20 secrets of Bridget Jones

• 20 secrets of Bridget Jones's Diary

20 secrets of Bridget Jones

Absurd getting in silly situations, but incredibly sweet Bridget Jones conquered us, when the first movie with Renee Zellweger.

We turned to the source and collected 20 quotations from the novel by Helen Fielding "Bridget Jones's Diary." And here it is - a woman as she is.

The need to open the mouth in the process of applying mascara to the eyelashes - a great and inexplicable mystery of nature.

Edinstvenny way to succeed in men - is disgusting to behave with them.

Some women are incredibly self-confident because of their former lovers still want them to be returned to them.

On the part of hell, another life always seems to be better than yours.

What is happening with their mothers and telephones - as soon as you say that you have to go, they remember nineteen quite urgent things that need to tell you it is in this moment.

It is amazing how much time and money you can save on a date, if you carefully look closely to the details.

You can convince yourself of anything and still be absolutely happy person. The only person who in our time and age need a woman - is she.

"Well, how are things progressing on the love front?" - Oh, my God! Why do married people can not understand what has long been impolite to ask such a question? We do not rush to him and Orem: "How is your family life? Still have sex together? "

Each woman is unique, but each in his own dreams about one and the same - to meet a decent man and become a perfect lady.

Whatever I was engaged in, in fact it seems to me that I should do something else.

The impression is that the hair on my head life of their own - during the day, they behave very sensibly and waiting for me to go to bed, and then begin to run and frolic like children shouting: "So what we now Loans?"

The best gift a woman can give a man - a calm.

Car alarm completely intolerable and useless, since most already in your car climbs raging neighbor, trying to turn off the alarm, rather than a car thief. Always nice when others are not going well.

I like men who are late - they are much better than those who came before, it scares you, drives the panic in the house and finds unsightly items that you do not have time to hide.

When you love someone - it's as if your heart is wrapped in a blanket.

All you have to do - is not that what you have to pay. At the beginning of the diet you are somewhat overweight, so no one invites you to lunch. you grow thin then you become a nogastoy acquires seductive contours, and men begin to invite you to the different meals. Then again you have amassed a few pounds, patrons evaporate, and you grow thin again.

I can officially confirm that today the way to man's heart is not through beauty, food, sex or a good character, but solely through the ability to show that not very much and he'll need.

I knew the secret of losing weight is not to be weighed.