"Smart House" for $ 35 million

• "smart house" for $ 35 million

Design and build your dream home Barnik Michael - a former Apple employee - began in 2005. But by the time the construction and decoration have been completed, and it happened a few weeks ago, he did not need this huge area of ​​930 square meters house. m. After all, children have grown up, and so the house was too big for the "reduce" family. It is a mansion in Santa Barbara, California, and is worth $ 35 million. Oh, and another - it is not just a beautiful building, and "smart home", with all the newfangled technology chips and gadgets.

On a quiet street in Santa Barbara at 4305 Marine Drive is a miracle worth overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You will be amazed amazing landscaping and a huge swimming pool in front of the house.

Inside the light and comfortable, and offer a delightful view of the ocean.

The whole house is packed with gadgets and other technical gadgets. Lights, speakers, televisions, air conditioners, curtains, gas fireplaces, and even on the door locks can be controlled via tablet or smartphone.

Automatic properties house even more impressive. When the owner of the car arrives at the mansion, lit lights, garage doors open themselves, and not far from the entrance to the fountain is turned on.

In the kitchen - Domestic stainless steel appliances.

All very neat, and due to the absence of bulky cabinets kitchen seems to be particularly large.

The dining room easily fit all your guests, there is also a living room adjacent to the wall of the aquarium. Change the water in the tank is also automatic.

Two staircases lead to the second floor.

The master bedroom is very spacious and there is a further staircase leading to the observation deck on the third floor.

On the balcony of the master bedroom offers a spectacular view of the ocean.

A large wardrobe exceeds all expectations - there is enough space to store even the most luxurious collection of clothes.

The other bedrooms are like home, except for the presence of the balcony.

has a cozy corner by the window and natural light in every room.

Even of the bathrooms have a fantastic view.

Aquarium there in the office, which can be accessed through a 200-kilogram doors opening one touch of the hand.

Balcony on the second floor room overlooking the living room, the ceiling of which hang bespoke chandeliers.

No one dorogushchy mansion is complete without a gym ...

... and saunas.

Outside too modern design: crystal clear pool and minimalist seating area - this is only one part of this picture perfect.

The yard is really huge.

Somewhere on the edge of the yard you will find a cozy corner with a fire.

View of the aquarium in the living room can compete in their beauty except that with this.

But no technology "smart home" is not eclipsed by the beauty and majesty of the California nature.