Rules of Life Mustafa Cemil

• Rules of Life Mustafa Cemil

Rules of Life Mustafa Cemil

I since the early childhood KNEW from the Crimea have meanly been evicted, and the Soviet authorities - this is not good.

driven by the Crimean Tatars, traitors, because of which your fathers have died, and children, brothers and sisters - UZBEKISTAN propagandist work was carried out. When we disembarked from the cars, threw stones at us. Later, however, he changed his mind, began to think: what is this traitors - on the platform of women and children.

Stalin died, the morning we were all lined up on the line. Cried all - both children and teachers. Only one boy, Rishat Bekmambetov, who was behind our leader, said: "Guys, look. All cry, but us, the Crimean Tatars. I've brought from home bow, let's rub your eyes, and then our parents will be arrested. "

Director of studies at the lineup tragic tone began to talk about the "great leader", but could not finish the sentence, burst into tears. I then thought, "phony. Dad said that Stalin, dog podoh and head teacher so killed, though the light end has come. " When the head teacher ran sobbing from the line, I'm not lazy, went after him. Look, he comes into an empty classroom, beating his head against the wall, crying.

Parents talked a lot about his native village of Ai-Ceres. There, every rock was his name, and the sea lapping almost at home. Though actually Ai-Ceres is located seven kilometers from the sea.

INSTITUTE OF ME expelled with great fanfare: called to the joint meeting of the rector, the dean's office and the party and Komsomol activists. Formally accused that I circulated among students typescript titled "A Brief History of Crimea Culture essay in XIII-XVIII centuries." Essay qualified as an extreme nationalist and anti-Soviet. I tell them: "Have you ever read the name! In the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries your Soviet government and did not smell! "I tried to force snap measure, I was kicked out into the corridor, and five minutes later was invited to the rector's office. I go - and sitting next to the rector of the State Security Colonel. Such a strange thing: in the discussion of the colonel was not there when I was sitting in the hallway, he passed by me. Apparently, during the discussion, he was standing behind the curtain. Rector says: "If you give up your opinions and write a statement that it will continue normal Soviet person, we will think about it, have you or not." I replied: "To plunge you into deep thought, just tell me when I can pick up their documents." He turned to the colonel of the KGB, and added: "I congratulate you on the next victory over the counterrevolution." Such fury in me was that I was afraid to punch him. He hissed after me: "Nit". When a person lives long in one place, it inevitably gets used to it, it becomes a family. But in Uzbekistan I have no such feelings: I was associated with the Tashkent prison - as soon as I was arrested, the first thing brought there. Pretty vile there was an appeal. I've got a seven convictions - some of them I left Russia, but also in Tashkent sat enough.

THE FIRST TIME I was taken for refusing to serve in the Soviet army. Only that was among the people who love and here again - the gloomy chamber. The room is crowded, faces grim. I go on camera, worried, and one thug broke into bed, "Countryman, you deserted? Go to a place to rest interfering "I knew it all depends on how you're in the lead the first moment: if the camera sees your fear, life is not. I approach this lying thieves, it is twice the size of me, fingers spread. Shouted: "You said it to me? Houses will have a rest, kid! Here you do not holiday home! "Still, I studied very carefully in advance, local orders.

I was starving for ten months. Week do not eat anything, then comes the doctor feels. If you are already dying and mouth putrid smell is, you start to feed force. The warden is holding you by the hand, nurses administered gag in it - a hose, a funnel pour the nutrient liquid. I quickly realized that the fight is not necessary, or speculum teeth knock out or boiling water will flood to burn the esophagus.

Fasting - PROCESS monotony. Solitary confinement, force-fed every eight days. The chamber is left a piece of sausage - that you could not stand it and began to eat. IN PRISON OMSK I had a fear that I can not stand. In that case, I have always kept the blade - based on the fact that it is always able to slit his wrists. In one of the raids blade found. For me it was a real tragedy: I ​​lost the emergency exit.

Inmates in the cells often played dominoes. Once played on the fact that the loser pouring boiling water overseer. There was a warden at Khrushchev named, rather sneaky in nature. Other guards down the hall into the shoes go, and until they reach the camera, you still have time to hide forbidden. And Khrushchev sneaked up to the door in socks and denunciations. For lunch, let's not soup, and hot water with vegetables. Khrushchev, unlike other officers, not only in the soup "feeder" set, but his face after sticks. Then lost it and poured. Squealing pig! Guards rush in, "Who poured?" The camera twenty-six people. All causes in turn, come to me. I go to the office, sat a young bloke, the investigator: "How are you? What's up? We would like to be free on parole? ". "And who does not?" - answer. "This - he says - if you will help us, then we will help you. Maybe drugs from someone, or there, thought about running away, "I reply:" You, brother, in me snitches verbuesh? And how to write denunciations, that you set me free? You write me a receipt how many denunciations need to write, and then you train me fooled, but a clever man to say that word for only fools believe. " He told me: "What a fool told you that" "Lenin - answer. - Volume 22, page 315. You'd even asked for that I am sitting before me recruit "in snitches. In Soviet times, all your dates rebound reflected on loved ones. You sit easier than your wife to go with gears with endless requests to get a date. Unlike native, you are not to listen to rudeness operatives. You can not disable the native drag transfer, they will still carry them.

I got married in exile in Yakutia. The bride came to me as dekabristka - was in our movement, met through correspondence. First, she sent me the information, and then I asked her to send me a photo, and then - invited guests to pick mushrooms. The wife then joked: "I'm in love with you, because you have three hundred and three days on hunger strike. What came to Yakutia - look, you need to cook every day. "

When the wife says, "I do not know what you cook," - I always answer: "I do not know - is ready pasties".

WHEN I first flew to the Crimea in 1973, next to me on the plane she was sitting. At the airport, she asked: "How do you like our Simferopol?" And I said, "And how do you our Crimea?"

In his first visit I was not so much the charms of Crimea admired as surveillance gebistov.

MOSCOW deny that I no longer wasted in the Crimea, but at the Simferopol airport I was given a paper: "The ban on entry into the territory of Russia for five years." It amused me: I was twenty-six years ago from your Russian Magadan and returned more to you I'm not. Who knew that Crimea will be Russian and I have taken away.

I dream of some stupid DREAMS: for example, I have something to deny Saddam Hussein.

I'm talking on the phone WITH PUTIN somewhere in half an hour. He asked us not to become an instrument of provocation and there would be no bloodshed in Crimea. I said that our views are the same, no one in the Crimea does not want bloodshed. As for provocations, for their prevention it would cost to remove from the Crimea Russian troops and hold talks with the leadership of the Majlis. Putin responded very interesting: "The other answer I did not expect from you. Any decent person, a patriot of his country, must meet as you. But let's hold a referendum, to know the opinion of the people of Crimea. " My attempts to explain that, as such, the people of Crimea, but there is the indigenous people - Crimean Tatars, who will not recognize the referendum and will boycott it, nor to no avail. I'm certainly a believer, but to five times a day to go to the mosque - this is not. On Fridays, too rarely turns on holidays - is necessary. But I did die three times in Saudi Arabia. I remember when I first came to the Kaaba in 1996 year, our representative said: "Mustafa-aga, when a person sees the Kaaba, he should tell his dearest wish of Allah, and it will come true." Later, he asked me: "What you asked the Most High, if I may ask?" I replied: "I asked Allah for a national-territorial autonomy within Ukraine." "Mustafa-aga, what have you done?" - he shouted.

I CAN NOT lately reading books - basically, only the media and Internet. The bulk of the books I read in Lefortovo. Every day - a new book. There was a rich library stole. Sometimes pages across bookplates executed owners.

LONG seemed to me that I have forgotten how to cry. While in 1992 in one of the houses samostroynyh near our mosque exploded gas cylinder. The fire killed two children. We came from the Majlis, I walked through the ashes. Children have long been taken away, and then I came across the burned school notebook. I do not remember myself, but friends said: "Only you leafed through the book, as the tears began to fall from you."

I in the life more bugs do not.