20 interesting facts about the red caviar

20 interesting facts about the red caviar

Red Caviar - the queen of feasts, bright ray of happiness among everyday dishes ... what do we know about her? Quite a lot of facts, and among them there are very interesting.

Fact number 1: it threw a par with offal

More hundred years ago, some people of Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the Kuril archipelago thrown caviar with fish entrails, because the port it rapidly leads to poisoning. Pickle it began only in the late XIX century.

Fact number 2: blow, to learn about the quality of

caviar quality can be determined in a simple manner: a flat, dry plate to put a few eggs and then blow on them. If the eggs are glued to the plate - caviar bad, and if cheerfully rumblings - good.

Fact number 3: food for many years, and a strong memory of

Scientists say that the people at least once a week who use caviar, have good mental capacity, even in very old age, and they live an average of 7-10 years longer.

Fact number 4: protein not like meat

Red caviar on 30% consists of high-quality protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, which is why it is recommended to use the weakened and tyazheloboleyuschim people. Caviar quickly restores strength and helps to gain weight.

Fact number 5: dried until they hit upon the idea to salt

Red caviar was one of the cheapest food of the Far Eastern fishermen. They cooked it immediately after production, and dried (vyalili) in reserve.

Fact number 6: red caviar in Chaliapin

Feodor Chaliapin loved eggs and considered it necessary to use it almost every day. he ate it with great pleasure, simply imposing a spoon on a sandwich of white bread with butter, and drank vodka. From the standpoint of modern physicians such food does not improve, and the spoils health, over-burdening the liver and pancreas.

Fact number 7: high-calorie, but dietary dish

Interestingly, the red caviar refers to dietary dishes, because it contains a lot of nutrients, but contains 250 kkalory 100 grams. It's simple: in a number of red caviar nobody eats. And is not from one table spoon of caviar harm, only benefit.

Fact number 8: and yet they are!

It is regrettable, but the modern red caviar sold in our physical store more tasty than helpful. The thing is that it is prepared with the excessive use of salt, and preservatives are added, so as not to spoil for a long time.

Fact number 9: caviar caviar discord

Saying "red caviar", many people think that it is a single product. In fact, there is caviar:

- chum (having the largest eggs - 9 mm, yellow-orange);

- salmon (size 3-5 mm eggs, dark orange color);

- sockeye (size 3-4 mm, has a very intense red color, bitter);

- coho salmon (size 3-4 mm, red);

- Chinook salmon (size 2-3 mm, red color, spicy); - Sims (size 2-3 mm, dark red color, delicious).

The fact number 10: eat caviar spoons!

The red caviar is almost everything necessary for a person of substance. If you only eat caviar, it would be enough to eat it in quantities equal to just 200 grams per week.

The fact number 11: a well-known aphrodisiac

Red caviar - food newlyweds. It increases blood serotonin (joy hormone) saturates the body polyunsaturated fatty acids and increases potency and contributes to the favorable top pregnancy.

The fact number 12: the place of catch is the value of

The most delicate taste of red caviar is produced at Sakhalin. Experts attribute this to the fact that the catch is made directly in the salty sea, so the eggs do not have time to become coarsened.

The fact number 13: Red caviar on STATE

If red caviar is salted for 4 hours after the catch fish on the spot of fishing and has no more than 5% of salt, then it is assigned a grade of 1. By the way, the highest grade of caviar does not exist.

The fact number 14: the very Olivier

The first salad prepared Lucien Olivier, among other components contained meat grouse and caviar.

The fact number 15: khan food

In 1240 Batu Khan chroniclers recorded that the table Khan served red caviar, which he really likes. As the eggs were cooked, they have not specified.

The fact number 16: impartial statistics

On the world market each year sold about one million tons of red caviar. It turns out that each the average inhabitant of the planet from newborns to elders deeper each year eats 200 grams of this delicacy.

The fact number 17: who has ever tried to

10 people, first tasted caviar, one she did not like it at all, will buy 6 on holidays, and 3 - at every opportunity.

Fact № 18: small but precious

Red caviar more delicious than its smaller size, and color saturation. But the case for everybody.

The fact number 19: the secrets of packing

Not to be mistaken in choosing a jar of red caviar, pay attention to the numbers embossed on the lid. They have to be knocked out, not dented. manufacturing date should be July or August - the spawning salmon. If the dates are others, or eggs were previously frozen or perefasovana - in this and in another case, its quality will be low.

The fact number 20: about cholesterol

Red caviar - record the content of cholesterol - 300 mg per 100 grams, but it also includes lecithin and polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol so obtained "useful".