Where the stars spend a weekend

For most city dwellers summer season opens in May. Celebrities are no exception. They also prefer to live away from the city noise and prying eyes. Where exactly?

Where the stars spend a weekend

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

Dirt, Rublevo-Uspenskoe

A six-story castle, marble, Maxim Galkin has built more than five years. 3000 sq. m housed the gym, pool, sauna, cinema room, office, library, billiard room, several bedrooms and living rooms. The neighbors - Larisa Dolina.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky

Nikolina Gora, Rublevo-Uspenskoe

Home for over 50 years. It was built by Natalia Konchalovskaya, mother of Andrei Konchalovsky. Then this place is not considered fashionable, and nearby was a common village.

Also in Nikolina Gora live Faith Glagolev, Lolita, Alexander Malinin, Nikita Mikhalkov.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Daria Dontsova, land (80 acres) in 30 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway bought 10 years ago.

- All the time I live in the country. There is much quieter than in Moscow, and the road to the town takes a little time. Farms do not keep much, except that I walk with the dogs, and the husband is engaged in flowers. As soon as the warmer, we hang a hammock between the trees, we arrange cots. On one of them I lie on the other - a dog or a cat coming. In a great number in the area grow mushrooms. Guests try to collect them, but I do not give: a sudden poisoned. Trees worn two crazy squirrel, an owl flies. To relax at the cottage, you need to understand ... that it exists for the rest.

Where the stars spend a weekend


Boris Moiseev: Barvikha, Rublevo-Uspenskoe

- I really like to live in the country, - says Boris. - This is my dream house! I love the color red, so there is something red in the design of each room. Also in Barvikha: Alain Khmelnytsky, Dmitry Malikov.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Alexander Belyaev, a leading weather forecasting, NTV.

Meshkovo, Kiev highway.

- I'm from the country to go to work closer and easier than that of a city apartment, - says Alexander Belyaev. - I live here almost all year round. Himself watching the lawn - Striga and watered it. And I listen to the birds singing in the morning. Favourite hobby.

Also, on the Kiev highway live in Krekshino: Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum, Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko, Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko.

In Peredelkino: Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Vladimir Solovyov.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Olga Prokofiev, actress ( "My Fair Nanny", CTC). Plot purchased at pos. Larks (Belarusian directions). At first it was 10 acres, now - 21.

- The house is constructed in the Soviet times. Brick did not get, was built out of the old. Sat a woman (I, my mother and sister Larissa) in a circle, sang a song ... and scraped bricks with cement residues. Then we added onto the third floor there is a billiard room and did. Cult of the garden I have, but that can be compared with the first radishes grown with their own hands? To relax at the cottage, it is necessary ... to gather the whole big family.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Ekaterina Semenova, actress

Plot (6 ar) 2 km from the CT. Monino (Yaroslavl road) was inherited from the grandparents.

- For me the cottage - an absolute exclusion from life, - says Catherine. - I do not do anything there. Just breathe fresh air and lying on the grass under the trees, read a book, which is not enough time in the city. Sometimes friends come, then fry the kebabs and conducting philosophical discussions. I do not garden - maybe it will come with age? To relax at the cottage, we need ... the sun, a hammock and a good book.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Oleg Gazmanov singer. Plot (18 acres) in Serebryany Bor, built a house himself.

- I do not have at the cottage gardens, orchards, potatoes I have not grown. But planting trees. They have about 600 pine, arborvitae, spruce and cedar. 7 years ago, my colleagues and I - TV presenters, musicians - performed action campaign "Plant a Victory tree in Serebryany Bor". And to relax at the cottage, you need to ... take a shovel and work hard.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Alla Dovlatov, actress ( "Secrets of the investigation"). Plot (20 acres) in the village Krekshino (Kiev area) bought 9 years ago, the singer Valeria.

- After buying a house the second floor, we pulled down and rebuilt. Former owners of well-monitored site, and we got manicured trees, around which I nasazhala tulips. More eldest daughter, we have built a playground with slides and swings. Now it plays the son, and soon the youngest daughter join him. If no traffic jams, would have lived in the country all year round! To relax at the cottage, you need to the sun was shining and everyone was off.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Ludmila Senchina singer. Pos. Georgia, near St. Petersburg.

- This house is in the village of Georgian, where many summer houses of actors and musicians, I bought almost 25 years ago. I was then suddenly wanted to silence and fresh air. Gradually, the building is insulated, it carried water, heating. Still life in nature should be comfortable. Cottage I - for the rest. I am here not to grow anything. Although I have an assistant, which leads all the work on the site.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Arina Sharapova ( "Good morning", "first channel")

Cottage on the Kashira highway 30 km from Moscow bought herself.

- Previously, I stayed overnight in the country even on weekdays. And he traveled to work at 5 am. But now such plugs ... engaged in planting in the area do not like, but I like to care for plants. Still I love it when the cottage attracts friends. Before this happened often. To relax at the cottage, you need a lot of people - to sit at the table, drinking tea and telling interesting stories.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Nikolay Lukinskiy, humorist. Dacha bought 11 years ago for Lyubertsy Malakhovka

- I had no idea that I could live in the country, - says Nikolay. - 16 years ago we rented a dacha here for Lyubertsy Malakhovka. Then he bought a small bungalow. And when there began to build the village, purchased the land with the foundation. Three years later, the brick house was built, my wife and I for the first time in it the night and in the morning I was told that more will not leave from here. Lovely air, quiet and a place that we already love.

House have 200 square meters, there are two floors, three bedrooms, two lounges, dining room, living room, kitchen and basement, gym. We live together with his wife, daughters are adults. The eldest, Olga, receives a third degree in pharmacology, lives and studies in Spain. A younger, Dasha, she graduated from the Institute of Management, married, grandson Lesha in September will be three years old. We are happy when they come to visit us. The following year, by the way, will be 35 years since we, together with his wife Irina. Land - 10 acres, is where carousing. In one part of the possessions we have made a place for relaxation, where you can sit and look at the water, read a book. But the country can not relax at all times. Once a week I mow the lawn - it not for women. If you need to dig something serious, also I do himself. When we put Christmas trees, then gave them names: Arsyusha, Sonia, Henrietta - in honor of the children of our friends.

In another part of the plot is a gazebo with barbecue. I put the gazebo, as it turned out, the sunniest place. It glowed so that it was impossible to be in it. Then we planted the grapes, he wrapped arbor, and was comfortable. In heat - cool, windy weather - heat. In the summer we dine there.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Mikhail Derzhavin and Roksana Babayan. Planning Chekhov. Purchased 33 years ago.

- Our villa like porridge from an ax - says Roxanne. - start with small Fade panel house. Then five years, finishing work. He should have been warm, with brick veneer. And it happened in the 90s, when things could get only through connections. It was a very funny story. We went to the warehouse of brick. By Mikhail Mikhailovich came a man of small stature and says, "Babayan". The husband replies, "No, I Derzhavin." The man smiled: "No, I Babayan. Of course, Roxanne, I'll do it. " Blocks bricks brought us lovingly packed in plenochku. Favorite place - a 90-meter living room. It is attached separately. I dreamed of a large room where you can gather the whole family and friends. In it there is a sliding table at which we celebrate anniversaries, New Year's Eve. Here, our archives, awards, photos, plates. The site we also have a rather big. Mikhail made herringbone alley, and I planted an orchard: cherry, apple, plum. Like flowers surround the house, a beautiful planted bushes. One of our dog immediately lay across one of the bush, the other - across the other. Bushes have become broken twigs. In this attempt to start a flower garden and over.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Andrey Ilyin, actor ( "Kamenskaya"). Plot for Volga Tver region, 200 kilometers from Moscow.

9 years ago, friends invited me for a visit to the Volga, in the Tver region. They said that they place very picturesque, and in the neighborhood the house is sold. I then bought a log cabin with no windows, no doors, will finish his season and now 8 years that is constantly rework, bring to mind. I am very sorry that did not immediately destroyed the frame and built a house from scratch. It would have cost three times cheaper.

Where the stars spend a weekend

Svetlana Jackdaw, actress. Plot 16 ar Yaroslavl region.

- I was born in Yaroslavl, so and giving us in these parts, - Svetlana says. - Land bought the parents about 12 years ago. This could come throughout the year: building minced, rustic stove inside. The main advantage of the site - that it is not surrounded by buildings on all sides. You go up to the fence, and behind it - space. Fence mesh, because there is nothing to hide - are all their own. For many years we have lived with the jackdaw. She made a nest on the lime tree that grew in the area. We fed her, and in ten years the jackdaw became manually. Friends joked that I was a nickname in her honor took (in fact the name of Daw real -. Note "Antennas".). Three years ago in the lime he was struck by lightning and destroyed nest. Bird since we have not seen, and the tree was cut down.