The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

American Forbes March 2 issued a traditional, 29-th in a row, the world ranking of billionaires. This time, the list included 88 businessmen from Russia, 33 fewer than the year before, and the leader was the first time Vladimir Potanin - he shifted the first "national" lines Alisher Usmanov. Russian participants of the ranking for the year significantly "poorer" - the matter is that the crisis in the economy and Western sanctions.

By the number of billionaires Russia now gives not only the US and China, but also in Germany and India. For more information about the 15 most wealthy entrepreneurs of the country and the three newcomers from Russia in the global ranking - read on.

Vladimir Potanin

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 15, 4 billion

Annual change: + $ 2, 8 billion

Position in the world ranking: 60

Vladimir Potanin, a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the USSR, in 1991, met future partner Mikhail Prokhorov, at that time chief of the Soviet of the International Bank for Economic Cooperation (IBEC). In 1993, the partners established Oneximbank that lure away on the IBEC customer service. ONEKSIMbank become a platform for the construction of the holding "Interros". On loans for shares billionaires tandem gained control of the metallurgical giant MMC "Norilsk Nickel" and the oil company "SIDANCO". In 2007, Potanin and Prokhorov decided to split the business. Potanin, a former deputy prime minister in the government of Viktor Chernomyrdin and partner of George Soros in investments in "Svyazinvest", focused its assets in "Interros".

With the support of the state billionaire became the largest private investor in the Winter Olympics in Sochi - he built a ski resort "Rosa Khutor". In May 2014 Potanin was divorced from his wife Natalia and married a second time on the slave by the name of Catherine, the couple already had a child. Natalia has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband - it requires 50% of the billionaire's assets. Potanin as compensation is willing to pay $ 140 million.

Mikhail Fridman

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 14, 6 billion

Change for the year - $ 3 billion

Position in the world ranking: 68

Together with his friends on the study in the MISA German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev Mikhail Fridman controls the "Alfa Group" - the largest private financial and industrial group in Russia. In 2013, together with partners, Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik, he sold a 50% stake of $ 5, 1 billion in oil company TNK-BP state "Rosneft" for $ 28 billion. Friedman from the transaction rescued. In the same year, "Alpha" for money from the sale of TNK-BP has created a new company LetterOne Holdings SA (L1), which was engaged in investment in overseas markets. Thus, L1 bought a German oil and gas company of RWE Dea for € 5, 1 billion.

In 2011, controlled by the "Alpha" mobile operator VimpelCom acquired a telecommunications holding company of Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris and turned into the sixth largest player in the global market. Also, Friedman and partners own the second largest chain of stores in Russia - X5 Retail Group.

A native of Ukraine, Friedman moved to Moscow, enrolling in MISA. The first business - the company "Alfa-Eco" - he, together with Khan and Kuzmichev founded in 1989. Two years later, the partners established Alfa-Bank, which today has become the largest private bank in Russia.

Alisher Usmanov

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 14, 4 billion

Change for the year - $ 4, 2 billion

Position in the world ranking: 71

Alisher Usmanov, has lost the status of the richest man in Russia after three years of leadership, but it continues to be a key figure in several major sectors of the national economy. Among its assets metallurgical giant "Metalloinvest", the second largest mobile operator in the country, "Megafon", Internet holding Group and the publishing house "Kommersant". Usmanov has a high influence in lobbying structures, including the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. In 2013, President Vladimir Putin awarded him the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree. The most successful investment billionaire at the international level related to the technology industry: he was one of the early Facebook investor, but sold all the shares of the social network in 2013 to invest in the gathering pace of Chinese Alibaba and the same manufacturer Xiaomi smartphone budget of Chinese e-commerce giant. Usmanov is also a shareholder of the London football club Arsenal. In 2014, he transferred 12% of its holding USM Holdings junior business partners and senior managers.

Viktor Vekselberg

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 14, 2 billion

Change for the year - $ 3 billion

Position in the world ranking: 73

Russian authorities chose Viktor Vekselberg on the role of the curator of the project of the national equivalent of Silicon Valley - the Skolkovo innovation city - in 2010. Since then, the project among residents who have received grants from the state, there were already three companies billionaire. In 2013, businessman Mikhail Fridman and Leonard Blavatnik has sold 50% stake in oil company TNK-BP state "Rosneft" for $ 28 billion. Vekselberg, the transaction generated $ 7 billion. Part of the money he spent on the purchase of 25% of the Swiss steel company Schmolz + Bickenbach. In 2014, the billionaire also acquired Octo Telematics, the Italian manufacturer of software for insurers and the proportion of 5% in the Texas manufacturer Dresser-Rand, which is in the process of absorption of Siemens Corporation oil field equipment. Vekselberg has a stake in Bank of Cyprus - 5, 5%. His Renova Group - a strategic investor in the Swiss company. The largest of them - the industrial group Oerlikon and Sulzer infrastructure.

A native of Ukraine, his first million Vekselberg earned by selling scrap metal. In the 1990s he founded a holding company SUAL. In 2007, the combined assets of SUAL with "Rusal" and mining Glencore - so was born the world's largest producer UC Rusal aluminum, where billionaire retains a minority stake. In addition, Vekselberg has a stake in the petrochemical, consumer and telecom companies. He owns a large collection of art, including the nine Faberge Easter eggs, which the billionaire bought the Forbes family for $ 100 million. In November 2013, Vekselberg has opened in St. Petersburg, a private museum, which displayed his treasures. In February 2014 the businessman has presented two bedroom apartments at the hotel he built "Azimut" in Sochi Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankovym. Their own homes in the capital city of the Games in 2014 athletes need to realize the dream of creating a nursery school, reasoned philanthropist.

Alexei Mordashov

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 13 billion

Annual change: + $ 2, 5 billion

Position in the world ranking: 89

In mid-January 2015, Vladimir Putin hosted the Alexei Mordashov and took a metals tycoon promise to avoid unreasonable investment. Against the background of a bad situation for the Russian billionaire, get rid of all US assets - his company "Severstal" now makes the emphasis on the national market. In 2011, he sold three unprofitable plant in the US conglomerate of billionaire Ira Rennert Renco Group for $ 1, 2 billion, half the price than he paid three years earlier. After that Mordashov had two companies in Mississippi and Michigan. He was to receive from the US Department of Energy loan for $ 730 million for the restructuring of the business, but in 2012 the US government for political reasons decided to abandon the credit of the Russian billionaire. As a result, investing in 2004 in plants $ 3 billion in September 2014. Mordashov sold them for $ 2, 3 billion. After that, "Severstal" has paid a record dividend of $ 1 billion.

At the end of 2013 a businessman with close to Putin entrepreneur Yury Kovalchuk bought a 50% stake in the fourth largest Russian mobile operator Tele2 Russia. Also, together with Kovalchuk Mordashov is a shareholder of the bank "Russia", which is under US sanctions and the EU because of the "pro" the reputation of its main shareholder. In 2011, the owner of "Severstal" has increased its stake in the holding "Power Machines", bought 25% at Siemens. Son working metallurgical plant, Mordashov literally grew up in the company. Talented manager he quickly built a career and became Chief Financial Officer and then bought the shares himself became a principal owner of "Severstal".

Vagit Alekperov

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 12, 2 billion

Change for the year - $ 1, 4 billion

Position in the world ranking: 96

Vagit Alekperov, head of "Lukoil" - the largest private oil company in Russia, which, in particular, is developing the West Qurna 2 field in Iraq, which has some of the richest deposits in the world (production started in March 2014). The billionaire businessman has a reputation of the inner circle of President Vladimir Putin, that did not save the "Lukoil" from the US sanctions in September 2014. The company had to reduce its own investment program. Alekperov does not hide the desire to hand over control to the business as a legacy to his son Yusuf - on condition that he did not sell the asset and the family remained the main shareholder.

Has passed all stages of the career in the oil industry, in the sunset of the USSR future billionaire even had time to work with industry minister. In 1991, he privatized three major fields and founded the "Lukoil". Alekperov - the author of "Oil of Russia: Past, Present and Future" and the founder of fund of regional social programs "Our Future", which actively supports social entrepreneurship.

Leonid Michelson

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 11, $ 7 billion

Change for the year - $ 3, 9 billion

Position in the world ranking: 105

Leonid Michelson - the main owner of an independent gas producer, "Novatek" chemical group "Sibur" and "First United Bank." In July 2014 the United States and European Union imposed against the "Novatek" sanctions, exerting pressure on the business partner Michelson Gennady Timchenko, which in the West is considered a close friend of Putin. The company remains the controlling shareholder of the project "Yamal LNG", which develops despite the sanctions pressure. To support it, "Novatek" has requested $ 2, 3 billion in support from the National Welfare Fund. The total project cost is estimated at $ 27 billion, $ 10 billion ready to invest Chinese investors. Michelson - known art collector. He often financed the organization of exhibitions in Russia and the United States.

Vladimir Lisin

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 11, 6 billion

Change for the year - $ 5 billion

Position in the world ranking: 107

Vladimir Lisin made a fortune in the steel industry, rail transportation, and logistics. He started his career as an electrical mechanic in association "JUzhkuzbassugol". After graduation he worked in the steel mills, he was promoted from assistant steelmaker to deputy general director of the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant. In 1991, along with their supervisor, who became minister of industry, the future billionaire moved to Moscow. Soon he became a partner in the company Trans-World Group, which has grown into a leading exporter of Russian aluminum and steel in a few years. Lisin that time has accumulated rich experience in the management of metallurgical production, so that the division of assets in 2000, regularly received in the property industry giant - Novolipetsk Steel. The billionaire also controls the logistics holding UCL, who owns the First freight company. His most well-known passion for outside business - shooting: Lisin has built Europe's largest shooting complex "Fox hole" in the Moscow region, it occupies the position of Vice President in the international shooting sports and Olympic Committee of Russian Federation.

Gennady Timchenko

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 10, $ 7 billion

Change for the year - $ 4, 6 billion

Position in the world ranking: 118

Gennady Timchenko owns stakes in a variety of companies in the gas, transport and construction sectors. Among its assets - Russia's largest independent gas producer, "Novatek", petrochemical holding "Sibur", a rail carrier "TRANSOIL" and insurance company "SOGAZ". It is one of the most influential people in the country, the billionaire, who is considered a close friend of Vladimir Putin, in 2014, hit by US sanctions. Timchenko respond to actions of the West philosophically: "For everything in life to be answered - even for the friendship with the president." Businessman is co-founder trader Gunvor, 43% stake in which he shrewdly managed to sell his business partner Torbjorn Tornqvist right before the introduction of US sanctions. Among the non-business load Timchenko - supervision of Russian hockey: he chairs the Board of Directors of CHL and is president of the St. Petersburg club SKA.

Mikhail Prokhorov

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 9, 9 billion

Change for the year - $ 1 billion

Position in the world rankings: 125Cportsmen, a banker, a metallurgist, a playboy, investor, media tycoon, politician and owner of the NBA (the Brooklyn Nets) - all this is Mikhail Prokhorov. In 2012, he shocked all of Russia unexpected nomination of his candidacy for the presidency - and after the elections gathered quite decent 8% of the vote. But since then, the political career of a businessman damped. His most notable American project - construction of a new arena for the Nets. In February 2013, Prokhorov sold 37, 8% of the shares of gold Polyus Gold for $ 3, 6 billion. In December of the same year he bought 27% of the "BRIC", the world's largest producer of potash. In 2015 the billionaire began searching for a buyer for the Nets. The club is estimated at about $ 1, 5 billion.

German Khan,

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 9, 5 billion

Change for the year - $ 1, 8 billion

Position in the world ranking: 133

German Khan, along with Mikhail Fridman and Alexei Kuzmichev owns the "Alfa Group" - the largest private financial and industrial group in Russia. He has long worked as Executive Director of TNK-BP oil company, which he left in March 2013 - after a 50% share of "Alpha" and its Partners for $ 28 billion bought state "Rosneft". Khan was rescued from the transaction of $ 3, 3 billion. In 2013, together with other "alfovtsami" he put part of the money to create a company LetterOne Holdings S.A. (L1), which specializes in investing in foreign assets. Khan joined the board of directors of L1. The company is headquartered in London - the same billionaire bought a mansion worth $ 91 million in 2010. A native of Kiev, he moved to Moscow from going to university. Together with Fridman and Khan founded Kuzmichev trader "Alfa-Eco" in 1989. Two years later, the partners created the Alfa-Bank, now the largest private bank in Russia. In the late 1990s, "Alpha" gained control of TNK and established a joint venture with the British BP. Among the other groups of assets - the mobile operator VimpelCom and retailer X5 Retail Group.

Roman Abramovich

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 9, 1 billion

Annual change: 0

Position in the world ranking: 137

Roman Abramovich owns a large stake in steel company Evraz, which in December 2014 was planning to hold IPO of its North American division. The deal fell through due to unfavorable market conditions. Together with partner Evraz Alexander Abramov in April 2013. Abramovich has also bought a 5, 87% of shares of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" in the holding "Interros" Vladimir Potanin and UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska.

Becoming an orphan as a child, Abramovich dropped out of university and made a fortune on oil deals in the early 1990s. Together with Boris Berezovsky, he gained control of the "Sibneft" for an amount much lower than the market value of the company. In 2003 the businessman sold his stake in the "Rusal" Deripaska, and in 2005 - a majority stake in "Sibneft" "Gazprom". Gas Holding Abramovich paid $ 13 billion. In 2013, the billionaire has won a lawsuit in the High Court in London, Berezovsky, who claimed the $ 5, 6 billion, citing verbal agreements on the division of assets such as "Sibneft" and "Rusal".

Abramovich is known to the world as owner of London football club Chelsea and the longest yacht Eclipse in the world, which cost in 2010 of almost $ 400 million in 2014, another entrepreneur boat -. Luna - bought another Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov. Abramovich also owns a private Boeing 767 and a number of luxury villas and apartments in the UK, France, USA and exotic islands. In late 2014, the businessman spent nearly $ 70 million for three townhouses located next door in New York. Among other hobbies Abramovich - collecting in January 2013th he, for example, once acquired 40 works by the most expensive of the contemporary Russian artists Ilya Kabakov at the American collector John L. Stewart. Wife of billionaire Daria Zhukova owns one of the largest Moscow Museum of Modern Art "Garage".

Andrey Melnichenko

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 9, 1 billion

Change for the year - $ 2, 3 billion

Position in the world ranking: 137

Andrei Melnichenko was at the forefront of such giants of the Russian economy as "TMK", SUEK and "EuroChem". In the last two companies he still owns shares, and "Eurochem" even plans to invest in 2015, $ 1, 2 billion. Its stake in TMK billionaire gave long-term business partner Sergei Popov under the assets section in 2006.

Melnichenko started way in business with currency trading. Having succeeded, the billionaire has decided not to hide his high status: he owns one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, which is called "A" - in honor of the Serbian model Aleksandra Nikolic, the owner's wife. Futuristic boat, the design resembles a submarine, according to various estimates, is worth about $ 250 million other passion billionaire -. Impressionist paintings, including classics scale Claude Monet genre. Some of the paintings hanging in the interiors of yachts Melnichenko.

Dmitry Rybolovlev

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 8, 5 billion

Change for the year - $ 0, 3 billion

Position in the world ranking: 156

Dmitry Rybolovlev made headlines in 2014 when a Swiss court decided to charge him $ 4, 5 billion in favor of Elena's ex-wife. Businessman divorce process has been going on for seven years, and became "the most expensive in history," said the lawyer of the businessman. Rybolovlev appealed, but his representatives are not too upset by the defeat in the first instance: the court allowed Rybolovlev leave intact the trusts for the two common children Dmitry and Elena, in which billionaire has focused a significant part of their assets. Among the assets of trusts - apartments worth $ 88 million in New York, bought in the name of the daughter of Catherine businessman; mansion in Palm Beach, bought from Donald Trump for $ 95 million; two Greek islands, previously owned by the former Athena Onassis, worth $ 120 million; Hawaiian Island for $ 20 million, in the past belonged to actor Will Smith. Rybolovlev, the son of a scientist and a graduate of the Perm Medical Institute, has been in business since the early 1990s. In 1992 he created his first investment fund and, like the other participants in the top of Russian Forbes list, to take an active buying of shares of industrial enterprises. By 1995, he assembled a controlling stake in the "BRIC" and became chairman of the board of directors of Russia's largest potash producer. In 2007, the company held an IPO in London, generated $ 1 billion. Rybolovlev share in the "BRIC" sold in 2010 for $ 6, 5 billion. Since then, he lives in Monaco.

Sergei Galitsky

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Status: $ 8, 3 billion

Change for the year - $ 2 billion

Position in the world rankings: 162Cergey Galitsky, founder and CEO of the largest Russian retail chain "Magnit", engaged in the supply of perfumes and cosmetics in 1994. Based on the experience of Walmart and other industry leaders, four years later, he opened his first store under the slogan "Always low prices" (at Walmart - "low prices every day"). "Magnet" held an IPO in 2006, but Galitsky is still the largest owner of the company with a share of 42%. It also invests in agriculture and advertising business. The billionaire owns a private jet, a yacht, and the football club "Krasnodar".

Newbie. Yuri Scheffler

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 1, 75 billion

Position in the world ranking 1105

Yuri Scheffler owns S.P.I. Group, manufacturer and marketer of 360 alcohol brands in 160 countries. The company is registered in Luxembourg, and its main production facilities are located in the territory of Latvia. The most famous brand - vodka Stolichnaya, for it Scheffler in 1997 paid state "Soyuzplodoimport" $ 285 000. Later, the state enterprise attempted by the court to select the brand of an entrepreneur and in 2001 achieved a ban on the sale of products S.P.I. on Russian territory. Scheffler was charged with unlawful use of a trademark, so he had to leave the country in 2002, and lawsuits were transferred to international courts. In 2008, the billionaire was in the lists of persons wanted by Interpol. In 2014, sales of Stolichnaya banned the Benelux countries. But the business is growing, despite the problems, according to analysts' data. Scheffler lives alternately in the UK and Switzerland, and moves often on his yacht Serene, one of the longest and most luxurious in the world.

Newbie. Nikolai Buinov (pictured right)

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 1, 7 billion

Position in the world ranking 1118

Nikolai Buinov - the main shareholder of the Irkutsk Oil Company (INC), the largest independent oil company in Russia. He was engaged in the oil business in the early 2000s with absorption "UstKutNeftegaz" condition acquisition of a controlling package of the company was the repayment of wage arrears (11 million) and maintenance of the infrastructure of the village Upper Markovo. "UstKutNeftegaz" was established in 1996 for the supply of fuel to local boilers, he owned licenses for two oil and gas fields - Yarakta and Markov. In 2011, Congress increased oil production by half, to 1, 2 million tons, after being launched pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean. In 2014 godu INC extracted 4 million tons of crude oil and gas condensate. INC, as well as other oil producers in Eastern Siberia, is exempt from tax on the extraction of minerals. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has acquired 8, 15% of the Indian National Congress in the summer of 2008, in 2013 the bank sold 3, 75% Goldman Sachs International.

Newbie. Evgeny Kaspersky

The richest people of Russia in the global ranking Forbes

Net Worth: $ 1 billion

Position in the world ranking 1741

Evgeny Kaspersky, a graduate of the Higher School of the KGB, has been developing antivirus software since the early 1990s. Interest in IT-security in its wake in 1989, when his computer is infected with a virus Cascade. The young engineer decided to become a specialist in the fight against malware. The first products of Kaspersky interested in not more than ten customers per month. Now its anti-virus are 300 million people worldwide. The company with a staff of 2800 employees have already opened offices in thirty countries.