Rules of Life Valeri Todorovski

• Rules of Life Valeri Todorovski

Rules of Life Valeri Todorovski

I do not think that there are some rules by which to live.

Recently, I realized that it is not removed in the life of any shorts. Already the show took off, and a great movie, a small movie and did not. Even I felt some inferiority in this regard.

I LOVE long movie. For example, "The Godfather": you three hours quietly and slowly show the whole world. The question is how much: three o'clock pleasure or a half? I prefer three.

SERIAL - THIS FORM, AND NOT genre, and in recent years, advances in this format, such that the film can only envy. The film, by and large, there are now any attraction where everything burns and explodes, or independent art house, which is almost does not go to movie theaters. Mid - and in the middle between the art house and attraction just is real cinema - virtually none. This is now in the middle of the series.

For me, what I am doing - is the path to liberation. The film you shoot on the principle of "what came up, and I wanted to," and the TV series - "as nasretsya". Because 16 hours a day you take off in some delirious, and when you're in such a state, it is true - as it will, and come out. But for me this is the most free state. No time to check yourself, do not have time to reflect. You can not do anything to change your mind and alter. You can just go out and shoot. And it is an absolute path to freedom.

If I lived with the feeling that I have a filmography, I would have not shot anything. Man with filmography - is a goner, I think. NOTHING FOR ME MOVIE IN CHILDHOOD is not. Do not expect that I will start to tell if he was a boy who lived in the world of cinema. I was a normal boy, Odessa, rode a bike.

Perhaps if we did not leave from Odessa, I would be a good sailor.

In Odessa, I LIVED up to ten years, and then we moved to Moscow, and I went to school in Moscow. I seriously took this move, and I have for a long time and then had a headache - so that ad nauseam, that already was sick. After all, what Odessa boy? This courtyard, bicycle, Sea, chestnuts, walnuts. To Odessa boy reading a book - it's crazy. But when I arrived in Moscow, the fear of loneliness and inability to get in touch with the world, I went to the local library and become haphazard and meaningless to read everything.

Every boy in Odessa wanted to be a sailor. There you will clearly understand that the ship, which now stands in the port, sail, and soon a month later will be in Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, and the people who work on it, come back in six months and will talk about the world. And you knew that when you'll see the world, your life will change immediately and will not be such a faded and dull, like everyone else.

My feeling from the Soviet Union - no one is loved. This here is the feeling: a country without loving.

At some point I realized that for me, Ukraine - birthplace. You know what the thing you understand? You perceive ourselves through plants that are seen in childhood. Me in one point offered to make a film about a Russian village, and I realized that I could not. And it's not that I do not know anything about the Russian village. Just in my childhood I was not the birches and firs. My first plant - a chestnut and acacia. I love and birch, and fir trees, but they do not represent my home territory. I do not know what will happen to Ukraine, but I have hope that if they do not have oil and gas, so as we show off, then maybe it will encourage them to some kind of civilized development. Suddenly, they become a normal European country? Well, they do not want to live like a Russian. In order to live, like Russia, you have to be Russia: vast, infinite, and Siberia, with gas oil.

Therefore people do not go to the elections. As the wise man says Andrei Konchalovsky, the country's problems is not in power, but in the fact that there are no citizens.

CAN NOT EASY to live their lives in isolation from politics. Anyone who says "I am not interested in politics" - either an idiot or lying. Or simply replacing the head of reality.

In Switzerland, for example, a person can not know who is the head of state and his life does not change in any way. But in Russian politics has to do with the daily life of each of us, and it is impossible not to be interested in politics. If you're not interested, then you plant.

I DO NOT FEEL TODAY heavily censored, but I feel like the area is called, is compressed. Cinema - an expensive form of self-expression, and no money for a movie just does not. This is the situation in Russia, if not the state, then the money is not found, and most people are somehow making films on public money. Naturally, the government woke up and realized: if we give money, we will explain what we need. But this is not entirely correct, because the state does not give money, and our common. I do not understand history, in which there is a positive hero. Now many say Russia needs a new goodie. And I do not know who goodie.

FOR ME goodie - always negative. Because living. All living things are not perfect. The ideal is dead.

When they begin to say that the Soviet cinema was great, they forget one thing: it was a hermetic system. Out Soviet films, we collected a huge number of spectators, and somewhere in the world were "Star Wars", and if it suddenly started up here, "Star Wars", here and would find out the real picture of the world, and would be clear what people go, and what not. The Soviet cinema was a lot of talented people, but they were so in isolation from the global context.

Where public HAPPENS IT burden. I do not let journalists to his home, I'm not talking about personal life, try not to discuss either his wife or his children. But there are people who like to be in the spotlight and who earn at public money.

WHAT MAKES Vanya Ohlobystina? Every moment reminds himself, and then he hired the company of "Euroset" and pay him money for what he is. Publicity and provocation - is his way of making a living, but in the past he worked talented provocations, and now he's lame. Priest in headdresses with six children, which calls to burn someone at the furnaces and at the same actor from the series "Interns"? Officially, I can say that this is the end. What else could he have to do to attract attention? Nail the scrotum to the Red Square, he did not dare, and everything else has been done. I DO NOT FAR FROM MOVIE hobbies. I do not know any normal director who would have full drag - I would collect stamps would be fond of surfing.

Film - it is a profession that consumes you completely. It is both a job and a profession and hobby, and hobbies, and everything else. That's my friend gone, Alex Balabanov: You can imagine that Balabanov little else made it?

DO NOT GET OLD directors. Directed by - people who go in jeans and want to make a new film in 80 years. They do not lead garden land, not weed cucumber and, unfortunately, had not fully involved in their grandchildren. Movie - is not just a way of life, it is life, so that the directors are not old. They just die at some point, but the elderly, grandparents do not get. And it is a joy.

WHAT IS A MOVIE? IT'S A DISEASE. This is what we put smart bullet, and when you consider that I have a hangover, it turned out, probably not so bad?