How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

Every man sooner or later confronted with the idea that, say, it's time to seriously take to improve their physical fitness, and weight gain. But at the same time draw up gym membership there is no desire? No problems. Build sports equipment and fitness equipment can be at home, from household items.

Yes, you can in your training to use anything - chairs, pans, towels and much more - there's nothing can not limit your imagination. But in addition to the shells of the most common household items, you also need the right attitude, and this is unlikely to be a problem - as the saying goes, home, and walls help.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

Link with a bag

Fill a bag of old clothes or unnecessary things (when you get tired of this shell, you can take it to the dump) until it becomes heavy enough for you. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the bag on lowered down in front of a hand. Bend your arms and bring the bag to her chest. Return to the starting position. You can also distribute the load between two small bags or packages to do this exercise with both hands alternately.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

"Sawyer" with a cleaning agent

Standard position, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. With both hands, grasp the handle of your shell - such as a full detergent bottle, for example. Raise your hands above your head, and straining the abdominal muscles, lower them down to your right hip. Bring swing through the left thigh to the left shoulder and complete approach. Repeat backwards.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

Bench cans from shoulder

Stand with feet together. Take in each hand on a tin (full) or similar in shape and weight of objects. Put your shells on the shoulders, palms facing inward. Alternately pull your hands over your head. Hold for a few seconds on the shell itself, and then lower to the starting position.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills


Push-ups on the table

For this exercise you'll need a sturdy table (make sure this is not a coffee table on wheels). Stand at a distance of half a meter from him and place your hands on the countertop, putting them together closer than shoulder-width apart. Lower the chest to the table top as close as you can and hold your body straight. Your elbows should be close to body. Perform a push-up and return to starting position.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

Lifting legs and chairs

You will need two chairs - place them on the sides, backs to him. Making sure in advance that will sustain your weight back, rest in their hands and lift your body off the floor, bending your knees. Flatten the legs by lifting them as high as possible in front of, and pause for a few seconds. Return to the starting position.

How to use everyday objects as home treadmills

Squats with a pan

Pan - burdening beautiful shell for those who are regular squats seem too simple. Take a capacity of 3-5 liters, put it in front of a chair and hold your back straight, bend your legs and grasp the handles. On the exhale, straighten the legs and outstretched arms put the pot in place. For additional weights in the pan can be placed various items.

Stretching with a towel

If you still have power and you are ready to continue with street workout household items, you have to see this video. It shows a long training in 12 minutes, in which exercises with a towel combined with weight training.