Unmatched quotes from the novel "The Master and Margarita"

• Unmatched quotes from the novel "The Master and Margarita"

Unmatched quotes from the novel

When Mikhail Bulgakov wrote the novel about the Master, he hardly imagined that creates the most significant works of Russian literature of the twentieth century. Today the product is deservedly included in the list of the most read books in the world, while remaining subject to endless debate literary scholars and philosophers.

A "Master and Margarita" for us - a favorite story, full of mysteries and infinite wisdom. What is most needed in our difficult times.

Who told you that there is no light present, faithful, eternal love? Yes cut off liar his vile language!

We talk to you in different languages, as always, but the things that we talk about, it does not change.

Evil lurks in men who avoid wine, games, company of charming women, table talk. These people are sick or gravely, or secretly hate others.

Evil people do not have in the world, there are only people unhappy.

Difficult people are these women!

A man without a surprise inside, in his box, uninteresting.

Everything will be right in this world is constructed.

Yes, man is mortal, but this would be not so bad. The bad news is that it is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick! Nice to hear that you have so politely handle the cat. Cats usually somehow say "you", though no cat has ever no one drank brotherhood.

The unfortunate man is cruel and callous. And all just because of the fact that good people disfigured him.

You judge according to the suit? Never do this. You can make a mistake, and, moreover, is very large.

Never ask for anything! Do nothing, and in particular those who are stronger than you. They offer themselves and give themselves all.

He who loves must share the fate of the one he loves.

Pardon me ... Would I have allowed myself to pour vodka lady? It's pure alcohol!

Second freshness - that is nonsense! Freshness is only one - the first, it is also the last. And if the sturgeon second freshness, it means that it is rotten!

The truth is easy and pleasant.

Why should pursue in the wake of what has already been completed?

- Dostoevsky died.

- Objection, Dostoevsky is immortal!

A fact - the most stubborn thing in the world.

All theories are to one another. Among them are such, according to which each will be given according to his faith. It might be fulfilled as it is!

Wine which country do you prefer at this time of day? My drama is that I live with someone I do not like, but to spoil his life as a matter unworthy.

- Cowardice - one of the worst human vices.

- No, I dare you to argue. Cowardice - the most terrible human vice.

Never be afraid of nothing. This is unwise.

The most terrible anger - anger powerlessness.

What would make your good, if there were no evil, and how the earth would look like if shadows disappeared from it?

Understand that language can hide the truth, and the eyes - never!

People like people. Love money, but it's always been ... Mankind loves money, from which they would not have been made from the skin whether paper whether made of bronze or gold. Well, frivolous ... Well, well ... and mercy sometimes knocks at their hearts ... ordinary people ... in general, resemble previous ... housing problem only ruined them.

No matter what the pessimists, the land is still very beautiful, and in the moonlight and simply unique.