A simple way to teach a child not to interrupt

• An easy way to teach a child not to interrupt

A simple way to teach a child not to interrupt

Probably every parent know the situation when, during a conversation with someone a little son or daughter by the arm and pulled interrupted. This technique, which I peeked at one of his friend, will once and for all solve this problem.

We sat in her home and talked when her three year old son came up and wanted to say something. But instead of to interrupt the conversation, he just put his hand on her wrist and waited. In response, without interrupting the conversation, a friend put her hand on top of his son's hand.

After she finished her thought, she turned to the child. I was thrilled! So easy and so gentle. Her son had to just wait a few seconds until the mother complete the sentence, after which all her attention was drawn to him. I told this to my husband, and we immediately decided to use this technique in your family. We explained to the children that if they want to say something, but someone already talking, simply put your hand on our wrist and wait a bit. It took very little time, and the children stopped to get into conversations.

And most importantly - do not need any more rude phrases such as "Do not interrupt!", "Do not get into a conversation!" Or "Wait!". Only a light touch is all.