20 family traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year

• 20 family traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year

20 family traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year

A new year - a family holiday, and every family has its own rituals that make it special. They create the mood and really unite us.

Today we have collected stories about the traditions that fill holiday miracles of comfort and warmth.

On the last Saturday before New Year Dad always goes for the Christmas tree, and we are all waiting for it and unpack the toys that the whole year languishing in the loft.

When all gather for New Year's table, we will tell each other some compliments. Last year, the most original one was from my sister: she said that I have the most beautiful ears in the family.

And we have decided as follows: Olivier who does not cook, he does not eat it. So the whole family in unison December 31 spends in the kitchen, cut salads and then half eaten.

Every year we buy the new Christmas tree ball. The oldest survived have 54 Christmas trees - it was bought by my grandfather in the first year after the wedding with her grandmother.

On New Year's Eve, we sculpt dumplings. Everytime. Hundred. Three generations. And, when someone starts to grumble, they say, much easier to buy them, the grandmother said that in the dumpling feast the soul. A soul can not be bought.

We have a tradition: on pieces of paper, each wrote some prediction - for example, "is a major purchase," or "learn about your sweetheart something unexpected," - then fold the paper and put in a box. All turns are drawn, one looks that caught, turns again, writes his name. Fold back the magic box, and a year later pulled out and check - fulfilled or not fulfilled. And you know what? Almost all come true.

20 family traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year

As a child my mother every year is going to my brother and sweets with all sorts of goodies. With parents, we no longer live. Recently, my mother called and said that we are waiting for gifts under their Christmas tree. And I'm in my 26 years rushed to pick up a bag of sweets.

We live in a small town and always on the eve of the New Year trying to visit all the friends - at least for a couple of minutes to drop in and greet. So no one feels alone on holiday.

When I was little, every year my mother and I did one toy on the Christmas tree with his hands. As a teenager, I thought: "Well, what is this nonsense, why she hangs them all the time, you'd better buy normal balls." And yesterday, we, along with a three-year son for the first time made the toy on your Christmas tree, and this little clumsy sheep from bumps and colored paper seems to me the most beautiful toy in the world.

Probably, it is ridiculous, but we still every year under review "Irony of Fate." Without it, and the New Year is no not a new one.

But we do not buy a live Christmas tree for the New Year - we put artificial. She's great, and it always collects dad. A first toy hangs the youngest member of the family - my nephew. Dad picks him up and puts it on top of the Christmas tree gold star.

I do not know where it came from, but we are doing this: on New Year's champagne toss a piece of chocolate and watch. When he surfaced, the year will be good, if drowned - so yourself. So, if the throw is not very big, and fairly flat piece - in any successful year wait. No surprises. Checked. Three weeks before the holiday, we start to do the countdown - hang on the refrigerator a special calendar that reads "Before New Year remain ... days". Straight feel like approaching thereto.

20 family traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year

We are always in the family under the chiming clock set fire to a piece of paper with the desire, the ash fill with champagne and drink. This year, for the first time I brought us to celebrate my girlfriend. She looked at us with big eyes and then she said to me that, in fact, may be the desire to think and no burnt cellulose. In general, it is necessary to somehow impart her love of romance.

We send to friends and family Christmas cards. Everyone is talking - Internet, phone, what is, in general, need? But the feeling of "live", this card is not the ones from the pictures on the Internet. Get it out of the mailbox, read the handwritten requests, and as you become a little warmer.

I always meet the New Year in the family. Friends, colleagues - it's before or after. But on the 1st night - just at home. Olivier, tangerines and definitely my mother's signature cake with raspberries.

We have a special Christmas service - large, elegant, very beautiful. For me it symbolizes the best holiday trees and salads.

Ever since we got his little family, celebrating with her husband and a cat. But the next day, be sure to go to their parents at last year's salads, I call it "on doedalki". And the husband says it we had - nadoedalki and we must give parents sleep. But, Nooo, this tradition I would not cancel. Each year we arrange a family Christmas photo shoot - going, take pictures at the Christmas tree. Already picked up an entire album: interesting to see how things are changing, but still stay together.

When the tree dressed up, we are going around with your family, say "Herringbone, burn!" And turn on the garland. we are ready to celebrate the New Year with this moment.