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• Optimistic quotes from "Deniskina stories"

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There are books of all ages take us back to childhood - they smell of a summer evening, the creak of bicycle wheels on the gravel voiced friendly laughter and joy of first discovery. "Deniskiny stories" Victor Dragoon - just such a book. It instantly turns serious adult uncles and tetenek in carefree boys and girls.

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In the morning I could not eat. Only drank two cups of tea with bread and butter, potatoes and sausage. Then he went to school.

There were people by the thousand, and all in costume. Some gnomes were about fifty people. And there were a lot of white "snowflakes". This is such a suit when there are a lot of white gauze, and in the middle of the sticks any girl.

One day the Pope went to the zoo, and I rode around on the street and he asked:

- You that you ride?

And I said:

- I'm jumping, you're my dad!

He understood!

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I said:

- Well?

- monstrous! - praised Boris Sergeyevich.

Although I have is the ninth year, I just realized yesterday that lessons still need to learn.

Alenka when she saw me, she immediately shouted:

- Denis came! Hoo!

I politely said,

- Hello! What are you yelling like a fool?

- Here, Dad, look what I'm going to ask Mishka problem: here I have two apples and three of us, how to divide them equally among us? - I give up!

I said:

- So we all got equally, it is necessary from these apples cook compote.

- Now go - learn good!

And we went to learn. But I sat and poorly studied.

Two hours! Some five minutes to play, and for two hours!

But I only sang loud, I did not want to sing more quietly, because the moment singing - this is when loud!

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- Is there a good disease?

- Wow, - I said - as you want! Chickenpox, for example. Very good, interesting disease. When I was sick, I whole body, each separately bolyavku green paint smeared. I was like a leopard. What is bad is it?

A dad a little pometat the room and then for no apparent reason went to my mother. He said:

- I love your laugh.

And she leaned over and kissed her mother.

I love to laugh ... Sometimes I did not want to laugh, but I force myself, squeeze out a laugh - look, five minutes is really getting ridiculous.

And I sat down on the windowsill and began to do nothing.

I stopped and said clearly:

- No no investigation. No not hyhki, as briefly and clearly: fyfki!

That's all!

Mom looked at me. She looked for a long time and then asked:

- You remember it for a lifetime?

And I said:

- Yes.