10 facts about McDonald's after learning that you will go there less often

• 10 facts about McDonald's, knowing that you will be less likely to go to

10 facts about McDonald's after learning that you will go there less often

Here is a collection of about fast food, invariably falls into a state of shock, because all these facts it is difficult to believe.

1. Especially for the "McDonald's" chickens bred breed with huge breasts, "Mr. MD". White breast meat is a popular dish on the menu, "Chicken McNuggets". This has changed the entire industry chicken production. Chicken began to sell not entirely, like 20 years ago, and cut into pieces.

2. Golden Arches "McDonald's," according to psychologist Louis Cheskin - Freudian symbol. It is "a huge pair of breasts mother McDonald's."

3. Two-thirds of all employees of the network is not fast food for 20 years. They work for a very small salary, performing simple operations. In 1958 in the "McDonald's" first appeared in the 75-page guide, which describes in detail the procedure for the preparation of meals actions and ways of communicating with customers. Today, in a book of 750 pages, and it is called "the bible of McDonald's."

4. a fast food employee turnover - up to 400%. A typical worker leaves the cafe after only 4 months. Among the employees a lot of teenagers from poor families and immigrants.

5. The low salary and lack of labor protection is replaced by the creation of "team spirit" among the young workers. It has long been managers "McDonald's" learn how to properly praise subordinates and create the illusion of their indispensability. It's cheaper than a salary raise. 6. Injuries in young personnel in the two times higher than in adults. Every year in the cafe maimed and 200 000 people.

7. Young Manpower likes to joke. Videos of fast food restaurants in Los Angeles showed that teenagers sneeze into the food, lick your fingers pick their nose, extinguish cigarettes on products, drop them on the floor. In May 2000, three teenagers from the "Burger King" in New York City have been arrested for being about 8 months spat and urinated in the food. In mixers live cockroaches, and mice climb at night on the left to defrost hamburgers ... It is known that many employees do not eat fast food in your own cafe, until we prepare ourselves serving.

8. Taste of potatoes from the "McDonald's" everybody likes. Previously, he depended solely on the fat, in which it is roasted. For decades it was a mixture of the 7 percent cottonseed oil and 93 percent beef tallow. In 1990 people turned against cholesterol, and fast food switched to 100% vegetable oil. But the taste is something needed to leave the same! Today, if you ask in the "McDonald's" information about the composition of food, at the end of a long list of modest look "natural flavoring." It is a universal explanation for why everything is so tasty fast food. 9. Recipes potatoes and hamburgers can not be found in cookbooks, and in the writings of "Technology of Food Industry" and "Food Engineering". What we eat there for the last 40 years has changed more than in the previous 40 000. And the taste and smell of hamburgers and the like is done on huge US chemical plants.

10. In addition to flavor products for "McDonald's", the company "International Flavors End Fragransez" produces the smell of 6 of the top 10 spirits of the world, including "BEAUTIFUL" "Estee Lauder" and "Tresor" "Lankoma". Also odors soaps, dishwashing detergents, shampoos, and so on. This is the result of one process. Shave you're actually the same as what's on your dinner.

11. Cows designed for large fastfudovskoy grinder, three months before the killing of huge herds are driven to a special area where they are fed grain and anabolics.