20 sarcastic quotes Jaroslav Hasek

• 20 venomous quotes Jaroslav Hasek

20 sarcastic quotes Jaroslav Hasek

April 30 born Jaroslav Hasek - Czech writer and satirist, who gave the world "The Good Soldier Svejk." This author has been an amazing gift: telling hilarious stories, he did not hide behind them the horrors of war, and more clearly revealed them.

We believe that in our day satire Hasek is not outdated - it still sounds fresh and relevant.

In the madhouse everyone can say whatever came into his head, as if in parliament.

Modesty adorns a man, but a real man does not wear jewelry.

- Our business is rubbish - he began comforting words.

After bacchanalian orgies and always comes to the moral hangover.

Throw right and left dung - the argument is more or less convincing, but an intelligent person, even in a state of irritation or to the dispute shall not resort to such expressions.

In the thick of the Archduke will enter rather than skinny.

also impossible without cheating. If all people only cared about the welfare of others, it would be even more at loggerheads with each other.

The trouble is, when a person suddenly would start philosophizing - it always smells of delirium tremens.

Not everyone can be smart. As an exception must be also stupid, because if everyone were smart, then the world would be so much mind that from this one in two people would be the most perfect idiot. - I can not imagine - Svejk said - that an innocent condemned to ten years. However, once the innocent sentenced to five years - so I've heard, but in ten - that's probably a bit too much!

Let it, as it was - because somehow it was so! I do not ever been to had nothing to do.

From the walls of the police department breathed the spirit of power embraced by the people.

Military legal apparatus was great. Such a judicial system is at each state, standing in front of the general political, economic and moral collapse.

While here the king beat ace, far to the front of the Kings beat each other with their subjects.

On another occasion, a closer look closely to the person with whom swim: water every naked man similar to the MP, even if he is a murderer.

I myself for a sometimes notice that I'm weak-minded, especially in the evening ...

I think we should look at all impartially. Everyone can make a mistake, as if about something for a long time to reflect, surely mistaken.

The soldier, who are under guard, is always more experience than those who guard.

In general, everything in the world suddenly seemed so vile and disgusting that he felt the need to get drunk and get rid of Weltschmerz.

- Best, - said Svejk - is to pretend to be an idiot.