9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

For those who do not know:

Exhibition International CES - The International Consumer Electronics Show, which is recognized as a leader of the development of digital technologies for the consumer sector and sets the direction of the industry.

"Smart" light bulb Misfit Bolt

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

The ideologists of the concept of "smart home" is still avoided the construction of electric round. It was believed that with the help of light bulbs can provide energy savings, but look for fundamental innovations in their design does not make sense.

Developers of Misfit thought otherwise. They presented at CES 2015 its own model of "smart" LED-bulbs. Manage it - change the brightness or color - you can use a special application for the smartphone. However, lamp replacement cost is not cheap - about $ 50 apiece.

Schlage Sense

"Smart" Castle

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

Schlage company began to sell their locks in 1920. Company founder Walter Schlage already differed love to innovate: he invented a lock which automatically lit the light in the room when the door is opened.

The new invention - the lock Schlage Sense, which can be accessed via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Moreover, the control lock can now voice using of Siri, which gradually becomes a "smart assistant on the house."

This model - a harbinger of "the era without physical keys" when reliability and safety guarantee is not cunning drawing barbs on the shaft key and robust algorithms for encryption and authentication.

Oven Samsung Flex Duo with Dual Door

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

Is it possible to invent something new in a conventional oven? Until now, limited choice of new coatings for walls, increasing the availability of baking modes. But most of the novelty was to choose a new design. Samsung has managed to find a new approach, which now seems obvious to others. Represent: the hostess is preparing for a festive dinner. She needed, for example, bake the duck and cook a cake for dessert. cooking modes in these dishes are different, so having a conventional plate, will have to choose the sequence of cooking.

And if you divide the oven into two compartments, working in different modes and to prevent mixing of odors? Thus was born the idea of ​​the oven Flex Duo, which Samsung began producing four years ago. Experience has shown that the new design like the consumers, but opening the door, they are forced to spend the accumulated heat.

The new model with double door design, this disadvantage is eliminated. Thanks to a special fastening mechanism, the door may be opened as a whole or in parts, for each department.

NEW so impressed visitors CES 2015, they celebrated her award CES Innovation Award.

Display HP Zvr VR

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

Virtual reality today is more commonly associated with gamers. HP has decided to break the stereotype and offered 23, 6-inch stereoscopic display, which is intended primarily for corporate use.

It produces a holographic 3D-images, to show that it is necessary to use special glasses. On-screen three-dimensional objects can not only watch, you can interact with them.

The control mechanism is hidden in four special cameras, which are installed at the top of the display. Thanks to them, the system automatically monitors any movement occurring in the monitored area in front of the display screen. Using stylus as a forceps, a user can grab objects, move them from one level to another, rotate, flip, scale, and even dissect studying the internal structure of the selected parts. The interaction with the virtual world provides zSpace technology. It made its debut at last year's CES, the and before that several years developed at NASA projects.

The price of the new display HP ZVR is not reported, however, HP promised to begin selling it later this year.

The security camera Netatmo Welcome

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

The most important function for the "smart home" has been and remains its protection. Professional system and the special conditions of their installation requires a significant investment. You can try to install inexpensive amateur video camera, but do it en masse, no one will. Company Netatmo understood it one of the first and offered a protection kit amateur class format "all in one".

The security camera, dubbed Welcome, is a cylinder of anodised aluminum. It looks elegant, so suitable for installation in any environment. viewing angle of 130 °, it is sufficient to establish control over the entrance to the premises.

Camera "catches" all persons entering the frame, and recognizes them. Therefore, when someone from the family enters the room, security system immediately sends information about it to the manager of the smartphone. In parallel, the camera is capturing video in Full HD, which are stored on the microSD card. Owner Manager of the smartphone can see the resulting video remotely.

If in a frame gets an unfamiliar person or motion is detected, and the system does not recognize the membership of the new object, an alarm is triggered. It can be transmitted in three possible ways - via the network cable through the Wi-Fi network or a message on a radio frequency. The owner of the house can be remotely to clarify the situation and respond to it appropriately.

The alarm is also issued if the movement is registered in the dark. It recognizes a special infrared sensor disposed below the camera lens. If the owner of the house will set also special sensors that react to the opening of doors or windows, the control of the situation and will be on the perimeter of the building.

Car BMW i3s

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

Joke, who wore visitors this year: "? CES 2015 - it would not happen to the auto show" Developments car was really a lot. The most outstanding among them is most often called a system of automatic parking and collision protection provided by BMW.

It is based on the urban class car BMW i3, which the company produces serially from 2013. Converted into a new system of the car was named BMW i3s.

This system has its "eyes" - four laser sensors located in the front, rear and sides of the car. With their help, the system automatically monitors the situation around the vehicle, detects obstacles and provides proactive commands to the driving mechanism, to prevent the collision. The machine is controlled smoothly without jerking. But if the driver presses the accelerator pedal, BMW i3s possible to continue the movement. In all cases, the system helps to intelligently avoid strikes.

It attracted many auto parking. Build a similar system based on GPS in real life it was impossible. In the new system to run car parking process can be through a mobile application installed on your smartphone, or "smart" watches ZenWatch. Just press the button Park Vehicle, and the car itself starts to explore the employment of the parking area and continues to search as long as no find a suitable place.

Those who have tested the system recognizes that the watch from the sidelines as the "pilot" does all the work for you - a separate pleasure.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

"Walkman back" - this comes to mind when looking at a new gadget of Sony. It is addressed to the true music lovers. Once all started with the legendary audio player, the Walkman, which was released in 1979 and was able to set a level of sound quality, which was not conceivable before. It was after all Walkman started making portable music gadgets. Now Sony wants to repeat the success of the former. For its new player will have to pay $ 1,200. In return, it offered high-quality sound.

NW-ZX2 supports streaming music in the LDAC format that ensures excellent sound even at a noisy wireless data transmission. The gadget also supports all the other popular formats, which ensures ease of use.

As demonstrated by the exhibition, not only Sony wants to revive the former popularity of the brand. There are rumors of an impending purchase of Palm a Chinese manufacturer of electronics and home gadgets TCL. The target list is and Polaroid.

"Smart" headphones Siemens Smart Hearing Aid

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

The number of gadgets in the category of "wearable electronics" is growing. And the range will grow further. It is known that Google is now working on the release of "smart" lens for diabetics to help measure blood glucose levels and restore normal eye refraction. A future nanorobots will be able to independently carry out monitoring of pressure and take a blood test.

Siemens has showcased a gadget that can be used today - a headset Smart Hearing Aid, is compatible with the Android- and iOS-devices.

Its novelty lies in the discrete control extraneous noise. Using the headset, you can receive phone calls in noisy places or listening to your music with a much better sound than conventional headsets.

Gadget secret lies in the ability to selectively detect signs of noise occurring in an environment in front of strangers talking, the wind, because of the operation of the vehicle engine. The system is capable of real-time to eliminate "noise" without needing massive ear cushions, which are inconvenient for everyday wear.

"holographic" smartphone Estar Takee1

9, the main novelties of the exhibition CES 2015

Despite the diversity of smartphones on the current exhibition CES 2015 Innovations Award main prize awarded for the development of the Chinese company Estar Technology Group Co. She released the world's first "holographic" Takee1 smartphone.

Established holographic data processing platform called "Cloud Cube". 3D-image is displayed on the 5, 5-inch display. Individual stereoscopic effect is created separately for each eye, with the use of special 3D-glasses are required.

image control is performed in a contactless manner. Smartphone simultaneously monitors the position of your hand with four cameras, which are placed on the edges of the display. Scaling, receiving calls, the game - the basics, which have already learned to do on a new type of smartphone.

On the timing of the start of sales, and pricing has not been revealed.