10 sexiest models 90

• 10 sexiest models 90

90 were perhaps the golden years of the fashion business. Vogue and Cosmopolitan Famous magazines began to be used on the covers of their new type of girls - supermodels, who were sexually in all respects.

This ten - the best of the best. No matter how much time has passed, their names will be aware of their body and face - to remember and their images - deify.

10 sexiest models 90 10 sexiest models 90

1. Tyra Banks, b. 1973, California, USA.

Name Tyra Banks does not lose its popularity for more than two decades. Among the huge number of stylish supermodels, actresses and singers talented, charismatic presenters, she stands out for its individual charm, talent and charisma that a quarter of a century ago, made ugly schoolgirl seek their own path to fame.

10 sexiest models 90

2. Eva Herzigova, b. 1973, Czech Republic.

Like many models, Eva tries himself in cinema. Her debut was quite successful, if considered a success working with Gerard Depardieu. Director of the film "Between an angel and a devil," Jean-Marie Poiré admired Eve's ability to reincarnation. It also can be seen in the movie "Inferno" by Ellen von Unwerth.

10 sexiest models 90

3. Stephanie Seymour, 1968 p., California, USA.

In 1991 and 1994 Stephanie Seymour became a Playboy magazine model. In 1998, she wrote Stephanie Seymour's Beauty Secrets for Dummies. In 2000 he took the 91 th place among the sexiest women in the world. In 2006 was a member of Gap advertising campaign.

10 sexiest models 90

4. Helena Christensen, 1968 p., Denmark.

Helena is a famous Danish supermodel contestant in "Miss Universe" and former "Angel" Victoria's Secret.

10 sexiest models 90

5. Elle Macpherson, 1964 p., Australia.

This girl, who had already turned 51 years old, in the area of ​​fashion caught the unusual nickname. It is called the body. In addition to the modeling career, Australian, El became an actress and designer.

10 sexiest models 90

6. Christy Turlington, b. 1969, California, USA.

One of the top models of the legendary '90s, actress, athlete, chief editor of the British magazine "Yoga". More than a decade Christie was among the five most beautiful and well-paid fashion models in the world.

10 sexiest models 90

7. Naomi Campbell, 1970 p., UK.

This girl dubbed the most bitchy model in the world. She considers herself a kind and patient man and dreams of great love. In general, black and furry ...

10 sexiest models 90

8. Claudia Schiffer, 1970 p., Germany.

August 25 marks 45 years of German girl Claudia Schiffer, who for many years bore the title of most beautiful girl in the world and the highest-paid model.

10 sexiest models 90

9. Cindy Crawford, 1966 p., Illinois, USA.

49-year-old supermodel is the mother of two children, and already her 13-year-old daughter began her career in the fashion world. Cindy is known not only as a supermodel, and she tried herself as a leading actress, and MTV. And on her fitness video women lead their domestic training has been for many years.

10 sexiest models 90

10. Kate Moss, 1974 p., UK.

Feshen-icon 90, Briton Kate is known as one of the highest paid models in the world. Starting his career at the tender age of 14, she was always on the crest of a wave, in spite of a series of associated with her name scandals.