and in Russia, but in Turkey, such a gesture is considered disrespectful.

England: show two fingers

Geography random insults

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand should think carefully before asking the bartender for two beers. The fact that there is a downside gesture means the world is perceived as a demonstration of the middle finger.

China to touch someone else's head

Geography random insults

In Buddhist countries random little boy is not necessary to stroke the head. Buddhists believe it is reasonable to this sacred part of the body, so such contacts should be avoided in principle.

Almost everywhere showing thumb

Geography random insults

In Iran, Thailand, Afghanistan, Italy and many other countries of the thumb is considered offensive for a variety of reasons. From this, it seems, a harmless and familiar gesture of travel should be abandoned altogether.

Brazil show a sign "OK"

Geography random insults

In Brazil, France and known gesture may perceive from the anatomical point of view. OK for local residents - this is a hole in a certain place.

Japan to tip

In many countries of the world to tipping treated differently. In the US, for example, are considered offensive small tip, while in Japan, on the contrary, it is better not to give them: paid for lunch and walk quietly.

In many European sort of tip (service charge) countries take always and often do not even warn the visitor.

But foreigners do not understand why Russia can not give an even number of flowers.