Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The Holy Mount Athos is revered in the Orthodox tradition as the earthly destiny of the Virgin. According to legend, the very Holy Virgin took the Holy Mountain under his special protection.

In 667, the pious monk, Monk Peter of Athos saw the small dream of God, which has uttered: "Athos mountain is my lot, of My Son and God given to me, to remove from the world and chose for himself an ascetic life of its forces, the name of the My calling with faith and love from the heart, there was carried out a life without sorrow, and for his charitable affairs would have received eternal life. " It is no accident that it shone on Mount Athos, many of the miraculous icon of the Virgin ...

the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Iversk

Iver Monastery - house icons patroness of the Holy Mountain of the Holy Virgin of the Iberian - Vratarnitsy (Portaitissa).

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The first news of it relates to the IX century - a time of iconoclasm, when by order of the heretical power in homes and churches destroyed and betrayed the desecration of the holy icons. A certain pious widow, who lived near Nicea, kept at a cherished image of Our Lady. it opened soon. Came armed men wanted to rob an icon, one of them struck the shrine with a spear, and from the face of the Blessed bled. Tearfully prayed Lady, a woman went to the sea and dropped the icon into the water; standing image moved on the waves.

After two centuries the monks of the Greek Iver monastery on Mount Athos seen in the sea Icon supported a pillar of fire. Rev. Gabriel of the Holy Mountain, in a dream instructed by the Virgin, went walking on the water and brought the icon to KATHOLIKON, but in the morning it was discovered over the gate of the monastery. Tradition says that so repeated several times. Holy Mother of God, St. appearing. Gabriel explained that monks should not watch the icon, and it is the guardian of the monastery. After that, the icon was placed over the gates of the monastery and was named "Vratarnitsa" and the name of the monastery - Iver Monastery - it was named Iver. According to legend, the phenomenon of the icon is finished on March 31, on Tuesday of Easter week (according to other sources, 27 April). The Iver Monastery celebration in her honor takes place on Tuesday of Bright Week; brothers with a procession goes to the beach, where he took an icon of the elder Gabriel.

Mother of God "TRIHERUSSA"

In the Russian tradition, this icon is called "Three Hands". Icon is in Khilendaria monastery on Mount Athos.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The image was a personal icon of St. John of Damascus. During the period of iconoclasm holy defending icons, he wrote a letter to Emperor iconoclast Leon III the Isaurian. The same, in order to justify themselves, slandered him before the Saracen prince, who ordered to cut off the saint's hand. Saint John be cut off from the brush came to the icon of Our Lady, which was at his home and asked him to heal. Brush miraculously fused and St. John in memory of this miracle attached a brush of silver to the icon. This icon of the form remains to this day.

The image was in the monastery of St. Sava to the XIII century, when the other was presented to the St. Sava, Archbishop of Serbia. During the invasion of the same on the Hagarites Orthodox Serbia, wishing to save icon, and put it on the donkey and let him go without a guide. With precious baggage he came to Mount Athos and stopped at the gate Hilendarski monastery. Local monks took the icon as a great gift, and the place began to make the donkey stop the procession every year.

Once in the monastery rested Khilendaria old abbot. Elections for a new caused among the brethren strife. Then the Mother of God, appearing one recluse, has announced that from now on will be abbess of the monastery itself. As a sign of this hitherto stood in the altar of the monastery cathedral "Three Hands" miraculously transpired through the air towards the middle of the temple, on the abbot's place. Since then, Hilendarski convent manages hieromonk Lieutenant standing during services at Igumen place where the image is stored "Three Hands" - this Abbess of the monastery. Her take on the monks blessing, putting the icon, as it were from the abbot. Icon Celebration takes place on July 11th.

Mother of God "is truly meet"

The shrine is located in the administrative center of Dormition Church of the Holy Mount Athos - Carey.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

According to legend, in the X century in a cave not far from Carey labored some elder-hieromonk a novice. Once at Sunday, June 11 982 years, the old man went to the monastery on the all-night vigil, the novice stayed home. Late at night in his cell knocked unknown monk. Bowed novice stranger given to drink water from the road proposed to relax in the cell. Together with the guest, they began to sing psalms and prayers. However, during the singing of the words "fair Cherubim" mystery guest suddenly noticed that in their places of this song sung in a different way: by adding to the "honest" words "Meet it is, like a truly meet to bless thee, the Theotokos, Prisnoblazhennuyu and Immaculate, and the Mother of our God ". And when the monk started to sing these words, the icon of the Mother of God "Merciful", standing in his cell, suddenly shone a mysterious light, and the novice suddenly felt a special joy and wept with emotion. He asked him to write the wonderful words, and he traced their finger on a stone slab, softened under his hand like wax. After that, the guests, who called himself a humble Gabriel, suddenly disappeared. Icon also continued to shine with a mysterious light. Novice waited for the elder, told him about the mysterious stranger and showed a stone slab with the words of prayer. Spiritually experienced elder knew immediately that came to his cell Archangel Gabriel, sent to earth in order to usher in a marvelous song of Christians in the name of the Mother of God. Since then, the angelic hymn "It is truly meet ..." is sung in all over the world every time the Divine Liturgy - wherever there is at least one Orthodox throne and lives at least one Orthodox Christian. Icon Celebration takes place on 24 June.

Mother of God "GERONTISSA"

In the Russian tradition, this icon is called "Staritsa". The shrine is kept in Patnokrator monastery. One of naiboleee venerated on Mount Athos.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

According to an ancient legend, the first miracle of the icon occurred during the construction of the future of the monastery, which began about five hundred meters from the modern buildings. One night and an icon, and all the tools builders disappeared and the morning were found at the site of the present monastery location. This was repeated several times, and then people realized that the very Blessed Lady of elected seats for the dispensation of His abode.

In different years the icon "Gerontissa" was revealed many wonders. Elder-abbot of the monastery, received the revelation of his imminent departure, wished before he died partake of the Holy Mysteries and humbly begged the priest's servant to hasten the fulfillment of the Divine Liturgy. However, he did not heed the request of the elders. Then on the altar is the miraculous image came a terrible voice, commanded the priest immediately fulfill the desire of abbot. He communed dying, and he immediately went to the Lord in peace. It was after this miracle of the icon as patronizing elders, and received the name "Gerontissa".

In the XI century, during the Saracen attack on the monastery was as follows: one of them wanted to split the icon on the side, to light his blasphemous his pipe, but at the same moment, lost his sight. Then the barbarians threw the image of the well, where he remained for over 80 years. Before his death, for the rage of blind Saracens he repented and commanded his household to re-visit Mount Athos monks and indicate the place where the icon. The shrine was attained and honorably placed in the cathedral church of the monastery.

Icon Celebration takes place on 17 April.

Icon of the Virgin "Quick to Hearken"

The icon was painted on Mount Athos and is stored in Docheiariou monastery, which was first revealed its beneficial power.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The legend relates the time of its writing to the tenth century, to the time of life of the abbot of the monastery of Saint Neophytos. In 1664, Neal dining room, walking at night in the refectory with a lighted torch, he heard from the image of the Virgin hanging above the door, a voice urging him continue here is not to go and not to smoke icon. Monk thought it was a joke of a brother ignored the sign and continued to walk to the dining room with a smoky torch. Suddenly he became blind. In bitter remorse Neil prayed before the icon of the Mother of God, begging for forgiveness. Again I heard beautiful voice, announces forgiveness and the return of and ordered to declare all the brethren: "From that time on will be referred to, This icon My Skoroposlushnitsa, because soon everything flowed to it, I will show mercy and execution of requests."

Soon after the miraculous icon became known around the Athos. To worship at the shrine of large crowds flocked monks and pilgrims.

Through the icon he had performed many miracles and healings. Many sufferers have received deliverance from possession and demon-possessed. Holy Virgin help avoid shipwreck and captivity. Holy Mother of God sang and now fulfills His promise - is more help and comfort all in faith to her flowed.

Near icon worth twenty lamps. Six of them are inextinguishable, they sacrificed Christians in memory of the miraculous healings. Firs are also added sufferers have received relief from ailments with the help of the Mother of God. And in 1783 the icon was entrusted srebropozlaschennaya robe. It made Russian philanthropists.

In Russia we have always enjoyed great love and veneration of the lists with the miraculous icon of Athos "Quick to Hearken". Many of them became famous for miracles. Especially there have been cases of healing from epilepsy and lunacy. Icon Celebration takes place on 22 November.

Icon of the Virgin "sweet kiss of"

Sweet kiss of (Glikofilussa), the miraculous icon of the Virgin. That's right, because Virgin is depicted on it to kiss the infant Christ, belongs, according to legend, one of the 70 icons, written by St. Luke. Filofeevskom is in a monastery on Mount Athos.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The icon became famous during the iconoclasm. It belonged to a pious woman Victoria, wife of a certain Simon Patrick. Victoria, with danger to life, honored and kept it in his room. The husband demanded that she burned the icon, but Victoria chose better to put it into the sea - and empty. Icon appeared on the shore before Filofeevskim monastery. The abbot and the brothers made it to the cathedral church. Since then and to this day in the Easter Monday it is made from the monastery the procession to the place of appearance of the icon.

With this miraculous icon associated Next story. During the German occupation of Greece, stocks of wheat in the Monastery of Saint Philotheus were on the wane, and fathers decided to give visitors. One pious elder Sawa grieved it and began to beg the old men of the monastery not to do so because they are saddened by this Christ and the monastery will lose blessings. To listen to him. However, after some time, when grain reserves almost exhausted, the elder began to pester reproaches. Sawa answered them: "Do not lose hope on Glikofilusu. Mix the remaining twenty-five Okada, bake one bread and give his brothers and lay people, and God, as a good father, take care of all of us. " After some time at the dock of the monastery it approached the ship, and the captain offered to exchange wheat, which he was carrying on firewood. The monks, seeing the obvious Providence of the Mother of God, who, as a good mother, take care of their children, glorify God and the Mother of God. Miracles still occur, and from this icon. Icon Celebration takes place on 30 April.

Icon of the Virgin "MIRACULOUS ICON"

The miraculous icon "Vsetsaritsa" (Pantanassa) located in KATHOLIKON Vatopedi monastery.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The image was painted in the XVII century and was a blessing to the famous Mount Athos Elder Joseph Hesychast his disciples. The story of the old man this icon. In the XVII century, there was a strange young man in front of an icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa". He stood, something unintelligible muttering. And suddenly the face of the Virgin flashed like lightning, and some unseen force threw the young man to the ground. Once he had recovered as immediately went to confession fathers tearfully that he lived far from God, practice magic, and came to the monastery to test their strength in the holy icons. The miraculous intervention of the Virgin convinced the young man to change his life and become pious. He was cured of mental illness and then stayed on Athos. So the icon for the first time showed their miraculous power to the man possessed by demons.

Later they began to notice that the icon has a beneficial effect on patients with various malignant tumors. In the XVII century it was first written down by the Greek monk and gradually became known worldwide as istselitelnitsa cancer. The very name of the icon - Vsegospozha, Bse-lady - says about her special, comprehensive strength. For the first time he reveals his miraculous power against magic spells (and in fact volhovanie, fascination with magic and other occult "science" spread throughout the Christian world like a cancerous tumor), has Vsetsaritsa grace to heal the worst of diseases of modern mankind.

Icon Celebration takes place on 31 August.

Mother of God "Milkgiver"

Mother of God icon "Milkgiver" is Hilendarski monastery on Mount Athos. On the image depicts the Virgin breastfeeding the Infant God.

Miraculous icons on Mount Athos

The original image was in the Lavra of St. Sabbas the Sanctified near Jerusalem. The Holy Founder of the monastery at the death of the brothers predicted that Lavrov will visit pilgrim from Serbia Sava, and commanded to give him a blessing miraculous icon. It happened in the XIII century. Saint Sava Serbian brought the icon to the Hilendarski Monastery on Mount Athos and put it on the right side of the iconostasis in the church at Kareyskoy cell, later named Tipikarnitsey as there kept the charter of St. Sava.

The theological meaning of the sacred image is very deep, "Mother feeds the Son, just as it nourishes our souls, as God feeds us" pure spiritual milk of God's Word (1 Peter 2: 2), that we, increasing, moved from food dairy to a solid (Eur. 5, 12)

The icon of the Virgin "Milkgiver" the sun and the moon are shown with the corresponding inscriptions. The image sometimes occurs in the mirror image and the other symbols. There are some miraculous lists, for each of which the written and oral traditions. For example, in Russia famous image-found in 1650 in a village near Minsk Krestogorsk. In the middle of the XIX century. - in 1848 - he became famous for another copy of the icon "Milkgiver", brought to Russia Schemamonk Elias Skete on Mount Athos Ignatius. He was sent to Russia to collect donations and have been blessed in the way of this icon. In Kharkov, it was revealed by the first miracle - the carpenter, corrects kiot icons without due reverence, numb hands. Penitential prayers have brought the image brought him healing, and this was followed by the first miracle, and many others: Elets, Zadonsk, Tula, Moscow ...

Icon Celebration takes place on 31 August.

ICON Vatopedi Mother of God "Joy", or "Consolation"

The image of Our Lady "Joy" ( "Paramifiya") is in the Vatopedi Monastery. Name Vatopedi she got from the fact that in the year 390 near the island of Imbros, in front of the Holy Mountain, fell into the sea from the ship Arkady young prince, son of the Emperor Theodosius the Great, and the miraculous intercession of the Mother of God was transferred ashore unharmed. Here, the morning found him sleeping the deep, restful sleep under a thick bush, not far from the destroyed Cathedral of the Annunciation. From this event, and there was a name "Vatopedi" ( "bush boy"). Emperor Theodosius in gratitude for the miraculous deliverance of his son erected in place of the destroyed monastery a new church, where the altar was located on the very spot where the rescued boy was found.

The history of this image is related to the events that took place on January 21 of the year 807. A gang of thieves decided to rob the Vatopedi Monastery, landed in the dark on the shore, took refuge in the vicinity of the monastery, intending to wait for the opening of the gates of the monastery. At that time, when the robbers waited for the opening of the gate, over Matins and brothers began to disperse on kelyam for temporary rest. He was alone in the church of the monastery. Suddenly from standing near the Mother of God, he heard a woman's voice, warning of the danger that threatened the monastery. The abbot turned his sights on the icon and saw the faces of the Virgin and Christ Child has changed. Vatopedi icon was like "Hodegetria", in which the Divine Infant is always depicted with his hand in blessing. And the abbot sees how Jesus raised His hand, barred the mouth of the Virgin, with the words: "No, my mother, do not tell them this: let them be punished for their sins." But the Mother of God, evading his hands, doubly said the same words: "Today the monastery did not open the gate, and climb the walls of the monastery and disperse the robbers." Struck by the abbot immediately assembled brethren. All were amazed change the outline of the icon. After a prayer of thanks before a holy way encouraged by the monks climbed to the monastery walls and successfully repelled an attack by robbers. Since that time, the miraculous icon was named "Joy" or "Consolation". The outlines of the icons are the same as during the alert, the abbot said: Our Lady evaded outstretched right hand of Jesus Christ.

Icon decorated srebropozlaschennoy garment and placed in a church built in the choir of the cathedral. At this point, the icon remains to this day. In memory of "Joy" miracle in the church of the Mother of God is made vows of monks and thanksgiving singing Our Lady before the miraculous icon.

Icon Celebration takes place February 3.