The greatest ancient temple complexes

External forces and natural phenomena, which do not find a logical explanation, identified in ancient times with some supreme, unknown forces. Supernatural powers attributed to objects, animals or deities representing the various forces of nature. For them to be venerated were erected temples. This tradition continued after the new stage of development began in religion.

The construction of sacred buildings took place on a large scale. Without any special equipment from the huge and heavy stones were built grandiose structures. Buildings were decorated with intricate carvings and ornaments. Some of these architectural creations have survived to the present day. Our brief guide below will tell about where are the most incredible ancient temple complexes, in which it seems as if time has stopped.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

El Castillo, Yucatan

City of Chichen Itza is one of the Mayan cities. Presumably, it was founded in VII. n. e. It survived several major architectural Mayan monuments, including the Temple of Kukulkan. It is a 9-step pyramid 24 meters.

There are four ladders To the top of the temple, each of which consists of 91 steps. Bordered by a stone balustrade staircase, starting at the bottom with a snake head. During the spring and autumn equinoxes, at certain times of the day the balustrade of the main staircase of the pyramid is illuminated in such a way that the snake finds the body, emerging from the shadows, and create the illusion that it crawls.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

The monastery is situated on a cliff height of 3120 m, at a height of 700 meters above the Paro valley. The facility was built in 1692 under the rule of Tenzin Gyaltsen Rabjam. The monastery was built around the cave Taktsang Senge Samdup, in which meditated since 6-7 century. The structure of the complex include four main temples and residential buildings. All of them are connected by a staircase cut into the rock. In 1998, a major fire was in the monastery. By 2005, the church was completely restored.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Borobudur, Java

Buddhist stupa and associated temple complex located on the island of Java in Indonesia. Stupa consists of 2 000 000 stone blocks, and the volume of the entire structure is about 55000 m³. The construction dates back to VII-IX century. The complex of Borobudur is one of the World Heritage sites.

The greatest ancient temple complexes


Sri Ranganathasvami, Srirangam

Hindu Vaishnava temple complex was built in the IX century Ganga dynasty rulers. After a few centuries, the temple was restored and partially rebuilt. Temple complex is a mixture of architectures and Hoysalas Vijayanagara. The construction covers an area of ​​63 hectares and is the largest place of worship in India.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Potala, Tibet

The royal palace and Buddhist temple complex located at an altitude of 3700 meters on the Red Hill in Lhasa. The total area of ​​the palace complex - 360 thousand square meters.. The first building was built in 637 by King of Tibet Songtsen Gampo.

Initially the palace was made of wood, but in the 8th century the building was hit by lightning, it is partially burned, but it was later destroyed in internecine wars. From it remained only cave-Fa Wang and Hall Pabalakan. The modern look of the complex began to acquire in 1645, when the Dalai Lama took over its construction. The main place of prayer and religious rituals served as Red Palace, also known as the temple of the Potala.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Giant Hindu temple complex has long remained hidden amongst tropical forests, while in 1860 about him told the world the French traveler Anri Muo. The complex covers an area of ​​200 hectares and is a rectangular structure 1500 * 1300 meters. Presumably, the temple was built in the 7th century. In 1992, a unique complex included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Pagan, Burma

In the capital of the kingdom of Pagan, which is in present-day Myanmar, during its heyday were built thousands of pagodas, temples, stupas and monasteries. Most of the buildings dates back to the XI-XIII century. In an area of ​​42 sq. km. It remained about 5 thousand. various sacred buildings. The most famous building - pagoda Shvezigon. It houses a bone and tooth of the Buddha.

The greatest ancient temple complexes

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves about 400 million years. For a long time, they served as a refuge during the hunt for the local tribe Besisi. In 1891, a statue of Sri Swami Muragan was established here, and part of the cave complex have started to equip as a religious shrine. For the main cave-temple are 272 steps. Along with religious symbols and paraphernalia are found in the temple of stalactites and stalagmites. Height polotkov in natural temple is about 100 meters.