Rules of life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

• Rules of Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Rules of life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I always wanted to compose soap operas. For people like me, wanting only to be loved for what they are doing, the soap opera is much more effective than the novel.

We have to fight with petrifaction language. Words such as "people", "democracy" has lost its meaning. Anyone who can organize elections, considers himself a democrat.

I tried to write a fairy tale, but it did not work. I showed one of them to my sons, then still small. They returned to her with the words: "Dad, do you think the children really stupid?"

I try to avoid unpleasant surprises. I prefer stairs escalators. Anything - aircraft.

US invests in Latin America a lot of money, but they did not get what we have done without a single cent. We change their language, their music, their food, their love, their way of thinking. We influence on the United States as they would affect us.

AIDS only adds to the risk of love. Love has always been very dangerous. It is in itself - a deadly disease. Prostitutes were my friends when I was young. I went to see them not so much to make love, how to get rid of loneliness. I have always said that married, not to have breakfast alone. Of course, Mercedes (wife -. Esquire) says that I am a son of a bitch.

I had a wife and two young sons. I worked for a PR manager and edited screenplays. But to write a book, you had to give up work. I laid the machine and gave the money to Mercedes. Every day she somehow extracted me a paper, cigarettes, all that is needed for the work. When the book was finished, it turned out that we have to butcher 5,000 pesos - a lot of money. According to the district was a rumor that I'm writing a very important book, and all the shopkeepers wanted to take part. To send a text to the publisher, it was necessary to 160 pesos, and was only 80. Then I laid the mixer and dryer Mercedes. Having learned about it, she said: "It is not enough just to novel turned bad."

IF IN SOMETHING involve women, I know that everything will be fine. To me it is clear that women rule the world. The one thing women do not forgive, it is a betrayal. If you just set the rules, whatever they were, women tend to adopt them. But do not suffer when the rules change during the game. In such cases, they become ruthless.

I had to argue with a professor of literature in Cuba. They said, "One Hundred Years of Solitude" - an unusual book, but it does not offer solutions. " For me it is a dogma. My books describe the situation, they should not offer solutions.

I am a petty-bourgeois writer, and my point of view has always been petty-bourgeois. This is my level, my perspective.

If I had not become a writer, I would like to be a pianist in the bar. So I would love helped even harder to love one another.

My problem - to be loved, so I write. I am afraid that there is someone who loves me, and I want him to love me for this interview.

Great tribulation have always produced great abundance. They make people want to live.