30 sarcastic and wise quotes Michael Zhvanetskogo

• 30 venomous and wise quotes Michael Zhvanetskogo

30 sarcastic and wise quotes Michael Zhvanetskogo

Zhvanetskiy - one of those authors who manage to give an uncluttered mind, sarcastic and totally complete form. And most importantly, in his sketches, each finds himself - though perhaps that we would not really want to.

Yesterday genius satire turned 81 year. In honor of this we have chosen the most vivid expressions and aphorisms Mikhail.

Never exaggerate the stupidity of enemies and loyalty to friends.

If you are told that you are a multi-faceted personality - do not flatter yourself. Maybe, I mean, you bastard, you bastard, and the parasite at the same time.

If you argue with an idiot, it probably does the same thing he did.

Fortune smiles brave ... And then laughs at them for a long time!

Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantity.

To think so hard, so most people will judge.

The optimist believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist fears that the way it is.

Nothing hurts someone like shards of their own happiness.

It's okay if laugh at you. Much worse when crying over you.

Wisdom does not always come with age. It happens that age comes alone.

Our freedom resembles a traffic light, which lit three fires at once.

If you long to call relatives or friends, then they are fine.

Positive emotions - it is the emotions that arise, if at all put.

If there was someone ready to move mountains for them will necessarily go the other, ready to wring his neck. Currently, the loneliness - when you're up all night talking to yourself and you do not understand.

Physical education extends the life of five years, but these five years have to spend in the gym.

Honest person can easily find out by how clumsy it makes meanness.

What is our life: you get used -'ll die without'll die - get used to it.

It is better to love to engage in labor than labor to make love.

Great happiness - to see a real bloody heroic life and it does not participate.

It's hard to be the last bitch - always someone behind is attached!

As soon as you sit on a diet, then next someone sits down to eat.

Better to remain silent and appear a fool than to speak and did not leave in this regard is no doubt.

Any car will last until the end of life, if you go quite dashing.

Few know his own worth - should still be in demand.

Life is like a piano: keys white, black button ... cover.

The highest degree of embarrassment - two views encountered in the keyhole.

I said, or I'm going to live well, or my work will become immortal. And life is turned back in the direction of the works.

Happy to you? At various times this question answered in different ways, but always - negative.

Guys, so if we are neck-deep in shit, join hands!