8 magical experience that will make children gasp

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Everyone knows that even the most amazing experience you can explain. Even so, admiration and delight children of this are not reduced. And adults, too, are happy with the kids making small discoveries.

We picked for you eight amazing experience, from which captures the spirit of both children and adults. We are sure of what you understand everything, they will not be boring.

Egg in a Bottle

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

need: egg, with the diameter of the bottle neck smaller than an egg, a thin strip of paper and a drop of vegetable oil.

Experience: Is it possible to bury the egg in the bottle without breaking any bottles or eggs? You can, if it is a quail. But we will try to do it with the usual. To do this, the egg to boil an egg and clean it from the shell. Lubricate the neck of the bottle with oil. Light the paper and throw it at the bottom of the bottle, and then immediately put the egg on the neck. When the paper goes out, it sucks an egg inside.

What happens: The fire burns in a bottle and oxygen rarefied air formed therein. The reduced pressure inside and outside the normal atmospheric pressure act together and pushed into the egg in the bottle. Due to its flexibility, it slips through the narrow neck.

The fountain of Coke and Mentos

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Looking for: two-liter bottle of Diet Coca Cola and 5-6 dragees Mentos.

Experience: To pour cola whole house, it is best to carry out this experiment on the street. Dragees Mentos must fall into the bottle at the same time, because the reaction starts almost instantly. To do this, they can be put on a folded piece of paper and a groove to slip off into a bottle, and even better - to impose on a string, one by one, and again dipped in Coke. Another important point - try poprovornee bounce, not to fall under the sweet fountain. What happens: The rough surface of the pellets causes the carbon dioxide dissolved in the beverage, actively released. Cola sharply foams, and with the power of breaking out of the bottle, forms a fountain.

Tooth paste for elephant

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Needed: Plastic bottle, tray, dry yeast, 6% -s hydrogen peroxide, food colorant, liquid soap or a liquid dishwashing detergent and water.

Experience: Place the bottle on a tray. Pour into it polstakana hydrogen peroxide, add a little soap or detergent and do not take food dye. Separately in the cup thoroughly mix 2 tablespoons of warm water and 1 teaspoon of the yeast (over that bother not less than one minute) and then pour the mixture into a bottle. Almost immediately from her active climb colored foam, which resembles a tooth paste, which is extruded from the tube tremendous.

What it takes place: Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen, and yeast-like catalyst accelerate the reaction. Soap contributes multiplying bubbles. By the way, the bottle and the "toothpaste" heat up - during the reaction gives off heat.

Plump paint

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

We need: Pancake flour, fine salt, water, food colors or gouache, cotton swabs or thick brush, thick drawing paper.

Experience: To make the paint of the same color, you need to mix in a cup 1 tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon of salt, and then add back the three tablespoons of water and paint. In the same way prepare the other colors. Draw better on heavy paper or cardboard with cotton sticks or thick brush (for each color using a single). Once the pattern is ready, "bake" it in the microwave - enough to be 4-5 minutes at 600 watts of power. During this time vspuhnut paint and harden and drawing becomes volume. What happens: We paint, in fact, it is the usual tests, only the color, so it rises in the microwave.

Ice Gems: paint the inside of the ice

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Needed: Ice trays (also use any cups and bowls), a tray with walls, salt, liquid food dyes or paints, pipette or teaspoons.

Experience: In advance, in the evening, namorozte more ice in large and small molds. The next day, cook in several containers strong salt solutions and add paint. Spread out on a tray of ice figures, and pipette or drip teaspoon salt solutions to them. Salt will melt the ice, "proburivaya" it moves, and the paint will paint intricate patterns inside.

What happens: When a sodium salt is contacted with ice, the reaction occurs with evolution of heat, which causes the ice to melt. That is why in the icy streets sprinkled with a mixture of sand and salt.

Home rain

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Looking for: Large transparent tank (bank, salad bowl), water, shaving foam, dropper or a teaspoon of liquid food coloring. Instead, you can take the dye gouache or watercolor and dissolve them in water.

Experience: Pour into water tank and squeeze it from billowing clouds foam. Then drip a pipette or a teaspoon to the foam in different places several drops of dye and wait - from the clouds will rain soon.

What happens: The paint leaks through the foam and drops to the bottom due to the greater density. Experience helps to show and explain to the children what the rain.

Adventure of the Dancing worms from starch

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Needed: Corn starch, water, thin metal pan, a subwoofer or a column, gouache or food dyes. Experience: Mix 2 cups of starch with 1 cup of water. Pour the liquid on the tray, add a few drops of paint and put it on the column or subwoofer. Enable dynamic music, gently push the pan with your fingers, and enjoy the rhythmic dance of colored worms.

What happens: The water with starch - is a non-Newtonian fluid, which does not behave as usual. If the force acting upon it, that is, to beat, squeeze, squeeze, it becomes hard, so that by it you can even run. Music - it's something like sonic booms of varying strength. A mixture of answering them, hardens and moves.

A lit match

8 magical experience that will make children gasp

Looking for: matches, a flashlight

Experience: Light a match and keep at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the wall. Shine a flashlight on the match, and you will see that on the wall reflects only your hand and the match itself. It would seem obvious, but I've never really thought about it

Explanation: The Fire will not cast a shadow, because he is the source of light.