20 thoughts Pushkin, who will open it from an unexpected source

• 20 Pushkin's thoughts, which will open it with an unexpected side

20 thoughts Pushkin, who will open it from an unexpected source

The Russian classics is "our everything", which few people know really. Alexander Pushkin, whose books we read all the years of schooling, much livelier and more fun than remembered since.

From his letters and works we have chosen the 20 phrases that offer a classic in a new way.

Say what you like, but love without expectations and requirements of touching a woman's heart rather all seduction calculations.

Poetry, God forgive me, to be silly.

Moral proverbs are wonderfully useful in cases when we are away from you a little that we can invent itself as a justification.

All women are charming, and the beauty of them gives the love of men.

Love - is a delightful deception to which a person agrees voluntarily.

Happiness can be found on the beaten track only.

Do not put off until dinner that you can eat it for dinner.

I am delighted, I'm fascinated, short - I ogoncharovan! (About his future wife Natalya Goncharova). No supper - holy to the law, To the most precious light sleep.

Science experiments reduces our fleeting life.

Silly criticism is not so noticeable as stupid praise.

Accuracy - courtesy of chefs.

Vulgarity - is something that has gone to the people.

Poets praise all feed - only magazines ...

Repeated sharp word becomes stupidity.

Anyway, in Hell will be a lot of pretty, it will be possible to play charades.

Stomach enlightened person has the best qualities of a good heart: sensitivity and gratitude.

Inspiration - is the ability to put yourself in a working condition.

Wit we call the ability to bring together the concepts and bring them into new and correct conclusions.

Here is a sick student;

His fate is inexorable.

Carry off the medication:

The disease is incurable love!