10 facts about how today's youth to have sex

• 10 facts about how having sex today's youth

It would be desirable to find our editorial staff everywhere just the facts, to find them in someone else's bedroom seems almost impossible. But fortunately, there was one way to!

Experts from the company SKYN Condoms, which manufactures condoms, conducted a survey of 5,000 millenialov (people aged 18 to 34 years). And ask them specific personal questions. The result - a lot of interesting facts that shed light on the personal lives of today's youth.

10 facts about how today's youth to have sex

1. 57% of smartphone owners doing sexting (sex over instant messenger and chat rooms), 49% of them at least once sent over the Internet their own nude photos?

2. 52% of female users of online dating sites at least once had sex with someone of his new friends on the first night and without a condom.

3. Almost all millenialy (93%) experienced at least one orgasm at night when having sex. Of course, the men it is still easier (97%) than women (89%), but still! It's a pretty big achievement of the sexual revolution, does not it?

4. When both women and men are asked what they are looking for in the first place in his sexual partner, then they both replied that in the first place - physical attractiveness.

And women appreciate confident men, and men - "playful" women.

5. More than half (61%) of the representatives of our generation had at least one in the life of "sex-on-a-night." 6. More than half of the respondents take condoms with them when they go on a first date with someone they met online. But it is mostly men. Among these women - 44%.

7. Frequent sex is strongly associated with the student dormitory. But in fact, the older you get, the more it becomes sex in your life.

74% of men in the oldest age group (30-34 years) have sex at least once a week. Among those aged 18-24, of only 64%.

Nearly half of married men and married millenialov have sex several times a week. Among the bachelors so they can boast only 20%. And almost all of them are already living in a civil marriage.

8. On the birthday people have sex more often than your wedding day! 79% of people having sex on his birthday. And only 70% - on their wedding night.

9. The vast majority of men consider their main erogenous zone of the neck (you probably thought it was a member of?).

For women, it is second only to the nipple.

10. The survey showed that yoga lovers more sex than fans running, surfing, skateboarding or avid fans of video games.

And they are less likely to masturbate twice as likely to engage in group sex and usually choose not to missionary (like other people) position and doggy-style.