Poignant poems Valentine Gaft

Poignant poems Valentine Gaft

A wonderful actor Valentin Gaft, known to us more as beautifully played comic roles, writes poems that touch deeply. Before you some poems from his book "... I gradually perceive ...".


Why are so devoted to the dog, and in his love beskraen?

But in the eyes - always the question of whether his boss likes.

Because someone - second, because in the past - the cage!

Because people

I betrayed him often.

I wander through the streets, People gaze at the faces, I have now for all follow that, as the dog is not to be mistaken.

Poignant poems Valentine Gaft

"You and me, only two of us?"

You and me, only two of us?

Oh, what a deception.

With us, the wall sconces, wallpaper, night, champagne, couch.

With us, the silence in the apartment

And drops of windows, with all of us that in this world

It went down on the bed.

We - the only point of the universe, Someone's thin thread, our flourishing and extinction

It called - fate.

We face each other breathe, the clock strikes at midnight hour, And over us someone over

All have been decided for us.


Mother, calm down, he does not bully.

He will not stick to you at the station.

During the war (remember Malakhov mound?)

With such grenades were under tanks.

Such built roads and bridges, canals dug, mines and trenches.

Always in the mud, but their souls are pure.

Forever strands tightened around his neck.

What a way - just behind the pistol ?!

What a habit - just on your knees ?! Died Mayakovsky bully, bully died Yesenin.

So we are not humiliated for pennies, so that we may live, mother, idiotically, Died SHukshin bully, bully Died Vysotsky.

We are alive, and they're gone There, taking care of all our pains and wounds.

Lights in the sky a new star -

It lit, of course, bullies.

Poignant poems Valentine Gaft


Man - not idiots to adapt to the world, for example, came up with a bag, imitating a kangaroo.

Man - not imbecile, and he a genius, and a villain, like children, the money in the bags

Sleep marsupials people.


Live less in the telephone book Ringing in the ears deadly scythe Knock increasingly coffin lid, Aliens responsible voice.

But these numbers, I will not wash

And the frame is never circled.

All I find, I'll call them all, Wherever they may be, in Paradise or Hell.

While bulling and carefree living -

Ended, day-night coils.

Now that nedogovorit, sound like a dot, honking.


I build mental bridges, their measurements are easy, I build them from the void, to go where you will.

Bridges, cutting off the ground, so you and I could not find, I opened my eyes, and there ... break my way over, I - arrived.


That's going to die, and some foolish

As you will appreciate just skin.