The strongest kinoduety

On bygone week came ROMKA "Mixed" in which Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler fall in love on the screen for the third time. We believe that they are equal to the best, and remember the golden debuts in film history.

The strongest kinoduety

Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni

The strongest kinoduety

"Marriage Italian" 1964

They appeared on the screen in a dozen different combinations, sometimes changing roles even within the same picture. Vendor contraband cigarettes and tormented father of her seven children; Dummy in the "Rolls Royce" and its modest lover; Roman prostitute and burned with lust client - Three stories, three lives fit into a comedy ( "Yesterday, today, tomorrow"). All in all the main European duo appeared in 13 films. One archbishop expressed the wish to make a clone comic Sophia Loren, her eyes closed in the disapproval of the Vatican to the process. The idea is good, but it would be necessary to clone both at once.

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan

The strongest kinoduety

"And in sorrow and in joy", 2001

"We build relationships, but some of them creates a god" - blesses a dying father, the only daughter of the union and the beloved disciple ( "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi"). She was still reeling from the death of the groom. He is in love, but is afraid to admit it to the finals and the remaining 2, 5:00 to think about how to live with it. However, if starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the golden duo of Bollywood, the audience know that a happy ending is inevitable. They played together for more than ten times, and even strange that in life they are still just friends.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

The strongest kinoduety

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" 1966

He called her "twittering fool", "little thorn" and the most beautiful woman in the world. She admitted that she loved, besides him, only diamonds and third husband. For the actress Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton became a man at number five. They were getting paparazzi, he condemned the Vatican and idolized Dream Factory. The Union's main Hollywood beauties from the 12th Welsh miner's son gave the world 11 films studios - hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. In the late 1960s, when tired of shooting the couple decided to make a three-month break in Hollywood started to panic: a picture with Richard and Elizabeth brought almost half of the annual income.

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

The strongest kinoduety

"Apartment", 1996Ckandalnaya drama "Irreversible", which became the eighth couple acting joint project, cut to the quick double-repeated slogan: "Time destroys everything." Not spared it and Union Vincent and Monica, seemingly indestructible - the actors for a year in a divorce. Bellucci itself, however, does not deny that the disintegration of the family may end remarriage. Do movie stars, as we know, it is common practice - already referred to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton will not lie.

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

The strongest kinoduety

"Adam's Rib" 1949

His game is called "meat with baked potatoes." His - fancy French dessert. And for 27 years in a duet, and did not find at Spencer no common traits. She graduated from Oxford - he barely got a certificate. She considered herself an atheist - he was a staunch Catholic. She could not stand drunk men - he drank for weeks, appearing on the set in a rumpled suit and smelling of whiskey. Combine them with only nine paintings and secret known across America: Katherine lifetime shared with Spencer Tracy his lawful wife. At his funeral, she lost consciousness. He lived for another 36 years in solitude, but never looked their last film "Guess Who's Coming to dinner."

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

The strongest kinoduety

"Play it again, Sam!" 1972

If you believe in autobiographical script "Annie Hall", lovers Diane Keaton and Woody Allen spent time in a movie, on the psychoanalyst's couch and in bed. Dispersed peacefully, division of joint property on the principle of "all the books of your death, all poetry - my". And this is very similar to the truth: to the beginning of the filming of "Annie Hall" Woody and Diane made three joint projects and have already managed to leave. However, the actress starred in a long time his paintings. Ahead - "Manhattan" and a small role in "The Age of Radio", where Keaton met with the new muse Maestro Mia Farrow.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

The strongest kinoduety

"Eyes Wide Shut" 1999

Between buying a private jet, which is keen Cruz called "Sweet Nick", and scandalous divorce, which became the cause of miscarriage in distressed Kidman, a lifetime of ten years long. During the filming of the first two films ( "Days of Thunder" and "Far and Away"), they were in love and convincingly played a pair of lovers. In the third picture ( "Eyes Wide Shut") so imbued with the role of tired of each other spouse that the fourth joint project could no longer wait.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

The strongest kinoduety

"Joe Versus the Volcano", 1990

"I do not think we ever discussed Meg picture, which played together," - once confessed Tom Hanks. And he added with a smile: "We talk about what we are really interested in - a paradigm shift, the key philosophical issues and other important things." Ironic attitude of the actor to his work their merits does not diminish: romkomy "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle" are indisputable classics of the genre. Another joint project - the film adaptation of the book "Ithaca" - already on the way. Hanks, however, is in the frame, and decided not to shine this time was limited to the role of producer.

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

The strongest kinoduety

"Lady Hamilton" 1941

Lawrence had first seen her in the theater: the actor was fascinated, but married. And Vivian was married lady. However, a zealous attitude towards family values, the duo has never been famous for. On the set of "Flame of the island" affair erupted. Four years later, when the screens went out of their second joint project ( "21 days"), both have a divorce. By the beginning of work on the third ( "Lady Hamilton") - were married. But to act in tandem, they will no longer be. The next 20 years hold for Lawrence staging performances with the participation of spouses and struggle with her mental illness. In 1960, tired of the scandals, will give a divorce. Later Vivienne wrote that "it would be better lived a short life with Larry than long - without him." Alone, which brightened up a cigarette, she had to live a long seven years.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

The strongest kinoduety

"Revolutionary Road" 2008

"I absolutely do not fit the role of a blunt-hick husband, what are you trying to set me!" - shouts the hero DiCaprio in "Revolutionary Road." "Yes, it's how to stretch the imagination to call you a man!" - did not let his wife, played by Winslet. Sam Mendes, in which Kate and Leo met for the second (but hardly the last) time, demonstrates, according to the very same DiCaprio, "what would have happened to the heroes of" Titanic ", if they started to live together." One of the most exciting love story could turn into a family drama: the husband is sleeping with a colleague's wife - with the neighbor, and hate both of their lives. So it's good that not all stories end with marriage. Sometimes the best way to remain a dream man - to escape to the bottom.