How are the smartest children in Moscow

In an attempt to find in school education for reasons of pride, in Moscow sought out the winners of Olympiads on computer science, linguistics, mathematics, chess champion and other young geniuses. Children reported edition of the mass of clever ideas, however, it turned out that the school they almost do not go.

How are the smartest children in Moscow

Pauline Shuvalov. 13 years, European champion in chess

How are the smartest children in Moscow

"Play is my grandmother. With 5 years I have been 6 days a week for 4 hours. At age 7, I immediately enrolled in the third grade, but the school never went, doing home, only come to pass exams. The school teachers can not be selected, besides you are limited to your class. And I need a lot of time on chess. I wake up, play chess, lessons, and then again in chess, then lunch, then again the lessons or chess.

The most I won at the European Championship greater their victory in 2013 - received 9 points out of 9 possible. Now I Women FIDE Master (. World Chess Federation - Ed.)., International Master I stayed one point: I have two, and it takes three. In the age category I either second, or the first in Europe - I do not follow the ratings.

For me, chess - a job where you have to work very hard. game often takes 5-6 hours, it is very difficult. Very interesting is the psychological side: you do not just do strong moves, but watch out for the enemy, for his reactions, feelings, look. The focus to look at the opponent, of course, not polite, but it is not like football, where all the focus on the ball. Incidentally, I really love football and summer often I play in the backyard. I think if I did not take chess to play football. And so I talk a lot with the chess players we are going to someone's home, or play mafia blitz - these rapid chess games.

In order to achieve significant results in chess, you have to be very confident. I recently read a book by Dale Carnegie "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", where the main idea is that you need to look at things in a sober look. When you worry, you need to imagine the worst that can happen and accept it. "

Egor Lifar. 12 years old, a fifth grader, winner of the All-Russian Olympiad on Informatics among ninth-graders

How are the smartest children in Moscow

"My family came from Novorossiysk, because the programming there is not very much. In Moscow, I'm in 5th grade, and the results of the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics at me the third result among ninth-graders. Of all the classes I have the 10th, in Russia - about 50 minutes among pupils.

I like the program because it is really a lot of fun - to solve problems, write code debagat him happy when he earns. Hackers who hit the keys with great speed and breaking into the Pentagon - is only in the film is, in fact, we are a bit slower. My brother Igor taught me first, Pascal, and a little over a year ago moved in C ++, and it is steeper at times. To learn how to write it, it took me about four days now and I every day I master something new.

On Tuesdays, I have programming circle in the SESC (.... Specialized Educational and Scientific Center of Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov - Ed), on Thursday engaged with the coach, on Friday I have a contest: for 5 hours without a break I decide task is to prepare for the Olympics. Still I am doing the math to understand how to solve problems. Of course, the Lagrange interpolation polynomial can not know, but the basic theme - combinatorics, graph theory or the theory of numbers - you need to learn. Some programming tasks can not be solved without it.

I would like to connect his life with the programming. First become a developer, and then the head of the development team. I would like to code in any large company, as "Yandex". Here at "Yandex. Music "for example, a lot of users, each one can predict what he likes knowing that he had already listened to - it's cool. I'll listen to The Doors, The Beatles, and Arctic Monkeys. I read,, and, and some of them several times, unfortunately, blocked in Russia. "

Ragda Khaniyev. 13 years old, finalist vocal show "The Voice. Children "on Channel

How are the smartest children in Moscow

"I am now 13 years old, and I started singing at nine. I do not remember exactly how - simply because the Almighty has done. At first I read poems in children's competitions and festivals - Tiutchev, Christmas, Pushkin, of course. Rozhdestvensogo beautiful verse "Man needs a little ..." - one of my favorites. And now I can not live without music. First my grandfather sang songs of war, he is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Then brother during the FIFA Cup in 2010 gave me to listen to the official anthem, and I fell in love with this song every day, listened to her and eventually learned. English, I almost did not know then, barely remembered hearing. And it was my very first English song. I also sing in Chinese, such as in China, sang "Katyusha" and "Moscow Nights." In general, I admire Beyonce and Rihanna - this is my icon. Pretty Hurts lyrics Drunk in Love and my favorite, I have them often pereslushivayu. But I'm not tied specific genre, I was all the music is interesting. "

The first qualifying round of "The Voice. Children "- a blind audition, where judges sit back and turn on the artist, if they liked it. The song Jennifer Hudson And I Am Telling You, sung by Ragda Khaniyev, turned all the judges, she chose to mentor Pelagia.

"I did not study singing, not engaged and will not engage in: a class can radically change the voice, and did not have to go back to the natural timbre. But the last three months I go to music school next to the house - do ear training and piano. Osvoyu piano and go to the violin. Mom says study - this is important. In school I this week I still did not go, but I try to keep up, so come to my home teachers. With mathematics I never became friends, it does not mine - even if I am having been occupied for two hours, then forget everything instantly.

During the final of "The Voice" money from SMS voting acted in "Naked Heart" fund, so viewers have saved many children's lives. For me, the happiness to know that I helped this charming children. Now I once or twice a month I go to the Cancer Center at the Leninsky and Kashira Highway. I sing for the children and I give them soap that she cook. Once I set a record for the day and cooked 200 pieces of soap.

I'm not a singer, I'm a musician, and his life, of course, I see this: I want to make people happy, because music medicine. Later I think to go to study in the School of Music in England. And then go back to Russia, this is my home. "

Mary Aristova. 16 years old, winner of the International Olympiad in Linguistics

How are the smartest children in Moscow

"I am interested in sociolinguistics, the way language is used by different people depending on their sex, age and other aspects. In the 8th and 10th grades every student in our school "Intellectual" protects the personal project. My work will explore the differences in male and female narrative speech. Subjects I give one of the comics Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup, there are no replicas, and the guys have to tell what he saw history. So far, it seems to me that the narrative voice of boys and girls in my class is no different.

How are the smartest children in Moscow

In general, Bidstrup comic look like this.

I have not yet chosen what linguistics want to do - or the computer field. I'm learning English, German and Latin. But before she could teach and Spanish, and Chinese, and French. I very much want to learn Irish or Old Norse or any Semitic language. Zalizniak go to lectures, read Krongauz, Uspensky "The word about words." At the Olympics linguistic problems mainly on logic. They are self-sufficient, you do not need to know any additional languages ​​to solve it, but wide horizons and knowledge of foreign languages ​​helps to distract from the Russian and broader view. That is sometimes very useful to recall that the girl in the German neuter.

The words have been given the most difficult task of the International Olympiad in one African language and their translation into Russian in out of order. Trivial task was the fact that this African tribe strange notions - they believe that the soul is in the human liver, so all the feelings associated with it. We had to guess about it. Most often in such problems using the lost languages ​​of African and Native American tribes spoken of 10 people in the world. "

Maxim Didin. 16 years, the winner of the International Olympiad in Mathematics

How are the smartest children in Moscow

"I went to school only with the 5th grade, before my parents taught throughout. With dad I studied mathematics and chess 2 years, and on school mathematics lessons have never in my life did not happen: I have a negative attitude to the job types, to solving similar problems at each other. In mathematics everything necessary to be able to come. Any single theorem may forget to bring their own. Mathematics is infinite. And the evidence to look for the most simple and beautiful. If the problem is something not like it, there are some complicated condition of it is always possible to get rid of.

Physics - it's the same math, but we need more hands to experiment. Chemistry is also interesting science. Vinegar, baking soda and peroxide enough to do amazing things. I was lucky that we have a big house, in my own laboratory storeroom. Parents, of course, are worried, asking to receive less hydrogen and less injection of ammonia. But most of all I love geometry. She's so beautiful - something painted on, and all became clear. However, stereometry I draw on paper almost do not know, basically all present in the mind.

Thanks to the Olympic Games, I traveled to South Africa, India, Iran, Singapore and Indonesia. I was impressed by South Africa. In Cape Town, amazing wildlife, flat Table Mountain, on which you can walk for hours. In Java, I do not really like it - a lot of people and hot, although the sea can be seen through the volcano Krakatoa. Another of the competition took place in the Caucasus, I liked it, I had never seen such mountains.

In general, judge the person based on the results of the Olympiad abilities is not always true. Much depends on luck - sometimes it is possible to solve the most difficult task, but do not get high. I recently shot for three points for a silly slip of the pen, not enough time to finish the sentence properly. I do write very crooked. "

Photo: Maria Kushnir. Interview: Renata Serebryakov