The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Unlike many other companies, Apple is closely linked to only one person - Steve Jobs. Of course, that Jobs has turned Apple into the most valuable technology company in the world. But he did not do it alone. This review contains information about the top ten Apple employees: their contribution to the company and the current situation.

In the preparation of the review was attended by Michael Scott, the first executive director at Apple, and Steve Wozniak, who helped restore the list of the first employees of the company apple. Another one of the first employees preferred to remain anonymous.

Employees of the company are not listed at the beginning of the year of work, and the list of Michael Scott, once compiled for accounting.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Gary Martin, Chief Accountant. (Photo by Martin found)

Martin thought that Apple will be burned, but still started working there. He was an Apple employee until 1983, then moved to the Starstruck (company organizing travel in space). After that, he became Chief Financial Officer of various companies. Since December 2013 is the financial director of cloud service LeoNovus. As a private investor.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Sherry Livingston, executive assistant to the first Apple CEO. (Apple's first business papers)

Livingston was the first secretary at Apple and made the company very much. Michael Scott says that it fulfilled all errands. She recently became a grandmother, if it works, it is not known where.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Chris Espinosa, moonlighting at Apple, studying in high school. (Photo from the blog of Chris)

Chris started working at Apple, when he was 14. I think he works there to this day. He writes in his personal blog that when Michael Scott made a list of employees, he was still in high school and got his "wrong" number 8 due to the fact that late.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Michael "Scotty" Scott, executive director of the

Michael says he gave himself the number 7 in honor of James Bond, 007. Scotty hired all the staff and organize the work of the company. He was invited to Apple Mike Markkula invested in a company of 250 thousand dollars.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Randy Wigginton, programmer. (Dan Kottke, Viggiton Randy and Chris Espinosa)

Randy was the work of writing a dialect of Basic for the Apple II. After Apple, he worked at eBay, Google and Chegg. He now works at a startup Square.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Rod Holt, one of the main developers of the Apple II. (Photo from the Apple Museum)

Holt was a respected designer and doubted the prospects of Apple. As he wrote in his memoirs, Steve Jobs has "cheated" him for employment. Holt participated in the development of power supply for the Apple II. According to him, after six years with the company he was "pushed" new leadership.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Bill Fernandez, an employee hired just after two Steven. (Photo from the website "All about Steve Jobs")

Bill first met Jobs in high school in Cupertino, where Steve was a freshman. Fernandez was a friend and neighbor Steve Wozniak. He stayed at Apple until 1993, when he joined the Ingres, company support databases. He now runs a startup Omnibotics.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Mike Markkula, the first major investor. (Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula)

Mike put the Apple 250 thousand dollars, which allowed the company to grow. In exchange for the investment, he received 30% of the company. He assisted in the management of the company, he developed a business plan, hired a first executive director and insisted on inviting the team of Steve Wozniak (while Steve was going to get in HP).

Mike was one of the first Intel employees and became a millionaire after the listing of the company. He has worked with Apple until 1997. After the return of Steve Jobs, he's gone. Markkula invested in a few startups and donated some of their money to the University of Santa Clara, has opened a center of applied ethics name Markkula.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Steve Jobs, employee number 2. (Photo Stephen DeLuca)

Steve did not first and second in the list. Michael Scott says that he did it so that he does not become conceited. Steve twice headed Apple, and also led the studio Pixar. He died in October 2011.

The fate of the first ten Apple employees

Steve Wozniak, a technical expert

Steve almost went to work at HP, but chose Apple. He still takes a formal position in the company.

Ronald Wayne sold his stake in Apple for $ 1,700. (Ronald Wayne, the transmission frame from CNN, 2010)

Initially, he was a partner Jobs and Wozniak, but decided it was not for him. In 1977, Mike Markkula bought his share.