7 scenic train routes on one day

Cheese factory and chocolate factory in Switzerland, diamond mines and the national parks in South Africa, California vineyards, Alaska forests, the Norwegian fjords, as well as tunnels, viaducts, glass roofs and vintage cars - Forbes chose the seven-day rail routes, which promise a maximum of natural beauty, gastronomic pleasures and bright impressions.

The route: Zermatt - Brig - Andermatt - Chur - St Moritz

7 scenic train routes on one day

The journey time: 7, 5:00

Season: 10 May to 26 October

Price per ticket 1st class: € 211, 7

Glacier Express ( "Glacier Express") - one of the most popular scenic routes of Switzerland, which connects the two famous ski resorts - Zermatt and St. Moritz, named in honor of the Rhone Glacier, which is one of the areas skirted the old branch railway. "Glacier Express" is called the slowest express train in the world - a distance of 280 km it overcomes 7, 5:00, slowly following the laid over the cliffs bridges (on the route "Ice Express" - 291 Bridge), past the cheese-making small factory, postcard pastures svezheumytyh villages, snow-white chapels, cable cars, covered with pine forests and slopes of ancient castles. Winding and pronyrivaya through many tunnels (route "Ice Express" 91 one tunnel, the length of the longest - 15, 4 km), the train climbs the Oberalp Pass (2033 meters above sea level), where passengers are offered coffee and a stunning view of the covered with snow capped mountains, and then down into the valley through which flows for some time along the Rhine. At the same time you can listen through headphones audiekskursiyu where patiently and in detail told about everything that is happening behind the big, exciting even the roof, panoramic windows. A scenic view of the Swiss combined with red wine accompanied by a plate with ham and freshest selection of local cheese - Gruyere, Emmental and Appenzeller. The food is prepared in the kitchen of the train, its value is not included in the ticket price. You can order a complete meal from the 3 course meal (€ 35, 50) and the "plate of the day" - Assorted cold starters (€ 25).

Denali Star (Alaska, USA)

7 scenic train routes on one day

The route: Anchorage - Talkeetna - Dan Park

Driving time: 8:00

Season: 14 May to 14 September

Price: $ 241

Denali Star is named after the Denali, one of Alaska areas. This is the original, the Indian name of Mount McKinley in the language of the indigenous inhabitants of these places - Athabaskan, which literally translates as "great". The main attraction of this route - National Park "Denali", where the train makes a stop. And this is a great opportunity to observe the wildlife of Alaska up close.

The first few kilometers from Anchorage to Fairbanks pass through dense birch forest growing along the river Eagle, on the shores of which you can see moose, bears and wolves. This section of road is also famous waterfalls of plenty. Approximately 65 kilometers of Anchorage begins Matanuska Valley - the agricultural center of Alaska, where the city of Vasil and Palmer.

The first stop train makes in Talkeetna, a small town that serves as the point of landing of mountaineers going to the McKinley - the highest peak in North America. On clear days the summit is perfectly visible from the windows of the train. The road follows the serpentine Susitna River, which is common to see black and brown bears, crosses the canyon, Indian River, where you can meet beavers and their dams erected. Then, the bridge stretched on the mouth of the Hurricane River in the eponymous valley, the train crosses the highest point of its path (720 meters). Bridge, a length of 278 meters, is located at an altitude of 90 meters above the river.

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (Colorado, USA)

7 scenic train routes on one day

The route: Durango - Silverton

Driving time: 3, 5 chasa

Season: 8 October

Price: $ 189

The narrow-gauge railway to be built by "Denver and Rio Grande" in 1882, connects the cities of Durango and Silverton. The road was built in just nine months and intended to transport the precious ore, as well as the workers of the mines in the San Juan Mountains. Travel can make on original steam locomotives, preserved from the 1923-1925 years unchanged - each car in their en suite bathroom, which is heated in winter. On the train, there is an observation car with a panoramic glass roof and an open car, where you can admire the mountain views. Train trip can be combined with equestrian tour canyoning, rafting on a mountain river, or a jeep safari through the picturesque surroundings of Colorado.

Flam Railway (Norway)

7 scenic train routes on one day

The route: Myrdal - Flam

Driving time: 1:00

Season: from May to September (9-10 trains per day), from October to April (4 departure per day)

Price: $ 64

Flåm Railway (Flomsbana) down from Myrdal station to the scenic Flåm Valley. Work on the construction of the railway began in 1923, in 1940 they started to walk steam train, and in 1944 her first train was launched. This road is one of the coolest in the world - sometimes as much as the angle of elevation of 55 degrees. Route length is 20 km, which runs the train for an hour - during which time the windows have time to change each other's most beautiful Norwegian scenery - rivers, waterfalls, deep gorges, snow-capped peaks and mountain farms. Along the way the train passes 20 tunnels winding laid through the mountains to equalize height differences and protect the road from avalanches and rockfalls.

Napa Valley Wine Train (California, USA)

7 scenic train routes on one day

The route: Napa - Yontvill - Oakville - Rutherford - St. Helena

Travel time: 3 hours

Season: August to November

Price: $ 189

travel itinerary, with a total length of 58 km there and back, it passes through one of the most famous wine valleys in the world, five towns and many wineries (all in the valley of 370). Along the way, passengers "wine train" visit historic estates and are able to see the wine production process with indispensable wine. The Napa Valley is a famous winery Nibaum-Coppola, owned by Francis Ford Coppola, Museum of wines and a museum of the famous film director. The journey takes place in a fully restored Pullman cars of 1915-1917. During the trip, the hotel offers lunch or dinner, laid on the top deck in the car with panoramic windows and a review of 180 degrees.

Train du Chocolat (Switzerland)

7 scenic train routes on one day

Route: Montreux - Gruyères - Broc and back

Driving time: 8:00

Season: May to October

Price: $ 109

Geographic and gastronomic journey, which will allow for one day to review in detail the traditional Swiss landscape of the Canton of Friborg and to see how to make Swiss cheese and chocolate. Route "chocolate train" you can ride in a modern car, and in the Belle Epoque 1915 Pullman car of the year. Starting in Montreux, the train climbs in the Gruyère - home of the famous cheese. There he makes the three-hour stopover, during which you can visit the cheese factory and castle, as well as taste the local cheese and cream. Then the train goes to the chocolate factory Cailler in Broc, which tell the story of the emergence of milk chocolate and conduct tastings.

Blue Train (South Africa)

7 scenic train routes on one day

The route: Cape Town - Pretoria

Driving time: 27 hours

The next date of departure: August 27, 3, 10, 17 September

Price: $ 2468

Initially, the train cars, launched in 1923 for the transportation of gold from the mines of Cape Town and Pretoria, were wooden. The current name of the Blue Train was after in 1937 the cars were replaced with steel, painted in blue color. Journey to the "blue car" - is 1,600 kilometers between Pretoria and Cape Town in the romantic atmosphere of colonial times. Elegant furniture, antique finish and many antique veshchichek - so looks inside the train. The train has a car-bar car, living room, car club and, of course, exquisite dining car ( "Blue Train" won several international awards for excellent cuisine), which serves oysters and African ostrich meat.

A significant part of the distance the train passes along park paths - one of the most popular tourist destinations of South Africa, sandwiched between mountains and the Indian Ocean. On this part of the window you can see antelope, giraffes and buffalo grazing in the savannas of Kruger National Park.