15 brilliant quotes Dr. Komarovsky

• 15 brilliant Dr. Komarovsky quotes

15 brilliant quotes Dr. Komarovsky

Komarovsky Eugene O. - the most famous and respected pediatrician in Russia and the CIS, PhD, broadcaster and author of 15 books on childcare. He is very accessible presents relevant and useful information about the health of children and their upbringing. That's why Eugene O. enjoys the respect of many parents.

Here is the top 15 statements of Dr. Komarovsky, whose advice has helped hundreds of thousands of people.

100% of the adult population know how to make babies, but 99, 9% do not know at the same time, then what to do with children.

Mental well-being of the mother, caring for a child - the main task of his father. That pope is obliged to dot the i's in a relationship with relatives and neighbors.

Happy child - is, above all, a healthy child and only then able to read and play the violin.

Happy child - a child that has both mom and dad, finding the time not only to this child to love, but to love one another.

Neither the amount nor the quality of pediatricians health problems of children can not be solved. And you can not, most likely because the said health is much more dependent on mom and dad than all pediatricians combined.

The child no one owes nothing.

Personally, when I turn to my parents sickly children are often advised to get a dog. For the dog - a real reason to get adults 2 times a day with a child for a walk. If your child for a year hurt, do not walk and suffered from a trip to the country (village 30 km from the city, forest, river) may be much more useful than a holiday on the Mediterranean coast, even in a five star hotel.

It should be like a normal kid - thin and active.

I am sure that the majority of children are born into the world healthy, but they are deprived of health ... parents and health professionals.

Was born baby (human baby) - such as a biological object, wolf like, pig or bear. Therefore, the most important task at the stage of the beginning of life - not to lose the biological in order to be then able to develop social.

The essence of the ideology of disposable diapers are: diapers need not a child! Pampers baby needs a mother!

The main thing - it's happiness and health of the family. The family should live not by the interests of the child and family interests. I can not imagine that my child has received a chocolate bar, but he did not divide it into three parts.

The most important thing: you're not the center of the universe. We, the family - this is the center of the universe. Good people always behave well with everyone. Share the good: humor, food, things. Do not whine.