20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

• 20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

His voice and his songs - is the voice and thoughts of a generation. They sang at every corner with a guitar as his own experience. His words sound now and resonate in the hearts of those who are not yet born when they were written.

20 Before you sincere and honest thoughts favorite singer. Always remember.

People may not think the same way, but have to understand each other. Then, they are people.

Remember that there is no prison, worse than in the head ...

My soul - in my songs. And I live in the hope of a better time.

I do not regret anything. I always answer for their actions. To me at all important to me was interesting to live. All the rest does not interest me.

Everyone says that we are together! All told, most people do not know in what.

20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

I do not like when I lie, but the truth I'm too tired.

Music - it's one thing for which I am ready to sacrifice almost everything.

Death is worth it to live, and love is well worth the wait. We waited for the next day, every day waiting for tomorrow ...

I believe that the people living on the planet, and not in the state.

20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

Try to escape from the rain if it is inside.

Everyone should do something that would set him apart from others.

All roads lead me to you, dear all know better than I, and I'm not going to look for other ways.

Everyone has the right to speak, and everyone has the right to listen or not to listen.

Outside the windows rain, but I do not believe in it.

20 strong quotes Viktor Tsoi

You must be strong, otherwise why would you be.

I do not like people who consider themselves prophets, and think that it is able to teach others how to live.

I am alone, but that does not mean I'm lonely.

If there is a step - should be as follows, if there is darkness - must be light.

I would argue that good always triumphs over evil, and patience more samurai sword.