Secrets of the lost ships

Secrets of the lost ships

The board 370 airlines Malaysia Airlines March 8, 2014 disappeared from radar screens, and all seemed to dissolve in the air. The search for it is continuously carried out, and only now the first results. If you look at the history of aviation, it is possible to find any similar case in which the aircraft with the passengers and disappeared without a trace. Before you 9 episodes of the mysterious disappearance of planes and, following the chronology of events, we can assume that all the same happened to them.

On-board: "Lockheed Electra" L-10E

Company: private jet

Year of extinction: 1937

Secrets of the lost ships

May 20, 1937 on an airplane, donated by the University, the American writer and aviator Amelia Earhart, along with navigator Fred Noonan went round the world flight. By early July, they successfully overcome the 80% of the route. The plane was heading to the island Howland to refuel when suddenly and without unstable radio contact with the board interrupted. Recent reports Earhart said he did not see the island. Under assumptions of the rescue team, the aircraft ran out of fuel and he fell into the Pacific Ocean. During the 2nd week of the ships and 66 aircraft searched 220,000 square miles of water surface. Find the board failed. Presumably that its fragments were found in the area of ​​the atoll Nikumaroro in May 2013 as a result of the scanning sonar.

Company: British South American Airways

Year of extinction: 1940s

In the Bermuda Triangle missing set of aircraft, and these two boards of British South American Airways - one of them. Until now, both aircraft are registered missing. In 2009, one of the BBC journalists tried to find out the reasons for their disappearance and conducted an investigation. According to him, the two aircraft crashed into the water and they have to look somewhere in the depths of the ocean. The reason was technical failure in one case and the lack of fuel - in the other.

Tail Lady Be Good

military bomber

Year of extinction: 1943

Secrets of the lost ships

During the Second World War bomber sent to perform military mission in Naples. In due time to the base, he never returned. They found the aircraft after 15 years on the territory of North Africa. Found aboard British geologists engaged in oil exploration. It is assumed that the plane flew for technical reasons your base and dived in the desert. The pilots apparently managed to jump with a parachute, but died exhausted by heat and thirst.

Bort Star Dust

Company: British South American Airways

Year of extinction: 1947

August 2, 1947 the plane took off from Buenos Aires and headed for Santiago. But after a while he was gone, leaving in front of this strange message dispatchers, which did not manage to decipher. Missing flight managed to find only 50 years later. In 1998, Mount Tupungato in the Argentinean Andes climbers its wreckage was discovered by chance. As a result of examination, it was found that the crew began the descent too early and because of the poor visibility crashed into a mountain.

Flight: 739

Company: Flying Tiger Line

Year of extinction: 1962

Secrets of the lost ships

The flight followed in Vietnam and had to make a few intermediate landings. At 12:47 he refueled, off the island of Guam, and at 19:16 the side waiting for the Philippines, but he never reached the airport. At the time of the disappearance of the weather was clear and the sea is calm. After 8 days operation surf boards were discontinued. About the crash site and the causes of the disaster still did not know.

Flight 571

Company: Uruguayan Air Force

Year of extinction: 1972

Charter flight number 571 disappeared while flying over the Andes. Looking overboard forces of the three countries. On the eighth day it was decided to stop all search. Then no more and had no idea that a few passengers managed to escape. Learn about them only after 72 days, not wanting to die in the snow, eating the bodies of their comrades, two passengers attempted to descend from the mountains and find some settlement. The farmer who discovered them, told all about surviving the flight 571. 16 surviving passengers were rescued.

On-board Super Decathlon

Company: private jet

Year of extinction: 2007

Secrets of the lost ships

The American businessman and balloonist Steve Fossett in September 2007 flew a single-engine plane from the airfield in Nevada. Soon contact with him was lost. Official search continued for about 2 weeks, the volunteers do not lose hope to find board and continued to conduct search operations and after. However, the crash site was discovered by chance a group of tourists in October 2008. The cause of the accident, experts have called the strong wind and the powerful downdraft, which, according to their estimates, the plane hit.

Flight: 447

Company: Air France

Year of extinction: 2009

Secrets of the lost ships

The aircraft flew on May 31 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. After 3, 5-4 hours of communication with the board has been lost. Immediately the next day, search-and-rescue team began to search. The first fragments found within a day. At the same time and found the exact location of the crash. June 3, 2011 from the bottom of the wreckage of the aircraft and the passengers of the body have been raised. The BEA final report on the incident reported that the main cause of the accident began to erroneous actions of the pilots.

The board of Missoni

Company: private jet

Year of extinction: 2013Camolet, carrying the head of the Italian fashion house of Missoni, disappeared during a flight from the Venezuelan archipelago Los Roques in Curacao. In just a few months of searching to find the board did not succeed. They found him only 6 months later, the exact cause of the disaster committee on accident investigation and set. At the crash site of the board failed, and other aircraft, for which the place was named "the new Bermuda Triangle."