Tricks used by the kitchen chef

• Tricks used by the chef in the kitchen

Tricks used by the kitchen chef

Everyone who likes to tinker in the kitchen, there are lots of little secrets that bring simple dishes to perfection. What can we say about the chefs - they have something more secrets than the oysters in the sea.

We chose a few cunning tricks, which managed to spy and eavesdrop Sensei culinary skill.

If you want a pic turned pure white, while cooking, add a little vinegar.

To give a touch of spicy garlic around the dish, rub a clove of garlic a bowl, and then lay on her salad or garnish.

New taste the marinade for the meat give a dark beer or a mixture of light beer with soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Beer can also be added to steamed vegetables, including it will give a special flavor and smell of boiled potatoes.

Liver is necessary to add salt only at the end, otherwise it will become tough.

To the top of the cake is not burnt, cover it with paper soaked.

If you throw a piece of ice in the broth and bring to a boil, broth will be more transparent.

To accurately cut hard-boiled egg, dip knife blade in cold water: the yolk will not crumble. When cooking beans do not darken, if the cook it without closing the pan with a lid.

Tricks used by the kitchen chef

Stuffing is fragrant and delicious, if you add a piece of raw onion, some toasted onion and finely grated raw potatoes.

Use lemon juice in a dish to partially replace salt. This is useful for pressure regulation. As a result, you do not overdo the dish, and a citrus flavor gives it an exquisite flavor.

Eggplant will not taste bitter if you narezhete before cooking it into pieces, salt and give a little to let the juice. Then wash in cold water eggplant.

Almonds are easily peeled when you first boil it for 5 minutes, then cool in cold water.

Sour cream is much better vzobetsya in cream, if you add to it a little egg white.

If you add a pinch of salt, ground coffee, the drink will be many times better!

To meat, baked in the oven, it has become golden brown, brush it on top of pomegranate juice and honey, diluted with dry wine, brandy or water.

If you take too long cooked meat, cut it into thin slices, place on a plate, sprinkle with onions and tomatoes and add a little vegetable oil, lemon juice and vinegar. Soon the meat is juicy again. Instead of breadcrumbs, use ground nuts.

Tricks used by the kitchen chef

freshly cooked meat does not rush immediately to bring to the table. Let it cool down a bit and reveal your taste.

Salad will taste better if you add a tablespoon of milk and a teaspoon of sugar.

Apples in the pie will not fall to the bottom of the form, if you roll them in flour before cooking.

Before you remove the soup from the heat, add the little bit of fresh juice of cabbage, carrots or tomatoes. This will enhance the taste and enrich your meal with vitamins.

Vanilla - excellent spice to give the spicy notes of vegetable salads.

There are many ways to save salted soup. In particular, it can be dipped gauze with small amounts of grains and boil: cereal absorbs excess salt.