Treasure Hunt

In uncertain times, whether it's a revolution, war or cannibalization, the safest place to store the values ​​considered some secret vault or ground. Acquired good shifted in chests, barrels, and buried his treasure somewhere in the dense forest in a secret location.

This storage method is more or less large amounts of money was considered a matter of course until the middle of the last century. However, the return of the wealth managed by no means always, often nobody except the treasure did not know exactly where he is buried, and the treasures and remained lying and waiting in the wings. A considerable number of such forgotten coin caches scattered across Russia from the Far East to Siberia. We decided to recall some legendary treasure that so far no one has not been found.

Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt

Treasure of Khan Edigera-Magmet

Where to look: Kazan, the lake Kaban.

Back in 1552 Ivan the Terrible decided to take Kazan. Initially, Tatar warriors tried to attack the troops that besieged the fortress of the Kazan Khanate, but after some time they realized that the troops against them resist the Terrible. Then in charge of the khan's treasury Chapkun wean decided perepryatat Khan all valuables in a safe place. The most suitable seemed to him the lake Kaban: jewels rolled in barrels, taken at night from the Fortress and dropped into the lake. During the assault on the city by all who knew the exact location of the treasure, died. And untold riches and still lie at the bottom, under grown for hundreds of years multimeter layer of silt.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure of Napoleon

Where to look: Zhernovka village, lake Kasplya, Svaditskoe, Velista; murky lake in the area of ​​Demidov of the Smolensk region, Semlevskoe lake. Leaving Moscow, Napoleon picked up a few carts with gold, valuables and collection of ancient weapons. According to various historical data, all he had brought about 18 tons of gold, 325 tons of silver and countless other valuable items. However, up to the appointed place trophies he never drove. Periodic attacks of Russian troops and the approaching cold forced the French to begin to throw off the loot in order to increase the speed of movement of the army. On the way the value buried in the ground and flooded in nearby lakes. Historians suggest that Napoleon continued to haul transports at least until the Berezina River. The first such treasure was found in Nara River.

Treasure Hunt

Gold Kolchak

Where to look: Taiga village, Lake Baikal, the river Tura Tyumen region.

At the beginning of the First World War, the gold reserves of Russia was redirected to Kazan. The head of the White movement, Admiral Kolchak, in turn, brought him out of Kazan and transported by train to Siberia. On the way, the composition was attacked, during which the attackers stole every time some part of the treasure. Part of the same, according to eyewitnesses, Kolchak hid. Bolsheviks got only half exported from stock. Gold bars with a total weight of about 200 tons and lie somewhere in chests hidden on the territory of Siberia.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Sigismund III of

Where to look: The Moscow region, Mozhaisk, Aprelevka.

Invaded Russia in 1604 Polish troops packed their trunks all that represented at least some value. As a result, good typed on 923 freight wagons, which were sent to the Mozhaisk road to Poland. But virtually all the treasures disappeared without a trace, not even before reaching Smolensk. According to one version, it was because he had to submit values ​​to them the types and planned to stay in Russia. The records mentioned that they were buried near some graveyard. But what it was and where he was, to establish it was not possible, so the geography location of the treasure quite blurred, and that stretched quest for many, many years.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Pugachev

Where to look: along the line of troops - Orenburg, Byrd Yaitsky town, Samara, Kazan, Simbirsk, Ufa, fortress Magnetic, Iletsk protection, Beloretsk plant, Zlatoust, Orsk, Osa, Izhevsk plant, Votkinsk plant Tsivilsk, Kurmysh, Saransk, Penza.

During the uprising, "treasury" Pugachev regularly replenished by the values ​​of estates and property of the local landowners. Placing priority on the mobility of the rebel troops, Pugachev periodically hid the wealth of his way of following. According to rumors, he did it in a conspicuous place so it's easier to find. Part of these caches was discovered in the vicinity of Orenburg. But the main treasure hunters continue to excite the imagination, hiding somewhere under a layer of earth or water.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure from the ship "Varyagin"

Where to look: in the Ussuri Bay, between shots on three stones, mountain and bay Vargli Suhodol.

In 1906, cargo-passenger ship "Varyagin" route from Vladivostok to Suhodol Bay, collided with the remaining after the Russian-Japanese war of mine and sank. On board were 250 passengers and 60 thousand rubles in gold with a "particularly valuable cargo." Escape was only 15, including the captain. In 1913, he attempted to find and raise the ship. The ship found, but the salvage operation proved to be too expensive, so the surface is pulled out only part of the valuable cargo. Gold and left lying in the holds of the ship on the bottom of the bay.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Mazepa

Where to look: Baturin, a place crossing over the Dnieper Mazepa, Mazepa Castle - Goncharovka, chateau - on the farm Porosyuchka. In October 1708 Mazepa was supposed to meet with Charles XII, after crossing the Desna. To keep light, before leaving Baturin, it is partially buried their great treasures. Other parts he tried to smuggle in the train, follow along with the troops to Charles and hide in other places known only to him. One such attempt in crossing to the other bank of the Dnieper over the fact that some boats with valuable cargo simply sunk.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Count Rostopchin

Where to look: sanatorium "Raven" on the 61-kilometer Starokaluzhskoe highway, 37 kilometers from Moscow.

During the War of 1812 Raven homestead, located 37 km from Moscow, it became the residence of the governor-general of Moscow, Count Rostopchin. In it he was taken to a work of art and a variety of values, turning the estate into a kind of miniature Versailles. After the arrival in Moscow of Napoleon's troops, he set fire to his estate, faking everything so that all the wealth supposedly accumulated by them are destroyed. In fact, on the estate were underground tunnels through which, presumably, all good and was delivered and hidden away in the district.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Smolensky Bank

Where to look: Otnosovo village in the Smolensk region.

Before the invasion of German troops in Smolensk from the bank vaults, it was decided to remove all the foundations and values. Eight wealth trucks sent to Vyazma, however, the column came under fire and the nearest settlement be reached only 5 cars. There are different versions as to develop further events, but the most popular is the assumption that gold and silver were buried. In favor of this theory say the fact of the individual coin issuance in 1924 near the village of Otnosovo. And all the treasure and lies somewhere in a secluded place.

Treasure Ataman Semyonov

Where to look: near the Russian-Chinese border, the area Dauria.

Preparing an escape from Chita, Ataman Semyonov decided to take stock of the Russian Empire, which brought Kappel's army, and to hide it in the Daurian steppe. The valuable cargo was delivered to the station Dauria and safely buried, but during the return to the armored Cossacks attacked them and all the initiates of the secret treasure accommodation died. According to the assumptions counterspies, dimensions area on which may be a treasure of 150 square kilometers. The very treasure estimated to be worth about $ 500 million.