How to win in the collision predators face to face

Do you know those conversations that begin with questions like: "Hey, if a bear attacked you, you would be able to fight back?". As a rule, the whole purpose of such arguments is inventing the very witty reply: "Of course, if the bear was the retirement age, and I would be armed with a good old grenade."

However, there are people who can respond to these provocative questions short "Yes". A week ago, the hunter chase Dollvo came face to face with a grizzly dvuhsotkilogrammovym in Montana wilderness. The bear attacked him and knocked off his feet, but before the predator had begun to complete and finish the unfortunate hunter, Chase recalled the long-standing advice given to him by his grandmother, and thrust his right hand into the throat of the beast, bringing it to suffocation.

Learning of this extraordinary event, we decided to find out how you can cope with other pose a threat to human predators that live on our planet, and to share my observations with you.

How to win in the collision predators face to face

Or you eat the bear ... or

In a collision with a bear image of your actions will largely depend on the situation. Faced clumsy at night or on the forest path, and when he saw that he was not going in the same moment to attack you, you can stun him, making it clear that you are not going to become easy prey. Try to throw a couple of stones next to it or wipe branch. Cries, too, can work.

But if the bear looks angry, most likely he simply defends its territory, which it is desirable to quickly leave. In this case, we advise slowly, holding on to face him, to retreat, all the while quietly talking to him. A constant stream of words will bear that you are a man, and, therefore, not his normal production. But if the bear is not far behind and is trying to start body contact, fall to the ground face down and pretended to be dead. If the bear just to defend their territory from invasion, after a couple of minutes, he will lose interest in you and leave.

How to overcome shark

In 2013, of the 75 reported shark attacks per person, only 10 have resulted in death. That is, you have a good chance to go through such a fight, which will increase even more after reading this section of this article. So, what to do when you are targeting the huge jaws.

The best defense here - attack. This summer, surfer Mick Fanning fought with great white shark - the most deadly - and won the match a couple of well-aimed blows. The most effective strikes are aimed at the eyes or gills of the animal, as it is the most vulnerable point on his body. This attack interrupts the predator, and perhaps even make him flee.

Also, you can fool the shark, wearing a special suit with containment technology. There are two types of them: the first allows the diver to merge with the body of water, making it invisible to marine predators, and the second, on the contrary, thanks to the special coloring drawings creates the impression of a shark danger of looking at it.

How to win in the collision predators face to face

How to win the battle with the crocodile

In 2011, Eddie Segal, 37-year-old native of Australia, made famous by defeating three-meter crocodile, squeezing his eyes. Mr. Segal, nicknamed "Krok Balboa", was attacked by the monster of the river, when bathed with their daughters. Crocodile suddenly grabbed his arm and tried to drag out the water. Later, reporters Eddie said then worked his paternal instinct - he could not just give up and leave the daughters in danger. "All I can remember is I grabbed a crocodile, and beat him, trying to get to his eyes", - said Segal. He escaped with a few cuts on his arms and back. Australian expert on survival in the wild, Bob Cooper called rational method Sigaya: "If the crocodile attack you, try to get to his eyes - the most vulnerable point on his body. This is the only possible way to fight back from them. "

How to win in the collision predators face to face


How to beat the wolf

Wolves for a long time are notorious. But in the second half of the 20th century in Europe, and only 8 of attacks, deaths have been reported in Russia, those enjoying a formidable reputation as predators.

Elsi you see a wolf, try to stay away from him, at least 30 meters. Can scare away the beast shouting and throwing stones at him. It is important to always maintain visual contact: it is necessary to show the enemy that you did not give in to him.

But if the wolf went on the offensive, he must confront the same method which is used to deal with the dogs. You can try to strangle the beast, clutching his neck and trying to shove his fist deep into the throat to block the airway.

How to win in the collision predators face to face

How to deal with a swarm of wasps

It is unlikely that in the world there is an animal with which you want to face less than a swarm of angry wasps. There are many, they are very painful sting, and they are almost impossible to get, as they move very quickly. And what do you do in that case?

Just run. A man may beat wasp, especially if it is run very fast, and will not be at the same time waving his hands (this only further infuriate them). Pull the shirt on the face to protect him from the bites, it will also be a good idea. Although lam it can damage your review, so do not overdo it. We know this advice - not quite what you expected, but sometimes, when a person knows that the chances obviously not on his side, as is the case with a swarm of wasps, the best option would be to simply run away from the battlefield.