The most popular videos in 2014

• The most popular videos in 2014

Below you will find some videos that are most inspired by Internet users in the past year:

The most popular videos in 2014

physics students, University of Aarhus (Denmark) Sun Nielsen became a star of the Internet thanks to its home video where he visualizes the music with the help of fire. Nielsen uses "pirodosku" (sealed metal box) to "mix" the sound waves to flammable gas. 2500 has tiny holes through which the gas comes out, creating in 2500 the little tongues of flame on the surface of this "pirodoski", synchronized with the music that is played below. At different frequencies the fire reacts differently. The result is something like a sine wave.

5. Otters play on the keyboard

No one had ever suspected otters musical inclinations and talents. This "concert" was held at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington.

4. "Thunderstruck" hard rock band AC / DC played the cello

Wonderful cellists from Croatia Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser created a group with the unpretentious title 2Cellos (ie, two cello). When they came in costumes of the 18th century, no one could even imagine what enchanting music they are going to perform.

3. Great White Shark attacks inflatable boat

What will you do if near the inflatable boat in which you sit, you will see a huge sea monster? Of course, you will choose to him as close as possible and begin to shoot, and how could it be otherwise? This is what "MaxAnimal" studio directors who just shot the video for your channel on "YouTube" off the coast of South Africa, when the shark attacked their boat and began to chew it.

2. The hologram of Michael Jackson at the awards ceremony of the Billboard Music Awards 2014

According to rumors, the number with a hologram until recently have not seen even the producers Billboard Music Awards.

1. Skater in the diaper

This two-year skater virtuoso in the diaper lives in Australia. He became a sensation when a video appeared with his jumps and pirouettes on the Internet. According to the parents of young talent, the boy has mastered skate back in six months, and since then does not leave with him.