10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

Probably many of you at least once in a lifetime dream of becoming a professional actor, because litsedeystvovat, as we know - not roll bags, besides there is a nice bonus in the form of fans and kontramarok premieres. However, contrary to popular belief, the work of the actors does not only consist of rehearsals, filming and coffee breaks between takes - actor's craft often requires individuals to complete dedication and willingness to part with the usual way of life.

Your attention - a great film actors, who have decided to radically change themselves to their characters on the screen looked convincing.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

The methods used by Daniel Day-Lewis, to feel the role is quite extravagant - many colleagues in the actor's craft consider him something of a madman, but one way or another, the master knows his hypocrisy - proof that the two figurines "Oscar" and other prestigious actor's award.

Role in the movie "My Left Foot", which Day-Lewis played the paralyzed artist Christy Brown was given the actor is particularly difficult - in preparation for the filming he spent a lot of time in a clinic for people with disabilities to better understand their behavior, and in the course of work on the role did not come out of the way and did not get out of the wheelchair even outside the shooting area. At one time it was rumored that because of the constant sitting in his chair Daniel broke two ribs, but later the actor denied them. The result of such a self-sacrificing attitude to work was the first "Oscar" for Best Actor.

Another example of meticulous vzhivaniya Daniel in the way - one of the protagonists of the film adaptation of the novel "The Last of the Mohicans." To his character, a hunter and tracker Hawkeye was believable as possible, Day-Lewis some time alone was in the Arizona desert. The actor tried to live just like his hero - traveled, slept under the open sky and ate only one meal, which managed to collect or shoot. For the role of Abraham Lincoln. Daniel went at least responsible - he was preparing for a year, and during the shooting insisted that everyone, including director Steven Spielberg has always addressed him as "Mr. President", he also avoided speaking with the British, who participated in the filming, not to slip into the native his British accent. The film "Lincoln," Daniel prinoc second "Oscar" for the best part, so that when all the unusual creativity Day-Lewis, something in it is.

2. Christian Bale

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

Another actor-worker, who has to overcome himself, to meet the expectations of the audience - Christian Bale. Before the start of filming the movie "The Machinist" Bale literally had to sweat - the actor dropped about 25 kg of weight, and not at the request of the director, and on their own initiative.

Before beginning work on the role of Christian weighed about 74 kg, which for its growth is a normal body weight. After meeting with a medical crew of the actor I decided that Trevor Reznik (the main character) will look better if he folds "extra weight". Bale limited his daily ration of one jar of canned tuna and an apple, leaving him in a relatively short period of time managed to lose a quarter of a hundredweight. Christian was going to reduce weight further, but was dissuaded by his doctors fear it could damage his health.

Less than five months after the end of filming "The Machinist" Bale once again had to change their eating habits, this time - in the direction of high-calorie food: for the title role in the film "Batman Begins," it was necessary to gain his former weight and in addition, another 15 kg above. Of course, Christian cope with this task as "excellent".

3. Heath Ledger

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

One of the main roles in the film "The Dark Knight" Heath Ledger played and although he got the evil anti-hero Joker, the actor approached the role with all seriousness, though, it is believed that it cost him his life.

Preparing for the role, Ledger within a month all day sitting in the hotel room, creating a diary, which could lead Joker. Ledger clippings pasted in a notebook with a comic book Batman scenes from Stanley Kubrick's film "A Clockwork Orange", playing cards and painted clowns, wrote various delusional phrases - Heath seemed that way he will be able to merge together with his character, a psychopath.

After the infamous incident with the shooting at the premiere of "The Dark Knight," Ledger told reporters that during work on the film "slept two hours a night," because he had to play a "psychopathic killer, a ruthless madman clown." The actor admitted that the Joker is so deeply penetrated into his brain, that he "could not stop thinking - even when the body is mortally tired head continued to work."

Physicians believe that by the beginning of next shooting after "Dark Knight" movie Heath Ledger was physically and mentally exhausted, he was haunted by chronic insomnia, in addition, the actor was suffering from pneumonia and malnutrition. Hit interrupted shooting and returned to New York in order to improve their health, but soon he was found dead in his New York apartment - according to the official version, the cause of death was an overdose of potent drugs.

4. Jim Carrey

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

During the filming biopic (biographical film) "Man on the Moon", a story about the life and death of the famous comedian Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey refused to leave the role to the full completion of all the scenes. So, Kerry did not respond, if anyone spoke to him differently than "Andy" or "Toni" (Toni Clifton - alter ego of Kaufman), while filming an episode where the character Kerry needed to communicate with a hideous third-singer Jim planted in his pocket which plays an actor is extremely fragrant piece of cheese, so that on-screen horror from the conversation looked more realistic. In the painting "Man on the Moon" is very clearly shown quarrel between comedian Kaufman and wrestler Jerry Lawler. Crazed quest to experience the same feelings as Andy, Kerry tried to instigate Lawler (in the film he plays himself) put him in the same reception, after which the real Kaufman lain in the hospital for three days. When the fighter told this to the heads of the crew, they certainly were furious - not enough even to the leading man landed in intensive care! In the explanation in a raised voice between the creators of the picture, Lawler and Kerry last was denied the request and angered comic relish fighter spat in the face. A fight broke out, Lawler fired, then took back, and he still took part in the film. The scene depicting the sensational interview with assault and battery is definitely a success - a fighter could not hold back emotions, and Jim got a real slap in the face.

5. Rooney Mara

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

When Rooney Mara won the role of a hacker Lisbeth Salander in the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", the actress was completely unfamiliar with piercings - she did not even have pierced ears. According to Rooney, it was necessary to make a few punctures in order to better understand the nature of his character.

Actress pierced lip, nose, ears and nipples as she later admitted, it really helped her, "After going through all of this - abundant makeup, tattoos and piercings, I began to feel dressed, even being completely naked."

6. Choi Min-sik

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

Although the Korean Choi Min-sik is not as popular among the general public as the other actors of this collection, it is no less selflessly devoted to his craft - to take at least his work on the role in the thriller "Oldboy". In the story, a picture, a man named Oh Dae-Su after a 15-year prison sentence comes to freedom, to take revenge on his enemies. Each year, held over the bars, the man says, doing on my skin "serifs" red-hot wire. To know the pain and despair of his hero, Choi Min-sik take after take in good faith zhog himself, though the director and other members of the shooting process repeatedly offered him to take off the episode with the help of makeup and special effects. When working on another episode, in which about Dae-soo eating at the restaurant live octopus, the actor is also adhered to the strictest realism - in the course of four doubles, he had to eat four octopuses, while before each meal, he prayed and asked forgiveness for the murder - Choi Min-sik Buddhist , so it is very sensitive to all living beings.

7. Robert De Niro

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

Long to participate in the light passing comedy "Meet the Fockers" Robert De Niro had to play characters that were given to him is not so easy, as the role of the father and in combination - the CIA officer, retired.

Before playing Vito Corleone in the second part of the film adaptation of the famous novel by Mario Puzo, Robert De Niro few months he lived in Sicily, exploring the Sicilian dialect and soaking up the cultural characteristics of the inhabitants of the island - some of their traits he so well embodied in the character of Vito, his work has been " Oscar "for best Supporting Actor.

For the role of boxer Jake LaMotta in the movie "Raging Bull" Robert got about 24 kg, in addition, he had to take some boxing lessons at the very Lamotte. Because of the weight gained the actor began breathing problems, resulting in director Martin Scorsese stopped shooting to De Niro could restore health. boxing lessons were not lost - work in "Bull" brought him "Oscar" for Best Actor. In preparation for the "Taxi Driver," De Niro learned the rights and contrived in between filming (while he was busy in the film by Bernardo Bertolucci fly from Rome to New York to enough to travel on the streets of his native city, live in the role.

The role of a sociopath Max Cady (the movie "Cape Fear") demanded that De Niro did not even self-sacrifice, and a kind of self-sacrifice - the actor insisted on surgery to change the shape of the teeth, but it was enough to take advantage of special prostheses ... The list of examples of professional courage of Robert De Niro you can continue almost indefinitely. In a word - Actor!

8. Al Pacino

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

The legendary Al Pacino always distinguished with thorough approach to the characters - great actor sometimes so immersed in the role that he forgets about everything. It was rumored that in the process of working on the film "Serpico", where Al Pacino plays the role of a police undercover agent, with the actor there was a funny story: once in his spare shooting while he was driving in his car and suddenly noticed that the exhaust pipe was driving ahead truck released clot smoke. Apparently, the actor has forgotten to log out of the role, because he behaved like a real Serpico - pulled the driver out of the cab of the truck and tried to arrest.

On the set of the film "Scent of a Woman" Al Pacino also excelled - he has repeatedly said that so get used to the image of a blind retired military, that ceased to be. A few weeks after the end of filming, Chris O'Donnell (Chris O'Donnell), who played one of the main roles of Al Pacino received a note of congratulations: "I have not seen you, but I know - you were great."

9. Hilary Swank

10 actors who are ready to do anything to get used to the role

The samples for the role of transsexual Brandon Tina in the movie "Boys Do not Cry" was attended by a few talented actresses, but the character has got Hilary Swank - on trial, she said her husband dressed in clothes and a cowboy hat, which immediately captivated the discerning creators of films.

Later it was learned that Swank was preparing for the role for a long time - she was trying to completely transform into a man: a short hair cut, for a whole month tried to speak in a low voice, pulls together a dressing chest, and sometimes even puts pants collapsed sock, with neighbors and friends the actress appeared to James brother, Hilary. With such a serious approach to the samples it is not surprising that the role itself has brought Swank "Oscar".

10. Adrien Brody

Stunning, largely autobiographical film by Roman Polanski is one of the main successes of the director, last but not least, thanks to the incredible game actors and, in particular - Adrien Brody.

To transform into Wladyslaw Szpilman, the pianist who survived the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto, Brody before leaving for Europe the shooting stopped to chat with his girlfriend, he changed residence and abandoned most of his possessions, including the car - both later claimed the actor, so easier for him to understand image of human thoughts, lost family and home. In preparation for the role of Brody, at the insistence of Polanski, at least four hours a day practicing in the piano and the beginning of filming, he could fluently play excerpts from Chopin. The final chord of reincarnation began weight loss - the actor lost weight up to 52 kg, in order to understand what had fasted ghetto. "Before, I did not know what it means to experience real hunger. I could portray sadness, bitterness of loss - all of this I felt before, but hunger, giving birth to despair, was previously unknown to me "- recognized actor.